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Expos'e on Ziarat Ashura Pp in Pdf format to teach him a prayer with which he would pray Almighty Allah on that day (of Ashura) when he would visit Imam. This format provides the reader with a quick reference for the basic meaning of the Arabic words. As with the Quran and the words of the Ahlul. Ziarat e Ashura With Urdu Translation - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online.

Ziarat E Ashura Pdf

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Imam Husain - Ziyarat-e-Ashura is a sacred tradition (Hadees-e-Qudsi) whose references can be found in Misbah al-Mutahajjid by Shaykh al-Tusi and Kamil. Complete ziarat for Shia community with English translation and transliteration. ziarat e ashura mp3 is completely free with audio playback with each Arabic text . Complete Ziyarat e Ashura (زیارت عاشوراء) with English, Urdu and Farsi Bin Aqabah and Sayf ibn Umayrah have reported “Alqamah ibn.

May Allah condemn and damn the people who celebrate, enjoy, sing and dance on the day of your martyrdom. My father and mother are at your disposal.

Profound is my sorrow for you. I beg Allah, who honoured you above others, to be generous towards me on account of you,. O my Allah make me attend to Thy cause, sincerely, in every respect following in Husayns footsteps, in this world and the hereafter.

I disconnect all links with those who, in the beginning, took the first steps to take liberties with and bear hard upon you,. I take refuge with Allah and His Messenger free from the guilt of associating with those who laid the foundation for your suffering , devised and carried out their corrupt plan of action,. I first seek greater intimacy with Allah and then with you to win your love and patronage, and to make friends with your friends,.

I make peace with those who made their peace with you, I search out and confront those who waged war against you, I make friends with those who stood by you, I strive against those who came in conflict with you,.

I beseech Him that He helps me to reach your highly praised station, given to you by Allah, to meet you ,.

I beseech Allah in the name of your right and the purpose He assigned to you, that He overwhelms me with grief in memory of your sorrows, more than the personal grief that torments any one who is in great agony,. O my Allah, in my on the spot situation, treat me like him or her who obtains from Thee Thy blessings, mercy and forgiveness. O my Allah, bring me to life again, after death, in the place Muhammad and his Aal children are dwelling, and make me depart from this world like Muhammad and his Aal children had left,.

O my Allah this day is a day of rejoicing for the Bani Umayyah,. Today the descendants of Ziyaad and Marwan make merry, laugh and dance because on this day they killed Husayn blessings of Allah be on him.

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O my Allah, therefore, double up the curse Thou brings upon them and also the punishment Thou decrees for them. O my Allah, I seek nearness to Thee today in this frame of mind, cutting off all links with them for the rest of my life,. O my Allah condemn and damn the first tyrant who unjustly and wrongfully usurped that which rightly belonged to Muhammad and the children of Muhammad, and bring curse upon those who, after him, followed in his footsteps.

O my Allah condemn and damn those conspirators who vexed and harassed Husayn, showed eagerness, agreed mutually, and joined hands to kill him.

O my Allah bring curse upon all of them. Peace be on you, O Abaa Abdullah, and on those souls who came to your camp to put themselves at your disposal.

So far I am alive and the days and nights follow each other I invoke Allah to send blessings on you for ever and ever. May Allah not make my this pledge of close association, physical as well as spiritual, with you the last fulfilment. Peace be on Husayn, and on Ali son of Husayn, and on the children of Husayn, and on the friends of Husayn.

O my Allah, let the curse I call down on the head of the first tyrant stick like a leech; and stay put for ever on the first, then the second, the third and the fourth. Then If I impose a decree upon you, will you act according to it?

Indeed you are the Mujtahid. Then offer the reward of this recitation to the mother of Imame Zamaana may our souls be sacrificed for him , Janabe Nargis Khatoon s. Then beseech her to present our case to her son Hazrat Valiul Asr, so that Imam a.

But this phenomenon was observed only among the Shias, as the Ahle Sunnah continued to fall prey to this malady. Everyday, the plague claimed at least one from the Ahle Sunnah. They were defenseless, as this ailment was without a cure.

Before long, they realized that the plague was claiming only their members, while the Shias were somehow reprieved. In order to hide their embarrassment, they started conducting the burial of their dead in the middle of the night.

When one of the Ahle Sunnah inquired from the Shias, the reason behind their miraculous reprieve, the latter revealed their secret of Ziarate Ashoora.

Then the Ahle Sunnah too undertook recitation of this Ziarat.

The Miracle of Ziyarat e Ashura

In fact, some of them used to visit the shrines of Imam Ali Naqi a. First Occasion This involved three difficulties.

A year had passed but there seemed no chance of repayment of the debt. I was very tense because of this huge debt. My second difficulty was also very disturbing, which I can not reveal.A special dedication to the martyrs of Ashura. Indeed it is not for any community which is led by a leader in the world, except that he the leader will come on the Day of Judgment cursing them and they will be cursing him, save you and he who is in the same state as you.

Peace be on you, O the select, surpassing, chosen in preference over all good of Allah, and son of Allah's such good. Presented by Presented by Presented by Presented by.

Ziarat e Ashura With Urdu Translation

This is because every tradition has an effect and a bearing on the soul of an individual with respect to its reliability. With Audio playback each Arabic text and English text will easily appear. Those that were not, were considered unreliable.