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All books of Masud Rana Series - free download or read online. Some Rana books are little more than direct translations But most of the books have changes that resonate with Bangladeshi readers, The series is made up of + stories, some of 2 or 3. LanguageBengali. Masud Rana Series. IdentifierMasudRanaSeries_ Identifier-arkark://t8wb0d99v. Ocrlanguage not currently.

Bangla Book Masud Rana Series

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1 Professor Masud Rana · 2 Rana 1,2 10 Rana , - Arek Bermuda 1,2 34 Rana 16 - MrityuProhor (Gold Series) . LanguageBengali. Gupta Chakra (Masud Rana Series) by Kazi Anowar Hossain _final - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Bangla rana - soytaner doshor. Uploaded by. biddut · Masud Rana. Masud Rana pdf, Masud Rana Series, Masud Rana All Books, Masud Rana Ebook, Masud Rana Novel.

Rana enjoys drinking and gambling, although the former seems to be a way for him to test his personal limits at times rather than a vice. Rana has been known to gamble more than he can afford to lose, although he always gambles with a plan and a clear understanding of the odds.

Rana has strong interpersonal skills. He can act comfortably in many situations, but does not seek out companionship except, most notably, for sexual recreation. Rana's lone wolf personality-type tends to attract others.

Rana is goal-oriented, but he often seeks these goals in an indirect and secretive way. Rana seems to have an emotional and mental need for multiple layers of reality. He thrives when not revealing all of himself, carefully organizing the aspects of his personality he reveals to others.

Thus Rana is excellent as burying information he does not wish to reveal. Rana seeks structure in his life.

He is a man of pattern and habit. He has acquired strong tastes. Though Rana thrives under structure buy yet he finds subtle ways of rebelling against it.

Rana uses humor as a shield and a weapon. He is skilled at making cutting remarks that reveal insecurities to others or mock death, danger and risk. Most importantly, Rana is deeply loyal to institutions. His concept of his nationality is a large part of his identity. While the world is far from black and white to Masud Rana, he does tend to see it in stark terms of chaos and order, tradition and change. Rana has chosen to identify with order and tradition. Major Rana is an excellent candidate for sensational and high risk intelligence, espionage, counter intelligence and covert operation assignments.

Hobbies[ edit ] Masud Rana excels in solitary sports. He is an avid climber, diver, swimmer, and an excellent runner. Major Rana does not race cars, but he does enjoy driving very expensive vehicles very fast. Major Rana has gambled at many casinos, although never to ruin. He drinks, but not to excess. He is also trained in special reconnaissance, sniping, evasive driving, freefalling, hostage rescue and negotiation, human-intelligence gathering and SERE [ disambiguation needed ] and numerous other military skills.

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Direct download link added. Book numberBook nameDownloadFile Size 1. Masud rana pdf-Commando-Mission. Masud-Rana pdf-volumeCrime-Boss. Masud-Rana pdf-volumeRed-Dragon.

Masud-Rana pdfvolume-Beduin-Konya. Masud Rana pdf-sagor-songom. Masud Rana pdf-Andhokarer Bondhu. Each Rana paperback opens with these lines: "An untameable daredevil spy of Bangladesh Counter Intelligence.

On secret missions he travels the globe. Varied is his life. Mysterious and strange are his movements. His heart, a beautiful mix of gentle and tough. He attracts, but refuses to get snared. Wherever he encounters injustice, oppression, and wrong, he fights back. Every step he takes is shadowed by danger, fear, and the risk of death.

Anordhan - 2 by Kazi Anwar Hossain (Masud Rana Series- 394)

Come, let us acquaint ourselves with this daring, always hip young man. In a flash, he will lift us out of the monotony of a mundane life to an awesome world of our dreams.

You are invited. Thank you. Their catalogue lists Rana titles.

You can buy used copies at Takas at footpath booksellers from Paltan to Nilkhet. I discovered Masud Rana when I was fourteen. By then my classmates and I had devoured most of the Bond novels. We craved more of what Bond promised. One day a friend slipped me a Masud Rana. Once home, I read it cover-to-cover, going back to read some choice bits. How did Rana appeal to me? Perhaps I was secretly thrilled to share initials with Agent MR Who knows, I might even have fancied myself as MR But there was a hitch.

This was , and back then, Rana worked for Pakistan Counter Intelligence. With the 6-point movement, I had become a Bangali nationalist and despised the Pakistani military.

No doubt it helped that Rana mostly fought enemies abroad while his counterparts on the ground were scheming against our aspirations.

Rana had an edge over James Bond. Unlike Bond who seduced women in bikinis and skirts, Rana also disrobed women clad in sari, blouse, and chaya. Bond's women were exotic, but they didn't exist in my universe.

Masud Rana series Masud Rana pdf free ebook download

For that matter, neither were any real-life sari-clad women within my reach, but teenage fantasies can't quite be explained by logic. Soon came upheaval and such erotic visions had to take a back seat. I would be drawn to other kinds of books. And for decades, I didn't give a second thought to Masud Rana's fate.

I even missed that in , Dhaka released a Masud Rana film. After years in the U. One day on Mirpur Road, a lightning strike from the past jolts me. I come across a stack of Rana books. And I find that while many things have changed in Dhaka, Masud Rana remains in perfect health.

Still fighting on. And while my hair's going grey, Rana has not aged a single year. I pick up a few recent titles. Our hero saves India and China from being annihilated by Mr. X and his syndicate who have hijacked two nuclear bombs.

This one reads like a traditional James Bond novel. It includes a woman named Trishna who's Mr. X's mistress but turns against him. Rana and Trishna inevitably fall in love, and the book ends with both of them in hospital.Now people like to collect and read ebook by mobile or computer.

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How did Rana appeal to me? He obviously enjoys risks, enjoys calculating the odds of success, and playing those risks to the edge of failure.

There's politics, social commentary, suspense, and location. Masud Rana series was created on by it's author Kazi Anwar Hussain. His life is queer. Bond's women were exotic, but they didn't exist in my universe. Rana seeks structure in his life.

Three films based on first three novels from the series are on the cards. Come, let us acquaint ourselves with this daring, always hip, young man.