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BARRON'S Basic Word List in Hindi. Pages·· Barron GRE word list - A - SAT I. 3, Basic Word List. Word List. Barrons Basic Word List pdf free download -. Uploady. 爱看书收集了 3, Basic. Word List. Barron's SAT I Basic Cards Cards s Words Vocabulary Flash. Barron's SAT High-Frequency Word List. Word Ust 1. Abate v. subside or The manual that came with my VCR was no masterpiece of expository prose: its.

Barrons Sat 3500 Word List Pdf

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The more you study actual SAT critical reading questions, the more you realize one The SAT Hot Prospects Word List . we believe our 3, Basic Word List is the best in the field. For those ers can install Barron's Computer Study Program for the SAT by following the easy steps outlined in the user's manual. noxious. BARRON'S. HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE. SAT I. 3, Basic Word List. Word List 1 The manual that came with my VCR was no masterpiece of expository. This Vocab Master list is prepared for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Services) for the admission in most of the top.

The police will apprehend the culprit and convict him before long. His nervous glances at the passersby on the deserted street revealed his apprehension. As a child, Pip had thought it would be wonderful to work as Joe's apprentice; now he hated his apprenticeship and scorned the blacksmith's trade. When he was apprised of the dangerous weather conditions, he decided to postpone his trip.

She looked for some sign of approbation from her parents, hoping her good grades would please them. The ranch owners appropriated the lands that had originally been set aside for the Indians' use. I find your remarks apropos of the present situation timely and pertinent. The counselor gave him an aptitude test before advising him about the career he should follow. Paul enjoyed aquatic sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

He can be recognized by his aquiline nose, curved like the beak of the eagle. The first settlers wrote home glowing reports of the New World, praising its vast acres of arable land ready for the plow.

As an arbiter in labor disputes, she has won the confidence of the workers and the employers. Tom's arbitrary dismissal angered him; his boss had no reason to fire him.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing

He threw an arbitrary assortment of clothes into his suitcase and headed off, not caring where he went. Because the negotiating teams had been unable to reach a contract settlement, an outside arbitrator was called upon to mediate the dispute between union and management. Walking along the tree-lined paths of the arboretum, Rita noted poplars, firs, and some particularly fine sycamores. The arcade was popular with shoppers because it gave them protection from the summer sun and the winter rain.

Secret brotherhoods surround themselves with arcane rituals and trappings to mystify outsiders. So do doctors. Consider the arcane terminology they use and the impression they try to give that what is arcane to us is obvious to them. The professor of archaeology headed an expedition to the Gobi Desert in search of ancient ruins. When Gauguin looked at the map and saw the archipelagoes in the South Seas, he longed to visit them. These documents should be part of the archives so that historians may be able to evaluate them in the future.

Katya's ardor was contagious; soon all her fellow demonstrators were busily making posters and handing out flyers, inspired by her ardent enthusiasm for the cause.

Her arduous efforts had sapped her energy. The cactus has adapted to survive in an arid environment. Americans have mixed feelings about hereditary aristocracy. Queen Elizabeth's navy defeated the mighty armada that threatened the English coast. Medieval sailing vessels brought aromatic herbs from China to Europe.

On arousal, Papa was always grumpy as a bear. The children tiptoed around the house, fearing they would arouse his anger by waking him up.

His actions were bound to array public sentiment against him. She liked to watch her mother array herself in her finest clothes before going out for the evening. He was in arrears with his payments on the car.

Slipping, the trapeze artist plunged from the heights until a safety net luckily arrested his fall. This near-disaster arrested the crowd's attention. Convinced that Emma thought she was better than anyone else in the class, Ed rebuked her for her arrogance.

Until the heavy rains of the past spring, this arroyo had been a dry bed. People are forbidden to smoke in the arsenal for fear that a stray spark might setoff the munitions stored there. Her articulate presentation of the advertising campaign impressed her employers. Archaeologists debated the significance of the artifacts discovered in the ruins of Asia Minor but came to no conclusion about the culture they represented. The Trojan War proved to the Greeks that cunning and artifice were often more effective than military might.

