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Bella Mafia book. Read 60 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Bella Mafia follows the story of the family of Sicilian magnate Don Luc. Bella Mafia is a American television film starring Vanessa Redgrave, Nastassja Kinski, or Television Film. The movie has gained a cult following. It is based on the book Bella Mafia written in by English author Lynda La Plante . Don Roberto Luciano turns informer for the biggest Mafia trial in history, but his family pays a terrible price. The head of the family, his three sons, his two.

Bella Mafia Book

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Bella Mafia: A Novel [Lynda La Plante] on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially hand-picked. BBC writer La Plante's hefty first novel initially daunts with a surfeit of minor characters and confusing Mafia business connections--but is redeemed by the. Buy Bella Mafia by Lynda La Plante (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

It kept me turning pages. Sep 10, Gina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I saw this movie when I was a teenager and haven't shut up about it since. Anyone in the vicinity gets an earful whenever James Marsden shows up on tv.

I'm scared to watch it again in case it's not as amazing as I remember. Anyway, I somehow only just found out it was a book first. It's out of print, unfortunately, meaning not available for the kindle. Such is my love for the movie that I ordered it anyway AND read this giant hardcover ex-library book, mostly propped up on the arm of the couch. I I saw this movie when I was a teenager and haven't shut up about it since.

It weighed about the same as a toddler, but it was worth it. I loved it. I read The Godfather last year and honestly think this is better.

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Nobody's pelvic floor was a stupid and bizarre plot point. View 1 comment. Jul 26, Sophie Armstrong rated it it was amazing.

I can't articulate through any mundane language how spectacular this book is. It took me completely by surprise as standing at pages, it intimidates even the most avid of readers. I flew through this book and it lifted me from my world into the ever more dangerous and vengeful lives of the 'Bella Mafia'. La Plante's writing prose is one of the most compelling to literature and this is simply a work of art.

Every page is a new drama and i simply cannot recommend this enough. View 2 comments. Sep 17, Adam Stewart rated it it was amazing. My favourite book. I've read it at least 4 times in 15 years.

It has drama, betrayal, loss, excitement and it's very emotive. If like me you like mafia books the God father, the last don this is definitely worth a read. Nov 09, Carol Panas rated it it was amazing.

Loved the strength and dedication of the family in this story. Easy read - if you love mafia stories, this is a great one. What goes around Jan 18, Sharon Strachan rated it really liked it.

Really enjoyed it! Nov 03, Christina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I still remember how awesome this book was. I loved that the women avenged the deaths of their egotistical husbands in such eloquent ways. Loved this book and was engrossed from the first word! Lynda La Plante just gets better, book after book. Nov 28, Bev Taylor rated it really liked it.

Oct 24, Caro Erasmus rated it it was amazing. I'm finding it difficult to decide whether Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl or this book should be my number 1 for A suspenseful narrative that does not slacken for even one of its pages coupled with genuinely interesting, conflicted and human characters. I literally could not put this book down and look forward to reading more of La Plante's work - I see she has written many books and I feel giddy with anticipation to read more. Sep 27, Cali rated it it was amazing.

I am obsessed with the movie and now that I read the book I feel like the movie didn't give this story any justice. When I found out the author scripted the movie I was shocked. But all in all I love the book. It goes deeper and helps us understand The Luciano widows heartache. How amazing would it be that the Don did survive and he's actually protecting his women and watching w pride as his women carry out a vendetta to keep the Luciano name alive and honorable.

If only Apr 11, Juliet Murray rated it it was amazing. An all time favourite. Jun 12, Lisa Nania rated it it was amazing. Loved it Sep 26, Leanne Smith rated it really liked it.

A good read, kept me captivated the whole way through. May 30, Kim rated it really liked it. Picture the Sopranos in a book, but where the wives find themselves in charge of the Family.

Apr 26, Elmien Le roux rated it really liked it. I recommend this book. A good read! Apr 04, Karen Sharpe-hamiora rated it really liked it. Loved the swap back in time mixing past and present and always intrigued how at the end of the day how many times in our own lives we actually experience the 6 degrees of separation. Jun 29, Allison Carr rated it liked it.

I wanted to read this book because I saw and enjoyed the TV movie.

Bella Mafia

The book is definitley more detailed. Aug 04, Eric Pape rated it really liked it. A great snapshot into the world of the Mafia Dec 27, Elise rated it it was amazing. This book was slow to start, but the further you read the more you appreciate how well it had been set up. It has all the elements that make a book great. Apr 24, Shelley Lloyd rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyable, I couldn't put the book down.

Nov 05, Laura rated it it was amazing. A thoroughly enjoyable read! I couldn't put it down! Well worth reading! Jun 25, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: I enjoyed every minute reading this book. Aug 17, Jayne rated it it was amazing. Read this book in and still remember it to this day as I couldn't put it down. I would even consider reading it again, something I don't normally do.

This book was brilliant. Living at the convent, but determined to keep her son, she goes alone by herself to confront the Luciano family for money to support her son. However, the Lucianos are still coping with Michael's death and refuse admission to anyone, unless its family or those that work for them, through the gates.

