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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Free Download or Read Online Urdu Book named "Azdawaji Khushiyan Mardon k liye" written by Pr. Arshad Javed. The meaning of "Azdawaji. This book "Azdawaji Khushiyan (Mardoon Ke Leye)" is for new married A wonderfully composed Urdu book by Pr. Arshad Javed popular. Apna Mochh; Education, Entertainment and Fun For Every One. You will find everything of your need like Free Urdu Books, Free Computer.

Azdawaji Khushiyan Book In Urdu

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Azdawaji Khushiyan for men is another book of Prof Arshad Javed. This book can also be free downloaded in Urdu pdf format. In this book men are addressed. Home» Books For Sisters» Azdawaji Khushiyan - For Men (Urdu) Pdf Read More; Shadi Ki Raat Urdu Pdf Download Now Read More. Sex Education (for women) Azdawaji Khushiyan (Khawateen Kay Liye) by Prof Arshad Javed PDF Download free.

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Azdawaji Khushiyan Mardon k liye by Pr. Arshad Javed.

Prof Arshad Javed. But Women are not prohibited to read they also suggested to read this Physiology Urdu book. Study this book and increase happy marital life and make strong relationship with your wife in this book very helpful for happy life, tips and treatments of difficulties of relation in personal family life find male Physiology health problems and solution through modern research and information.

Azdawaji Kushyaan Mardoon ke leye Book Hapily married life for Men book have undermentioned main topics: Importance Jinsi mistakes Shadi Kyn? Moreover, in this article, we will discuss under mentioned points of this book. Title, Syarah bulughul maram.

Azdawaji Khushiyan By Pr. Arshad Javed Download Online

Author, Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al Bassam. Class refers to cast iron only. As book title azdawaji khushiyan shows, it is adult pdf book, specially written for males. Please note that […].

QR code for Syarah bulughul maram. Read the story of Amrita who by her. And every day I get new visitors here.

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Find Us On Facebook. Azdawaji khushiyan is a beautiful marriage lifesex-related informative adult pdf book written by Pr. Quwwat-e-Mardana Barhanay Ki Adawiyat.

Abu Taher Ibn Mufasa Al blogger. When boys and girls entered in to puberty, a number of changes occur in their body.

Pubic and axillary hair grows both in boys and girls, discharge from penis and vagina, growing genitalia, changing voice.

Nocturnal ejaculation in boys and menstrual cycle in girls starts. Development of breasts in girls. Due to these change boys and girls become worried.

In our culture boys and girls are not encourage to discuss their sex problems with teacher, parents, elder brothers and sisters.

This is the reason why Prof Arshad Javed wrote this book especially for unmarried boys and girls. This book is in Urdu and can be free downloaded in pdf format. This is basically a sex education book in Urdu written by Prof Arshad Javed, especially for unmarried boys and girls but married men and women can also read this book.Agar aap mard sey madad tulb karti hain aur woh mana kar deta hai mumkin hai iss ki koi ma'aqool wajah ho magar aap iss inkaar kay bawajood usey khush dili sey qabool kar leti hain to woh aap ki mohabbat ko yaad rakhta hai aur agli martaba aap kay sath mohabbat sey paesh aaey ga.


Chuna'ncha iss doran aurat ko pursukoon rehna chahiyie woh mard per bey jaa tanqeed na karey usey mashwara deney ki koshish na karey mard ko yeh baat sukht na pasand hai kay usey aqal dii jaey le'haza apney tor per khawand ko zyada samjhaney aur aqal deney ki koshish na karein amooman aurat jab khawand ko ghaer zaroori tajaweez aur mashwarey ya madad deti hai to woh apney aap ko mian sey duur karleti hai mard ko ghaer zaroori mashwarey aur hamdardi sey chirr hai chuna'ncha iss khamoshi kay doran usey mashwara na dein, aap ko tawajja na deney per tunz na karein.

Ek hi mubashrat intercourse mein ek sey zyada sexual positions use karein.

It is really helpful for males, provides authentic information about basics of sexual life and sex issues. Ta'areef mein mubaaligha karein iss surat mein khawand apney aap ko mazeed behter bananey ki koshish karey ga.

Mard sey madad hasil karney ka ek aur mu'asser tariqa yeh hai kay aap uss sey madad maangein aur phir khamoshi sey intezaar karein kisi qism ki tanqeed na karein khamoshi ek taaqat hai agar aap khamoshi khatam kar deingi to aap ki taaqat bhi khatam ho jaegi le'haza madad maangney kay ba'ad khamosh rahein, mard ko sochney ka moqa dein intezaar karein ta'hum sawal kartey waqt 'naa' sunney ka hosla bhi paeda karein. Women are guided in this book that what is her role in the management, if their husband have problem of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Ek doosrey kay jism ko oil lagaein, jism kay har hissey per, body, taangein, ranein, chest, pistaan, har jagah poorey jism ki malish karein.

Lehaza woh jald inzal ho jata hai halan kay musht zani ka sur'at e inzal kay sath koi ta'alluq nahi.