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Posts about PDF/DOC written by kara elayne. 정윤호 & 김재중. YunJae Fanfiction Directory, Recommendations, and Archive. ♥. Menu Category: PDF/ DOC. YunJae Fanfiction Recommendation List fuckyesyunjae: “ Reblog this (love all her fics, this story is just as amazing as her other fics) (PDF). EDIT 13/09/ - I'm not accepting friend requests right now, my friend list is full with people I haven't even talk once or that have their journal empty so I have.

Yunjae Fanfiction Pdf

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PDF|Full PDF. ~ (because of JYJ-smut), add me if you want to read or download the PDF >>herefanfic of yunjae?. Note: This fic is no longer available online so you must download the PDF the author provided. Leave a note of appreciation if you can after. Ever since I finished reading it, I kept a bookmark of the pdf on my phone LOL I reread it sometimes \o/ Promises by little_passions (links to a.

I'm a sap for this kind of genre Owhhh, my heart And Thank You so much for pouring Yunjae fics non-stop these days I can't wait for more Ouch, it's a quandary to pick.

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But I choose What love really is. TOT, I love all!

Hong Anh dear, you cant read that because it's friend locked, Unnie cannot believe we are not yet be-friended each other,, unnie added you, add unnie back dear and you can definitely read that! Dear Unnie - Anonymous - Dec. Now, I know it by heart, even more than my profile. I read all 23 chaps straight, from 12pm to 5am without dict and understand though my english is very poor. And i told this fic to my friends during few days later.

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I like series " Yah", too. And then "In the heart that skips a beat" I mean, almost of your fics are my farvouris.

Your fics always make me feel warm, happy, funny and make me love our DB more and more. Thanks you very muck. If you don't mind, can I add you in friend list? I really want to be your friend.

Have a good time. My computer shut down on me before I had the chance to comment and ask you if you would friended me so I could read the last chapter.


You're fics were highly recommended. Now, I see why. Keep writing. You're truely gifted. So save your fic. Love best, of course What love really is? That fic really make my yunjae belief stronger.

Awww, I really like your stories. Jaejoong gets drunk.

Yunho isn't worried at all. Sexual Harassment Pairing: Romance, Smut Rating: Genius Pairing: Humor, Romance, Smut Rating: I, Kim Jaejoong, am awesome. And handsome and clever and charming and witty and cute and so on and so forth. Somehow, this led to my female housemates thinking that I'm gay.

And somehow, this led to me being set up with a guy. I know, I know, I can hardly believe it myself. But what's even harder to believe is that… I think I kind of like him. Entre Nous Pairing: Romance Rating: Humor, Romance Rating: A Lesson in Planned Spontaneity Pairing: Drama, Angst, Romance, Future! AU Rating: R Summary: The following autumn an act of vengeance left their love beyond the reaches of forgiveness.

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Two Hearts, One Blanket Pairing: Fluff, Romance, Humor Rating: B Pairing: Romance, Fluff Rating: Kim Jaejoong was 23 years old and has had no boyfriend since birth. Verse Pairing: The married life, as lived by Yunho and Jaejoong.

When Boys Become Men Pairing: Follow Kim Jaejoong as he grows up with his best friend Jung Yunho, and find out how these two boys eventually learn that they belong together. The Glowing Star Pairing: Choux Pastry Heart Pairing: Romance, Angst Rating: G Summary: Jaejoong wakes up one morning and forgets how to read.

Wish Pairing: Angst, Romance Rating: But the next night, when Yoochun checks to see if Jaejoong is asleep, he sees Jaejoong mouthing words into the silence of the room and he glances at the clock: Internim Pairing: In which Jaejoong keeps the faith, loses it, and gets pulled back to reason. Talking To The Moon Pairing: Yunho hated Christmas. It reminded him too much of Jaejoong. It reminded him too much of the day Jaejoong walked out of his life.

But did Jaejoong really leave because he wanted to? Post-It Love Pairing: Angst Rating: Three paper cuts later, Jaejoong stops breathing and Yunho thinks, staring in silence at the thin lines on the insides of his palms, that some part of him has escaped with that last breath as well. Handcuffs and Hookups Pairing: But when Jaejoong stuffs up on a case, he gets given a new partner as punishment - one Jung Yunho, the most annoying, arrogant pervert Jaejoong has ever had the misfortune to meet.

Dirty Tweeting Pairing: Changmin disagrees. Having countless failed relationships and a broken marriage, he finds himself again in a predicament.

Jaejoong allowed Yoochun to use him for his plan a little bit too much even though he knew how possessive Yunho was. Jung Yunho is perfect.

Class president, athletic, attractive. Jaejoong learns a little too well just what kind of a crazy bastard Yunho can be. Yunho has been hired by Jaejoong, smut author extraordinaire, to draw the front cover of his latest novel. When Jaejoong continually turns down his sketches and then asks to meet the artist, it becomes obvious he has ulterior motives. Yunjae fanfic recs for your pleasure. Business Affairs Author: Romance, Drama Rating: NC Length: Chaptered Tags:Remember me.

Owhhh, my heart When Boys Become Men Pairing: Yunho comes home early one day and happens to see his young, fit, dripping wet pool boy.

He is the breadwinner of his family for his father is suffering from a disease. His target: Preview comment. Jaejoong is a world renowned photographer, Yunho is his model.