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A Book Magic Tactics

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The authors of this book, who deserve our praise for giving us a modified version of the DVD, tailored the book to the needs of a chess player who prefers to read on paper. For example when I watch a Chessbase DVD, I have the authors talking to me; the diagrams are huge, and generally with a simple click I turn the board from the right side.

With a book there is no such flexibility. However, let me tell you a practical reason for the 2 reviews. The DVD was authored in In this book one can find positions from or even , which means the authors worked hard into making a new original book, and not only a copy and paste of the material from the DVD.

The first Chapter was made to teach the power of the terrible duo: the Queen and Knight.

To learn how these two pieces interact and how they successfully create mating attacks is a clear must for every chess player. As former World Champion Anand explained in the foreword to the book, one needs periodically to solve these kinds of exercises.

In fact, one day of our training regimen should be dedicated to these exercises, which are clearly difficult and oblige us to go beyond our comfort zone.

The Magic of Chess Tactics - Vol. 2

The second chapter is dedicated to the knight on the attack! The subchapters treat how to exploit the dark squares weaknesses, octopus on D5 or F5.

The game is well annotated at page of the book, but for those who are curious to see the game, and eventually compare with the annotations of the authors, here it is: The square F7, another very important tactical point, is treated well.

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The champions used as examples are Carlsen, Kasparov, and Anand. The last chapter of the book is for exchanges and transformations. I like the topic, and found it quite entertaining both for the examples used and for the creative ideas which are conveyed.

At the end of each chapter there are some exercises, for a total of more than 80 positions I think 84 is the precise number if I counted well. Now one could think 80 positions are not much, far from it. These are top GM games, and the positions were chosen to make you learn the art of analysis. So just to work on them could take a year, but surely the benefits one reaps would be seen in tournament!

Impressions: While writing the review and working on the book, I had some feelings. So I had to devise a system to use a book which in some instances is beyond my chess understanding for discipline upon calculation, vision, etc. While some people classify the exercises as difficult, I found the exercises in the book typical of real games.

In real games we must stretch our imagination and creativity, and of course we often stretch the limit of our calculation power, where precision plays an important role. I believe this book is quite important for everyone on the road to mastery for acquiring those patterns master-level players know.

From such a trick, we create disharmony in the enemy territory. From that disharmony we can finally create the attack on the kingside with queen and knight that we wanted in the beginning! This book can help us in such a situation, because most examples are from actual games, and they definitely require a lot of calculation power.

Magic of Chess Tactics 2: a book review

Hence I guess lately all the publishers must have adopted the same software, which independent from the needs of the reader shows the diagrams only from White side.

Why did I buy this DVD? After all do I really need tactics? In the last years, I've done, on different commercial sites, and some apps, at least , tactics a year. But is the subject really about forks, and skewers?

Not really. As you can imagine, these two high level coaches selected material which will make every player grow. But yes, I do have a reservation to share: this material is not right for every player.

Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal, The

Our two amazing coaches speak of "transformation" — a rather esoteric term, which I found is quite appropriate. Before reviewing the DVD let me introduce these two remarkable chess players, who are fundamental for learning tactics in a way we will be able to use them in our games.

Meyer Claus Dieter is a FM with an amazingly long career, especially in what is considered one of the strongest world tournaments, the Bundesliga.

Of course he isn't only a player: chess as sport is such a complex and varied human activity. FM Meyer is also a chess journalist, chess translator, and a passionate chess analyst in that time before chess engines, when one had to really use the brain instead of spitting out: "the engine says 0.

Well, I let their games speak for them! I found the following game interesting, not because of the sacrifice at move 16, but because it shows us how to exploit and win when the enemy king is left in the center for too long! This was typical in Morphy's games, his opponents would leave the king in the center, and he would sacrifice, and win brilliantly. In modern times, we ascribed the result of such games to the low quality of his opponents.

Mea culpa! Thanks to one of his DVDs, I learned how to give checkmate with bishop and knight. He broke it down nicely, and his explanations were quite clear.

So he is clearly a great teacher. However, you don't have to take my word for it; i'm just a patzer. Chess Endgames 8 - Practical Rook Endgames Rook endings are amongst the most frequently encountered endgames there are, and so your training effort will be quickly repaid in the form of half and full points.

Knowing even a few rules of thumb and key methods makes life a great deal easier and provides a guiding light even in complex positions. This DVD focuses on the important themes which are to be found in common rook endings. Thanks to the endless production of books, we can witness ideas, games, positions from years before our time, as though they happened just today.

In the introductory video Meyer shows a study from !! In this position clearly White would lose if the pieces were exchanged, because Black has two passed pawns.

How does White draw then? Obviously this is why chess is an almost spiritual activity, because one must have creative ideas to win or draw in desperate positions.

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