A noted artisan, Arturo was known for the fine craftsmanship of his inlaid cabinets. Sophisticated and cynical, Jack could not believe Jill was as artless and naive as she appeared to be. Leaders of religious cults maintain ascendancy over their followers by methods that can verge on brainwashing. Please ascertain her present address. The wealthy, self-indulgent young man felt oddly drawn to the strict, ascetic life led by members of some monastic orders.

I can ascribe no motive for her acts. Hospitals succeeded in lowering the mortality rate as soon as they introduced aseptic conditions. Her face was ashen with fear. Your asinine remarks prove that you have not given this problem any serious consideration. Looking askance at her questioner, she displayed her scorn. When he placed his hat askew upon his head, his observers laughed.

(Hindi) Daily Vocabulary Building - Essential Words from Barron

These remarks, spoken with asperity, stung the boys to whom they had been directed. Although I am an aspirant for public office, I am not willing to accept the dictates of the party bosses. Because he aspired to a career in professional sports, Philip enrolled in a graduate program in sports management. He was assailed with questions after his lecture.

When they assayed the ore, they found that they had discovered a very rich vein. It gives me great pleasure to assentto your request.

Malcolm asserted that if Reese quit acting like a wimp and asserted himself a bit more, he'd improve his chances of getting a date.

Your SAT I score plays a part in the admission committee's assessment of you as an applicant. He was assiduous, working at this task for weeks before he felt satisfied with his results. The manner in which the United States was able to assimilate the hordes of immigrants during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries will always be a source of pride to Americans. The immigrants eagerly assimilated new ideas and customs; they soaked them up, the way plants soak up water.

Jilted by Jane, Dick tried to assuage his heartache by indulging in ice cream. One gallon later, he had assuaged his appetite but not his grief. The young princess made the foolish assumption that the regent would not object to her assumption of power.

When Guthrie gave Guinness his assurance that rehearsals were going well, he spoke with such assurance that Guinness felt relieved. Asteroids have become commonplace to the readers of interstellar travel stories in science fiction magazines.

As soon as his parents discovered that the boy suffered from astigmatism, they took him to the optometrist for corrective glasses. Word List 5 astral astringent astral-barb ADJ. She was amazed at the number of astral bodies the new telescope revealed. The astringent quality of the unsweetened lemon juice made swallowing difficult.

The government seems willing to spend astronomical sums on weapons development. The painter was an astute observer, noticing every tiny detail of her model's appearance and knowing exactly how important each one was.

A fierce quarrel split the partnership asunder: the two partners finally sundered their connections because their points of view were poles asunder. The refugees sought asylum from religious persecution in a new land. Because one eyebrow was set markedly higher than the other, William's face had a particularly asymmetric appearance. The doctors ascribed the child's deformity to an atavism.

His atheistic remarks shocked the religious worshippers. Embarrassed at being unable to distinguish Slovenia from Slovakia, George W. He knew no way in which he could atone for his brutal crime. In time of war, many atrocities are committed by invading armies. Polio victims need physiotherapy to prevent the atrophy of affected limbs. The scarecrow sought to attain one goal: he wished to obtain a brain.

Spellbound, the attentive audience watched the final game of the tennis match, never taking their eyes from the ball. A cold wind sprang up; Stan's attentive daughter slipped a sweater over his shoulders without distracting his attention from the game.

By withdrawing their forces, the generals hoped to attenuate the enemy lines. Having served as a member of the Grand Jury, I can attest that our system of indicting individuals is in need of improvement. His outstanding attribute was his kindness.

I attribute her success in science to the encouragement she received from her parents. In the s urban churches suffered from attrition as members moved from the cities to the suburbs. Rather than fire staff members, church leaders followed a policy of attrition, allowing elderly workers to retire without replacing them. The child psychiatrist reassured Mrs.

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Keaton that playing doctor was not atypical behavior for a child of young Alex's age. Audiences cheered as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia made their audacious, deathdefying leap to freedom, escaping Darth Vader's troops.

When the bank examiners arrived to hold their annual audit, they discovered the embezzlements of the chief cashier. Audrey suffered from auditory hallucinations: she thought Elvis was speaking to her from the Great Beyond. Armies augment their forces by calling up reinforcements; teachers augment their salaries by taking odd jobs.

