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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Fernando Monteiro. Fernando Monteiro is a frontend AngularJS Directives Cookbook 1st Edition, Kindle Edition. by. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alex Vanston. Alex Vanston is a self- professed geek and AngularJS Directives Revised ed. Edition eBook features. Directives. Minification in Angular. AngularJS Getting Started Video .. It is an unofficial and free AngularJS ebook created for educational purposes.

Angularjs Directives Ebook

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It is an unofficial and free angularjs-directive ebook created for educational purposes. All the content is extracted from Stack Overflow Documentation, which is. Intermediate JavaScript developers could take a big step forward with this essential step-by-step tutorial to AngularJS directives. By the end. The 15 best ebooks, such as ANGULARJS, AngularJS, Learn With of Angular JS like Routes, Modules, Directives, Dependency Injection and so on.

AngularJS: Novice to Ninja eBook FREE Download PDF [was $30]

Chapter 4 - Compile versus Link is the best chapter of the book and tells why AngularJS team decided to use this 'split' methodology before rendering the final contents. This chapter has a lot of information packed in just a few sentences, so take your AngularJS is all about directives and this book is all about directives.

This chapter has a lot of information packed in just a few sentences, so take your time to read it. I myself read this chapter twice before moving on and I'm sure to read it again soon.

Chapter 7 - Transclusion is another great take away from this book. Alex clears all the mystery around this weird word in a very simple and effective verbiage.

His analogy of 'translated-inclusion' to stand for transclusion fits aptly with the example provided in the chapter. The other chapters talk about how to use scope inside a directive, sharing directive data with controllers are quite an interesting read themselves.

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The chapters on writing unit and e2e tests are a win for developers as well. Now for the minuses. JS knowledge is required' - totally not right.

I have been working on AngularJS for a few months now and I had to re-read a few paragraphs to understand the concepts.

No, this book is definitely not for beginners.

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The reason for implementing Angular from the ground up is that it's the absolute best method I know of for learning how it works. That said, if you're looking to steal the best ideas from Angular to your own framework, this book will help you do exactly that.

Just dig into the portions where your favorite features are implemented. Is it really a full implementation of AngularJS? For all intents and purposes, yes.

The aim is to get to feature parity with the core features of the official Angular implementation. We may omit some browser hacks and other such corner cases, but never without explicitly mentioning the omission.

However, we will not reproduce the code exactly as it is in the Angular codebase. We will from time to time choose code clarity over raw performance, for example. So while your Angular implementation will match the features of the original Angular, it will not be a line-by-line clone of it.

Which version of AngularJS is the book targeting? We are tracking the latest development versions of Angular 1. Currently the content is up to date with Angular 1.Toggle Nav.

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Framework 2. An overview of good code. Awful examples and explanations are short.

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