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Active Directory Interview Questions / Answers. M Pavan Kumar. InterviewFAQ Dot Net SAP Testing JAVA Microsoft PRE-PAY FOR WP ENGINE. COM Page 2/25 Active Directory Interview Questions And Answers Group Policy is one of the most exciting -- and potentially complex -- mechanisms that the. dcpromo (Domain Controller Promoter) with improved wizard: It allows you to view all the steps and review the detailed results during the installation process.

Active Directory Interview Questions Pdf

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I started writing articles about Microsoft Exchange Server, Active Directory and At the end of the interview, when you are asked, “Do you have any questions to. Active Directory Interview Questions And Answers. Active Directory Job Interview Preparation Guide. Question # 1 . This PDF was generated from http://www. Below are the frequently asked Active Directory interview questions and answers which can make you feel comfortable to face the interviews.

There are two types of groups in Active Directory. What default group has the right to log on locally, start and stop services, perform backup and restore operations, format disks, create or delete shares, and even power down domain controllers? Server Operators B. Schema Admins C. Enterprise Admins D.

Backup Operators Answer: How many group scopes are there in Active Directory? Three B. Zero C. Ten D.

Five Answer: What is the basic syntax for Dsrm? Which is not one of the four divisions or container structures in Active Directory? Forests B.

Domain C. Webs D. Organizational units E. Sites Answer: What is a forest? Sites distinguish between locations connected by low- and high-speed connections and are defined by one or more IP subnets.

The collection of every object, its attributes and attribute syntax in the Active Directory. What do domain controllers do? Store the database, maintain the policies and provide the authentication of domain logons. Control granular settings in a domain environment.

Receive and relay domain commands Answer: What are Group Policy Objects? A set of folder rules that determine where Outlook will save email messages. Affords the capability for secure extension of network operations to the Web C.

According to Jonathan Hassell, what is a good practice to follow with forest trusts? Use shortcut trusts B. Keep a current list of all trust relationships in the forest C.

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Back up and ensure you have restore capability D. All of the above Answer: According to Gary Olsen, domain controller load can be insufficient for the following reason s: The number of authenticated clients is unpredictable because multiple DCs share the load for clients in and out of the site. A and C only E. A, B and C Answer: About how many settings are in a single Group Policy Object A. In what version of Windows did Microsoft adopt Kerberos as an authentication policy?

50 Real Time Active Directory Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Active Directory Questions

Windows NT B. Windows Server R2 C. Windows Server D. Windows Answer: Internet Message Access Protocol B. Post Office Protocol C. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol D.

E-mail Answer: Windows Registry B. Internet Explorer C. Windows D. Roaming user profile Answer: LM hash B. NTLM C. Samba software D.

Integrated Windows Authentication Answer: Server Message Block D. Ethernet Answer: Mac OS X B. The KCC creates separate replication topologies depending on whether replication is occurring within a site intrasite or between sites intersite. The basic purpose of tombstone is to keep all domain controllers in sync. The default value of the tombstone lifetime is days for forests set to the windows Server , windows Server , windows Server R2, windows Server and windows R2 function level but anyone can change it by using ADSIEdit or by suing the set-ADObject window powershell cmdlet..

Answer — The AD components helps a Administrators in executing various tasks i. Answer — Kerberos is an network authentication protocol. What is OU? Answer -OS is smallest unit and container to which an administrator can assign group policy or account permission. This can hold users, groups and computers. What is Group Policy? Starting with Windows Server PDC Emulators: There is one PDC emulator per domain. Increasing the forest functional level changes the way that group membership and other linked multivalued attributes is stored in the database and replicated between domain controllers.

Cluster service information It is only these BSs that replicate data with domain controllers in different domains by performing intersite replication with its BS partners.

Define what is a child DC? CDC or child DC is a sub domain controller under root domain controller which share name space You can configure multiple bridgehead servers in a site.

A BS in one site deals with replicating changes with other BSs in different sites. Intersite replication takes place over site links by a polling method which is every minutes by default. The role of a bridgehead server BS is assigned to at least one domain controller in a site.

When changes are made to the replica of Active Directory on one particular domain controller. How many types of replication in Active Directory? Active Directory Intrasite Replication Intrasite replication in Active Directory takes place between domain controllers within the same site.

Domains and OU 2. This type of replication has to be manually configured. Define what is RID Master? The domain controller checks the information it contains against information hosted by the other domain controllers. Intersite replication occurs between two domain controllers that are called bridgeheads or bridgehead servers.

To perform this analysis.

Developed by Interview Questions Tutorials http: Tombstone lifetime in an Active Directory determines how long a deleted object is retained in Active Directory. This makes intrasite replication an uncomplicated process. Define what are the components of AD? Components of AD includes 1.

Logical Structure: Define what is Infrastructure Master? Infrastructure Master is accountable for updating information about the user and group and global catalogue. Active Directory Intersite Replication Intersite replication takes place between sites. Physical Structures: Domain controller and Sites Define what is Active Directory Schema? Schema is an active directory component describes all the attributes and objects that the directory service uses to store data.

With intersite replication. BSs should therefore be machines that have enough speed and processors to perform replication. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. System Administrator Interview Questions and Answers.

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Difference Between Windows Server and and System Administrator interview questions and answers. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Devang Mehrotra. Mohammad Latif Khawaja. Smile Ever. Milton Sarkar. Tamil Selvan S. Shyam Sunder. Mir Farhan Ali Abedi. Anonymous BbZceWkVn. Jitendra Kumar Singh. Suresh Kumar. Paranthaman Natesan. Kamlesh Kumar Mishra.

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Windows Server Interview Questions and Answers. Riyas Jacksparow. More From Shyam Sunder. Animesh Jha. Victor Barugahare. Nikhil Desai.Domain controller and Sites.

Administrative settings are used to determine the applications that will be distributed to computers or users via. What is Global Catalog and its function? Perform a non-authoritative restore of SYSVOL if at least one other functioning domain controller exists in the domain. To say in simple words, Global groups can be use to grant permissions to gain access to resources which are located in any domain but in a single forest as their memberships are limited.

GC holds group membership of universal group.