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Top C Programming Interview Questions & Answers. last updated March .. The basic data types are int, char, and float. . Download PDF. C programming language was developed at Bell Laboratories in by Dennis Ritchie. C is structure/procedure oriented programming language whereas C++ is object oriented programming language. Polymorphism, virtual function, inheritance, Operator overloading, namespace concepts are. + Basic C Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What are volatile systems etc offers individuals with great number of Basic C jobs for freshers as Look for Basic C jobs interview questions and answers page and understand the .

Basic C Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers Pdf

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Frequently asked C interview questions with answers and detailed explanations for technical interviews in pdf. Download PDF to practice important C programs. The C programming language is a standardized programming language Visit for more Interview Questions with Answers. Page 2. C is the general and basic programming language that will create a base for other programming languages. Read Top C programming interview questions and answers. Download C programming interview questions PDF.

Static Memory Allocation: Memory is allocated for the declared variable by the compiler. The memory is allocated during compile time. Since most of the declared variables have static memory, this kind of assigning the address of a variable to a pointer is known as static memory allocation.

Dynamic Memory Allocation: Allocation of memory at the time of execution run time is known as dynamic memory allocation. The functions calloc and malloc support allocating of dynamic memory.

C Programming Interview Questions and Answers

Dynamic allocation of memory space is done by using these functions when value is returned by functions and assigned to pointer variables. The execution of the program always starts with main function. A define is used as immediate constant or as a macro. Where as the constant is a variable whose value can not change.

Pointer can be declared to a constant, but not for define. Where as the constant can be global. There are four storage classes in C. Unary operator is not applied for register variable. Define Register Variables. The variables of 'register' type modifier inform the compiler for storing the variables in a register of the CPU. These variables are stored in the registers, so the speed of processing is become more than the normal variables.

Advantages of Register variable: C Tutorial. Basic C Practice Tests. IT Skills.

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A variable that might be concurrently modified by multiple threads may be declared volatile. Variables declared to be volatile will not be optimized by the compiler. Compiler must assume that their values can change at any time.

However, operations on a volatile variable are still not guaranteed to be atomic. Array elements are homogeneous.

Structure elements are of different data type. Structures allocate dynamic memory and uses. Array is a pointer to the first element of it. Structure is not a pointer Array element access takes less time in comparison with structures. A string in C language is passed by reference.

Arrays are linear data structures. Linked lists are linear and non-linear data structures. Linked lists are linear for accessing, and non-linear for storing in memory Array has homogenous values.

And each element is independent of each other positions. Each node in the linked list is connected with its previous node which is a pointer to the node.

Array elements can be modified easily by identifying the index value. It is a complex process for modifying the node in a linked list.

Array elements can not be added, deleted once it is declared. The nodes in the linked list can be added and deleted from the list.

Their scope might be local or global. These variables storage and accessibility is much faster than other variables, being they are stored in CPU itself. The variables of repeated usage or access time is critical, can be declared as register variables. The values are retained, even though they are declared in local scope, between the repeated function calls to the same function.

For example typedef int integer; Instead of int the new definition integer can be used for better readability. The address of an element of the array is constant; where as the address of an element of the pointer is not.

The array can not be assigned to another array, where as the pointer to char can be assigned to another char pointer. The char array allocates equal to size of the string, where as the char pointer holds only the address of the first character of the string.


The const pointer can not be changed to point to other memory location, because the pointer is constant Question The main function is: The first function to start a program Returns int value to the environment which called the program It can be called recursively.

It is a user defined function, except the name Like other functions, main 0 function can receive arguments. It has a argument count and b argument vector string argument Question Access optimization and speed of program execution: The operations of these variables are faster by orders of magnitude. It is useful when you want to refer a variable frequently. It allocates fast memory in the form of a register. It helps to speed up program execution. Basic C Related Tutorials C.

Job Recommendation Latest. Jobs in Meghalaya Jobs in Shillong. View All Locations. They contain two essential things: the definitions and prototypes of functions being used in a program. Simply put, commands that you use in C programming are actually functions that are defined from within each header files. Each header file contains a set of functions. For example: stdio.

Syntax errors are associated with mistakes in the use of a programming language. It maybe a command that was misspelled or a command that must was entered in lowercase mode but was instead entered with an upper case character. A misplaced symbol, or lack of symbol, somewhere within a line of code can also lead to syntax error.

Variables and constants may at first look similar in a sense that both are identifiers made up of one character or more characters letters, numbers and a few allowable symbols. Both will also hold a particular value. Constants are given values at one time only, placed at the beginning of a program. This value is not altered in the program. For example, you can assigned a constant named PI and give it a value 3. Arrays contain a number of elements, depending on the size you gave it during variable declaration.

Each element is assigned a number from 0 to number of elements To assign or retrieve the value of a particular element, refer to the element number.

Since each header file contains different function definitions and prototype, you would be using only those header files that would contain the functions you will need. Declaring all header files in every program would only increase the overall file size and load of the program, and is not considered a good programming style. When declaring functions, you will decide whether that function would be returning a value or not.

Compound statements are made up of two or more program statements that are executed together.

Compound statements can also be executed within a loop. Array can allocate variables but cannot reallocate those variable if required. Whereas the pointer was assigned to allocate variables and they can also relocate and also are resizable.

Define function prototype? The function prototype is the prototype which depends on the following: Where the function pointers can be used? In C, the hash function tells the compiler that a statement should be sent to the C preprocessor.

Basic C Interview Questions & Answers

The include looks after the new files and replace the contents of those files. I am a fresher candidate.

So i have no idea about that. I am last year engineering student, But I cant decide which is best field for my future as per knowledge.

C Programming Interview Questions

When dreaming for Software companies, C is one of the necessity to have a grip on. Thus this questions if not totally but will help you know the type mostly seeked by the interviewers. I think it will be helpful for those people who want to take preperation for an interview that is mainly based on C Language….

Important C interview questions with answers Total Views: C Language role. About the Author: I have overall 6 years of experience in the Education Industry. I guide people for the choice of thr Right Career Path as per their Interests.

I write many articles, blogs to make people aware of any kind of education they are looking For.It becomes exhausted and the program becomes no longer to perform properly.

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H file extension. Our Portals: Ampersand in front of a variable gets its address and asterisk in front of a pointer gets its value. Binary trees are actually an extension of the concept of linked lists.

In the first expression, the increment would happen first on variable a, and the resulting value will be the one to be used. What will be the output of the below given C program?