Despite the guard's insistence, Sophia still continues to try to seek an audience with them, only to be violently handled by the guards and almost thrown on the road. One of Michael's brothers, Constantino, taking pity on her, lets her in.

He and his mother, Graziella, nurse the tired Sophia. During her time in the villa, Sophia and Constantino fall in love. However, none of the Lucianos, including Constantino, know of her being Michael's former lover or of their son's existence. Roberto Farina , sees Constantino's affections for Sophia and makes it clear to his wife that he doesn't approve of her, mostly due to her being poor and considered lower class.

However, Graziella eventually gets her husband to understand Sophia and accept her. While the engagement is good news, Sophia secretly learns something devastating. Because she spent so long at the Lucianos and took too long of time to contact the convent, the nuns gave him up for adoption. Sophia keeps this a secret.

She eventually recovers and marries Constantino. The story begins to show the other brothers, Alfredo Tony Maggio , who constantly tries to please their father, and Fredrico W. Earl Brown , who is something of a troublemaker and doesn't like being told what to do. Teresa Scorpio Illeana Douglas , daughter of Mrs.

Scorpio, the owner of a highly successful business in New York, is chosen by Graziella for Fredrico to marry, but Fredrico is openly opposed to it. Despite his objections, he and Alfredo are sent to New York to meet her.

Fredrico happily sees Moyra Jennifer Tilly , the former girlfriend of an American casino owner, Nicky Diamond, still remembering his one-time with Moyra. Fredrico has Alfredo meet Teresa instead, and both men fall in love with the women during their dates. Alfredo and Teresa marry and stay in America to run her family business. At their wedding reception, Fredrico shows up with Moyra, who is wearing a heavy coat.

This clearly appalls Roberto, seeing her as a tramp. Roberto pulls his son aside, slaps him across the face, and angrily demands that he dump Moyra and meet a nice girl that Graziella has picked and that this time he won't refuse. However, both he and Moyra argue loudly about leaving. Sophia comes to the couple, attempting to quiet down the argument, but Moyra has had enough of keeping quiet and loudly announces: Moyra then goes into labor, and Fredrico yells at everyone to get a doctor.

Moyra loses the baby, most likely due to her smoking and drinking. She tells Sophia in her hospital room: After directing Fredrico to Moyra's room, she and Constantino have a small disagreement because his family clearly disapprove of Moyra. Coming from lower-class family, Sophia stands up for her but during this she breaks down.

She sobs due to her inability to conceive and also, secretly still missing her son. During that same night, she attempts to ask one of the nuns where her son is.

Sophia, once again faces more heart-breaking news, that her son disappeared and his adopted parents had given up on searching for him. Again, unknown to all, still believing she's depressed over her inability to conceive, Roberto decides to cheer up his daughter-in-law by giving her money to start her own boutique and fashion.

Over the years, Teresa and Alfredo have a daughter named Rosa Gina Philips , Moyra's accepted into the family, and Sophia's boutiques have become very popular. She and Constantino also gain wonderful news, she's pregnant. She soon gives birth to twin sons, named Roberto and Nunzio. Elsewhere, Sophia's son called Luca James Marsden , is revealed to be alive, but he's a violent child who was abused, and is almost feral with the monks who tend to him.

He eventually befriends a sickly young man named Giorgio Christopher Shaw , the son of Pietro Carolla. Over the years, he and Luca develop a brotherly friendship. However, Luca's violence and personality hasn't changed that much, much to Giorgio's dismay.

Giorgio soon dies, but makes his father promise to look out for Luca.

Bella Mafia

To appease his son's dying wish, Pietro adopts Luka, not knowing of Luka's sociopathic personality. Not too long after, the Lucianos are finally able to have Pietro arrested and face trial for Michael Luciano's murder.

Rosa is also planning to marry a young man close to Roberto's family. Meanwhile, back at the Villa, the women are helping Rosa prepare her wedding dress. Unknown to all, the sadistic Luca, along with Carolla's men, decide to get their own revenge. Carolla's allies have the men's wine poisoned, making it seemingly appear like they had heart-attacks. Luca sneaks onto the Villa and cruelly and quietly shoots Sophia's sons while they're asleep in bed, not knowing that they are his half-brothers.

The women are struck with grief and mostly anger for what has happened and vow revenge. It won't be an easy road, as apparently they lose all their money mostly through Carolla's interference. Mario Domino Franco Nero commits suicide. There are threats of Carolla's men.

Luca visits his father in jail, proudly admitting that he killed Sophia's sons just to please him.Following a courtroom shootout, Carolla's adopted son Luka, using his knowledge of organization politics and his mastery of murder, becomes the women's partner and protector. Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Back to top. Lynda La Plante. The courageous five women of the Luciano Mafia family, in Sicily, bond together to get revenge on the rival family who mercilessly killed all their men, including young twin boys.

From the dying Luca she demands to know where he got it from. Over the years, he and Luca develop a brotherly friendship. Once the Luciano women discover Luka's secret, however, they implacably take revenge in the ruthless manner of their age-old code, and the strongest of them becomes the new head of the family, the bella mafiosa.