He interpreted the departure of the birds as an augury of evil. Visiting the palace at Versailles, she was impressed by the august surroundings in which she found herself. Many medieval paintings depict saintly characters with aureoles around their heads. The auroral display was particularly spectacular that evening. With favorable weather conditions, it was an auspicious moment to set sail.

Thomas, however, had doubts about sailing: a paranoid, he became suspicious whenever conditions seemed auspicious. The headmaster's austere demeanor tended to scare off the more timid students, who never visited his study willingly. The room reflected the man, austere and bare, like a monk's cell, with no touches of luxury to moderate its austerity. An expert was needed to authenticate the original Van Gogh painting, distinguishing it from its imitation.

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The leaders of the authoritarian regime ordered the suppression of the democratic protest movement. After years of submitting to the will of her authoritarian father, Elizabeth Barrett ran away from home with the poet Robert Browning.

Impressed by the young researcher's well-documented presentation, we accepted her analysis of the experiment as authoritative. Someone accustomed to exercising authority may become autocratic if his or her power is unchecked.

Dictators by definition are autocrats. Bosses who dictate behavior as well as letters can be autocrats too. Long before science fiction readers became aware of robots, writers were presenting stories of automatons who could outperform men. Although the University of California at Berkeley is just one part of the state university system, in many ways Cal Berkeley is autonomous, for it runs several programs that are not subject to outside control.

The medical examiner ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death. To prepare for the emergency, they built an auxiliary power station.

The park ranger warned the skiers to stay on the main trails, where they would be in no danger of being buried beneath a sudden avalanche. King Midas is a perfect example of avarice, for he was so greedy that he wished everything he touched would turn to gold. Hamlet vowed he would avenge his father's murder and punish Claudius for his horrible crime. The reporter was averse to revealing the sources of his information.

Bert had an aversion to yuppies; Alex had an aversion to punks. Their mutual aversion was so great that they refused to speak to one another. She averted her eyes from the dead cat on the highway.

The aviary at the zoo held nearly birds. He was avid for learning and read everything he could get. His hobby proved to be so fascinating and profitable that gradually he abandoned his regular occupation and concentrated on his avocation. Lana avowed that she never meant to steal Debbie's boyfriend, but no one believed her avowal of innocence.

Avuncular pride did not prevent him from noticing his nephew's shortcomings. The tourists gazed with awe at the tremendous expanse of the Grand Canyon. He held his head awry, giving the impression that he had caught cold in his neck during the night.

Before a student can begin to think along the lines of Euclidean geometry, he must accept certain principles or axioms. Azure skies are indicative of good weather. The little girl babbled about her doll. Emperor Nero attended the bacchanalian orgy.

She was forced to change her telephone number because she was badgered by obscene phone calls.

Her friends at work greeted the news of her engagement with cheerful badinage. The new code baffled the enemy agents. The school bully baited the smaller children, terrorizing them. The fortune teller made baleful predictions of terrible things to come. When the warden learned that several inmates were planning to escape, he took steps to balk their attempt. However, he balked at punishing them by shackling them to the walls of their cells.

The ship was listing badly to one side; it was necessary to shift the ballast in the hold to get her back on an even keel. Friendship is the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love. A balmy breeze refreshed us after the sultry blast. The hack writer's worn-out clich6s made his comic sketch seem banal.

He even resorted to the banality of having someone slip on a banana peel! While the president was happy to bandy patriotic generalizations with anyone who would listen to him, he refused to bandy words with unfriendly reporters at the press conference.

Lucy's little brother was the bane of her existence: his attempts to make her life miserable worked so well that she could have poisoned him with ratsbane for having such a baneful effect. They resented his bantering remarks because they thought he was being sarcastic. If you were a politician, which would you prefer, being caught on the barb of a fishhook or being subjected to malicious verbal barbs?

Who can blame the president if he's happier fishing than back in the capitol listening to his critics' barbed remarks? The ancient bard Homer sang of the fall of Troy. Accustomed to the severe lines of contemporary buildings, the architecture students found the flamboyance of baroque architecture amusing.

