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Sunday, September 8, 2019 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. ZEN AND THE ART OF HAPPINESS BY CHRIS PRENTISS. This book abstract is intended to provide just a glimpse of this wonderful book with the hope that you. Zen and the Art of Happiness. Home · Zen and the Art of Happiness Choosing Happiness: The Art of Living Unconditionally. Read more.

Zen And The Art Of Happiness Pdf

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This books (Zen and the Art of Happiness [PDF]) Made by Chris Prentiss About Books Zen and the Art of Happiness To Download Please. Cutting-edge science and spirituality tell us that what we believe, think, and feel actually determine the makeup of our body at the cellular level. In Zen and the. 31 Tháng Tám The Zen Art of Happiness Eng PDF Chris Prentiss - Zen and the Art of Happiness Power Press | English | | ISBN: |

One needs to approach others with a positive attitude, to create an open and friendly atmosphere. Being openly friendly with others, allows one to be compassionate.

Intimacy is the central core of our existence. It creates openness with others, which is necessary for a happy lifestyle. Intimacy is also physical closeness. One can express himself too much also. Once a person has opened oneself completely to everyone, the special intimacy is lost, and it is hard to satisfy the need of connection with one special person. By opening oneself to the world around us, it creates the opportunity to form special bonds with someone new, or build upon a relationship one may already have.

Cutler also asks The Dalai Lama a question about connections and relationships between people: "What would you say is the most effective method or technique of connecting with others in a meaningful way and of reducing conflicts with others?

He thinks that it is very important and extremely helpful to be able to try to put ourselves in the other person's place and see how would we react to the situation. For instance when he was in an argument with someone and his reaction was inappropriate without trying to understand and appreciate what the other person might think — no empathy. The Dalai Lama does not just refer to caring for each other; he also finds relationships very important and differentiates them in two ways. The second way is based on true human feelings spiritual.

The Dalai Lama also informs about sexual relationships. You can have a sexual relationship with no respect for each other.

The Art Of Happiness Summary

Usually it is just temporary satisfaction. Or sexual relationships bonded with a person who we think is kind, nice and gentle.

He does not believe in true love — in falling in love. His opinion on this subject is very negative; he describes idealized romantic love as a fantasy and that it is unattainable — just simply not worth it.

Watch the biography of William James Sidis here:

These are the most important and most discussed topics in Chapter 6. We find out how empathy is needed in human relationships.

That understanding and trying to appreciate the other person's emotional background is priceless. Also that relationships are either materially or spiritually based.

On the other hand, the Dalai Lama does not believe in love and describes it as a fantasy or imagination, although he thinks that true relationships are based on true human feelings. All these new information are related to Chapter 7's main topic which is basically about the value and benefits of compassion.

Lesson 1: You don’t have to be religious, to be spiritual.

Chapter 7: The Value and Benefits of Compassion[ edit ] This chapter is composed of defining compassion and the value of human life. This feeling of compassion is broken down into two types. First is compassion associated with attachment. Using this type of compassion alone is biased and unstable, which causes certain emotional attachments that are not necessarily good.

Accepting another's suffering brings that person a sense of connectedness and gives us a willingness to reach out for others. Associating oneself with this type of fundamental rights generates love and compassion. Using genuine compassion creates a special connection that you cannot achieve with associating compassion with attachments. People reflect off their own experiences and this contributes to their knowledge of compassion. If people feel there is no need to develop compassion then it's because they are being blocked by "ignorance and shortsightedness" This can be caused by not seeing the physical and emotional benefits of having a compassionate mindset.

When one completely understands the importance of compassion, then it "gives you a feeling of conviction and determination" Having this determination can bring one to have a compassionate mindset. These studies have concluded that there is a direct correlation to compassion and physical and emotional health. The next chapter tells how to cope with suffering, from the loss of a loved one.

Part III. Transforming Suffering[ edit ] Chapter 8: Facing Suffering[ edit ] Throughout this chapter the Dalai Lama gives examples of how different people dealt with losing a loved one.

The Dalai Lama states that he believes it is a good idea to prepare yourself ahead of time for the kinds of suffering you might encounter, because sometime in life you are going to experience some type of suffering, so if you prepare yourself you will know what to expect.

He goes on about how everyone is going to face suffering sometime in their life and if we view suffering as something natural then we can begin to live a happier life. Getting through suffering is a very difficult thing to accomplish but there are people out there who can help you overcome you losing a loved one or whatever you may be suffering from.

I think he used his life well.

Cutler interviewing the 14th Dalai Lama about happiness. If you want to save this summary for later, download the free PDF and read it whenever you want. Download PDF. Do you know how long the Wikipedia article for cremation is? No one in my family is very religious, some of us are even atheists. I spent a lot of time thinking yesterday. I took a long walk with my roommate, and we talked about life. My Mum called, and I spoke to my cousin as well.

To me, being spiritual means seeing the bigger picture, understanding that there is a meaning behind everything, and learning from both good and bad events.

Suffering is a part of life, he says, but by rejecting that we make ourselves into victims and start assigning blame, when there really is none to be assigned.

Resistance to change leads to suffering. As a matter of fact, it is the root cause of suffering. Transform your life with Zen 3. With all due respect to any career, you must remember that a job is nothing more than a way to earn a living. Putting it in front of everything will bring you in a position to beg, as we mentioned earlier.

Transform your life with Zen The Zen teachings were unknown to Westerns for many centuries, but now we live in a different time. The access to these life-altering methods is available to anyone, and thus you can really begin your Zen journey.

Zen and the Art of Happiness

Like this summary? It's not really self-expression unless by 'self' we mean it with a capital S, and that Self is the Self within all mankind. Click To Tweet No genuine artist views himself as superior in essence to others.

Click To Tweet Many today are seeking a holistic approach to life and world, one that integrates the spiritual and material.

The Art Of Happiness Summary

Click To Tweet Concentrate on what you need to do Do step one. That's the important thing- Did you do step one?

Did you actually do it? It's not a matter of 'Can you do it? Click To Tweet If we view our current jobs negatively, we will rob ourselves of the energy we need to go beyond them. Open the gates to happiness, and embark on a life-altering journey.You will soon be able to appreciate the smaller things, and flow effortlessly wherever the wind may take you.

That is a good way to start healing those wounds, which popped up due to lack of spiritual food. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. He goes on to say that without that attitude, his recovery would not have been as swift and other issues may have resulted. Some of the concepts and suggestions of Chris Prentiss are hard to swallow and even harder to apply in life This book is good in bits and pieces.