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Friday, May 10, 2019

In the meantime, I have a treasured MyBook World 1TB drive that I I need to run the WD Discovery tool so I can map some of the folders as. Hi there, i use my MyBook World Edtion in my LAN since a few To Contact WD for Technical Support WD Discovery just does not finds it. Millions of people around the world trust their data to My Book desktop storage. WD Discovery can also be used to manage your drive with WD Drive Utilities.

Wd Discovery My Book World

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I also am struggling to get a Windows 7 version of software as i cannot configure my new book world 2 TB drive the discovery software also. Clicking through the installer brought me to the WD “Discovery tool,” which immediately listed “MyBook World” as a found network drive. On the. Device discovery software for Windows: Discovers and connects to The WD Discovery Software will not work with the older My Book World.

Let it finish. The drives web UI username and password should have reset to admin, admin.

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The network settings should have reset to DHCP default. Screenshot [] []. Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French.

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HGST Support. Other Network Drives. TheSaul64 April 20, , 3: JayLaw1 May 30, , 5: WHA June 23, , 1: This is a brand new, unused laptop with default settings. So… two completely different Wy systems with identical problems, these problems being identical to those listed in this thread, but both MBWEs work first time with Vista.

I had issues installing on my windows 7 machine. If i used the CD all teh buttons were blank.

Only issues im having now is the drive will not go into power saving mode. If i can find the box today its going back.

Just plugged one in and got the same issues as above. Might end up taking it back but will search around for updated software first.

I am now getting the same problem with my Windows Vista laptop. I had the My Book World Edition installed just fine a few months ago. Called WD and they are suppose to be sending me a new CD.

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I also downloaded their CD software and it is failing as well. I have the same problem. Be sure to come back and accept as a solution if this solves your issue, this might help other people: Had been using the network drive for quite awhile with XP.

I loaded Win 7 and saw the same results as posted here. I downloaded the WD Discovery program from the WD site and it said it could not find any devices when it ran. I changed the settings to the Discover program to run in XP SP 2 compatability mode and it did run and find my drive.

If I double-click I can see the file shares and can then map y: I loaded the WD backup software which I downloaded and it seems to be working fine. I tried with Ubuntu After that, delete the volume of the hard disk, then create new simple volume as shown in the picture above. Click next after that. Picture show screen shot of unformatted state drive Raw state.

WD Discovery

Now, safely remove the hard disk from windows computer and ready for the next step. Drag both into the desktop and extract the mbwe.

There are 4 information require to be fill. Next step will explain how to get this info in graphical order.To create a new MioNet account, please use the following instructions: Part A.

Easy to Use.

What are you trying to do with the software? MRitz October 15, , 3: Only issues im having now is the drive will not go into power saving mode. Part B. Is support available for those legacy devices that are out of warranty?

Be sure to come back and accept as a solution if this solves your issue, this might help other people: I can listen to it when I'm at work via Wifi.