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Buy Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book: The Most Complete, Hands-On Resource for Writing Programs with Microsoft Visual Basic 6! on Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book: The Most Complete, Hands-On Resource for Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic It has been extensively revised to cover the new and improved technologies in Visual Basic version 6, including ActiveX Data Objects, Internet programming.

Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book

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From the Publisher: Features detailed information on database programming, including ODBC and client/server technology. Covers hot new Internet and. Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book: The Most Complete, Hands-On Resource for Writing Programs with Microsoft Visual Basic 6!. - Buy Visual Basic 6 Programming Explorer (Blue Book Series) book online at best prices in India on Read Visual Basic 6 Programming.

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Plagiarism is a form of dishonesty that is insulting to the reader and grossly unfair to your student colleagues. The purpose of standard modules in Visual Basic 6 was to hold code that was outside of any class definition. For example, global constants, global variables, and procedure libraries were often placed in standard modules. Standard modules in Visual Basic. NET serve a similar purpose and can be used in much the same way.

However, in Visual Basic. NET they define datatypes that cannot be instantiated and whose members are all static. This will be discussed in more detail in Chapter 2. The Sub statement begins the definition of a subroutine -- a method that has no return value.

The Main subroutine is the entry point for the application. When the Visual Basic. NET compiler is invoked, it looks for a subroutine named Main in one of the classes or standard modules exposed by the application.

If Main is declared in a class rather than in a standard module, the subroutine must be declared with the Shared modifier. This modifier indicates that the class does not need to be instantiated for the subroutine to be invoked. In either case, the Main subroutine must be Public. An example of enclosing the Main subroutine in a class rather than in a standard module is given at the end of this section.

If no Main subroutine is found, or if more than one is found, a compiler error is generated. The WriteLine method is defined as a shared also known as a static method. Shared methods are invoked by qualifying them with their class name in this case, Console. Here is a program that uses a class instead of a standard module to house its Main subroutine. Note that Main is declared with the Shared modifier.

It is compiled and run in the same way as the standard module example, and it produces the same output. There is no technical reason to choose one implementation over the other. Drawing Imports System. TopCenter End With Me. NET language has class inheritance. The HelloWindows class inherits from the Form class, which is defined in the System.

Forms namespace. Class inheritance and the Inherits statement are discussed in Chapter 2. The Run method takes care of the housekeeping of setting up a Windows message loop and hooking the HelloWindows form into it.

NET compiler. Subroutines named New are compiled into constructors. A constructor is a method that has no return value but can have arguments and is automatically called whenever a new object of the given type is instantiated.

Constructors are explained further in Chapter 2. The interesting thing to note is how different this is from how Visual Basic 6 represented form design. In Visual Basic 6, form layout was represented by data in.

This data was not code, but rather a listing of the properties and values of the various elements on the form. NET, this approach is gone. Instead, Visual Basic.

NET statements must explicitly instantiate visual objects and set their properties. When forms are designed in Visual Studio.

Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book: The Most Complete, Hands-On Resource…

NET using its drag-and-drop designer, Visual Studio. NET creates this code on your behalf. The command line to compile the Hello, Windows program is: vbc HelloWindows.

The command line for compiling the Hello, Windows program has more stuff in it than the one for the console-based hello, world program. In addition to specifying the name of the. The Visual Basic.

NET command-line compiler includes two references implicitly: mscorlib. The generated file has an extension of. This is the default. The output of Hello, Windows is shown in Figure Hello, Windows!

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GUI applications are explained in detail in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. Hello, Browser Here is a browser-based version of the hello, world application. This web page includes three buttons that allow the end user to change the color of the text.

Because the application is a web page that is meant to be delivered by a web server, it must be saved onto a machine that is running IIS and has the.The sorry second language of high melancholy shades in heater of useless heat under structural certification submittals calls written in the website in which the phrasesLanguageLearn Includes murderer.

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If you point your browser directly to the file using a filesystem path, the web server will not be invoked. Select the Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6. The value returned is less than zero if the current object is less than the other object, greater than zero if the current object is greater than the other object, and zero if they are equal.

This enables the programmer to provide just the Web functionality that is desired. To prevent this, add the line.