They simply didn't go for baroque. The company was forced to retreat through the barrage of heavy cannons. Looking out at the trackless, barren desert, Indiana Jones feared that his search for the missing expedition would prove barren. Marius and his fellow students hurriedly improvised a rough barricade to block police access to the students' quarter. Malcolm and his brothers barricaded themselves in their bedroom to keep their mother from seeing the hole in the bedroom floor.

The barterer exchanged trinkets for the natives' furs. It seemed smarter to barter than to pay cash. Basking on the beach, she relaxed so completely that she fell asleep. The villagers fortified the town hall, hoping this improvised bastion could protect them from the guerillas' raids.

Until it was time to open the presents, the children had to bate their curiosity. The child was delighted with the bauble she had won in the grab bag. Jack took offense at Jill's bawdy remarks. What kind of young man did she think he was? If a beam of light falls on you, it illuminates you; if a beam of iron falls on you, it eliminates you. No one feels like beaming when crushed by an iron beam. Capricious adj. Fortuitous adj. Orthodox adj. Alacrity noun — lively and cheerful readiness After marriage, Jenny rushed off with excitement to visit her parents, but her father did not accept their marriage with equal alacrity.

Pellucid adj. Corroborate v. Magnanimous adj. Scrupulous adj. Prolific adj. Dogmatic adj. Placate v. Mercurial adj. Exacerbate v. Redundant adj. Hackneyed adj. Prudent adj. Belie v. Esoteric adj. Niobe submitted a thesis with his analysis and computations — a fairly esoteric mathematical dissent about how best to gather rational generalizations on the origin of the universe theory.

Cacophony noun — a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds The cacophony surrounding the multi-billion dollar buyout of leading messaging service by a social networking company shook the whole tech industry.

Impetuous adj. Idiosyncrasy noun — a way of thought peculiar to an individual Modern technologies are a lot more expensive than their existing alternatives and each has its own idiosyncrasies that be conquered. Extant adj. Obscure adj. Didactic adj.

Pithy adj. Copious adj. Ostentation adj. Adulterate verb alter or debase, often for profit Of all teas, I love green tea the most and would never adulterate it with sweeteners; even a pitch of sugar would be a desecration. Vociferous adj. Taciturn adj. Obdurate adj. Garrulous adj. Lionize verb — treat someone as a celebrity The retired lieutenant is being lionized as a paragon of integrity for standing up against corruption. Imminent adj.

Frivolous adj — trivial, silly Ram was passionate and serious about collecting coins but his friends thought it was a frivolous activity. Benign adj. Dissonance noun — lack of harmony, disagreement There is a great deal of dissonance between the conflicting evidences produced by both the parties and hence the judge had to close the case on account of lack of sufficient evidence. Inculpate verb — accuse or blame Although the killer successfully disposed of the murder weapon, his friends provided evidence that could actually inculpate both the killer and the people who tried to cover up the killing.

Docile adj. Sporadic adj. Prevaricate verb — deceive; stretch the truth Aria does not take bad news well and hence her brother always prevaricates when telling her something she does not want to hear.

Chicanery noun — deception, trickery The judge has plenty of reason to suspect chicanery because the lawyer has a reputation of aggressively defending his clients and of getting verdicts of innocence on guilty Policemen. Gainsay verb — deny or contradict Some of the officers were about to reject the project, but it had come from them, they could not well gainsay it. Rather than leaving immediately, they waited for the storm to abate.

Because we were running out of time, the lecturer had to abbreviate her speech. The movie Ransom describes the attempts to rescue a multimillionaire's son after the child's abduction by kidnappers.

Given the aberrant nature of the data, we doubted the validity of the entire experiment. She was unwilling to abet him in the swindle he had planned. The deal was held in abeyance until her arrival. She abhorred all forms of bigotry.

On the streets of New York the homeless live in abject poverty, huddling in doorways to find shelter from the wind. He abjured his allegiance to the king. His daily ablutions were accompanied by loud noises that he humorously labeled "Opera in the Bath. Short-link Link Embed.Friendship is the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love. Americans have mixed feelings about hereditary aristocracy. Reply rajasekaran July 18, at am hi chris.

Moriarty, Holmes used his walking stick as a bludgeon to defend himself. He knew no way in which he could atone for his brutal crime. With favorable weather conditions, it was an auspicious moment to set sail. Inimical adj.