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walkthrough for Twilight Princess, along with almost 20 videos (in the HTML the video in the HTML version of this guide (if you're reading the PDF) to get a. Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough for the Nintendo Wii U version of the game. The Nintendo Wii U version resembles the original. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the latest entry in the Legend of Zelda series, a lineage of games long known for their epic quests and.

Twilight Princess Walkthrough Pdf

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Note: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess walkthrough was written using the Wii versionof the game. The Wii version is a mirrored version of. The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess - Official Nintendo Players Guide Scan. Game Guides @ Emuparadise. Direct Download: Unforunately this file has been . You can find book wii u zelda twilight princess walkthrough in our library and other format like: wii u zelda twilight princess walkthrough pdf file wii u zelda.

If you stand on the table, Midna will get you up to the upper level of the house. Dash into the wall underneath the shield a couple of times to knock it off the wall, then grab it and climb out the window nearby to get out of the house.

Rusl will patrol through the town, very slowly, at this point. No matter, though. Head around to the southern side of his house and use your Senses to check for a weak spot in the ground near the lumber pile; digging there will net you access to the house. Grab the Ordon Sword from the couch, then dig back outside. Get used to using this B-button power to finish off shadow beings.

Midna wants you to head back to the woods at this point, so do so. We heard she tried out for the latest Miyazaki movie but got turned down and had to do this game instead. With that interlude in the past, head down to the twilight door and proceed through, courtesy of Midna. How badly we want to tear your throat out with our ferocious jaw. Move forward here to start a fight with no fewer than three of the shadow beings. When you take down two of them, the third will simply revive them!

According to Midna, all you have to do is hold down the B button, then wait for all of the shadow beings to get inside your circle of pain. When you have them all in your circle, let go of the button to kill them all instantly. Easy enough. Head forward and talk to the glowing light above the waterfall here.

Bughunt The first couple of bugs will be easy to get to, but some of them will be devious. There are a couple in the house near where you obtained your lantern; use the ramp to the south of it and Midna will be able to get you up to the window from there. Use your Senses to talk to the spirit inside to reveal the two insects. Two more bugs are right near it. The bottom of it is filled with fog; falling in will warp you back to the entrance.

Two bugs are near the western wall here, so ram the wall to get them off, kill them, then head to the rocky outcropping nearby and use Midna to warp your way across the branches.

Ordon Village

Plenty of bugs to kill here in the woods! Remember that jumping puzzle we told you not to bother with before? Well, you can bother with it now that you have Midna along to ease your jumping. Hop down into the bowl-shaped area in the middle of the swamp and kill the bugs there, then follow the path along until you head way up into the branches overhead. You have to time your jumps right to get past the man-eating plants; just hold down Z and tap A as quickly as possible, and you should be fine.

Dodge the swinging tree stump up top, then hop down to the last bit of land in the swamp. Head into the last area of the woods, where Telo was held captive by the monsters, and kill the two bugs in that same area to fill up your Vessel of Light. Doing so will warp you back to the spring, banish the twilight, and return you to human form.

All of the kids have been kidnapped, blah, blah, blah. What a bunch of whiners. You can use your lamp in the basement of your house to find a 50 rupee piece. But no, your real goal now is to reach the Forest Temple, which is located in the area beyond where you found Telo and the monkey earlier.

Worth it, if only to obtain the bottle. Equip your lantern and take it out, then walk along the pier, only to find that the monkey is still in the area, and wants it for himself.

Just a suggestion; it might come in handy to have a bit of oil in the Forest Temple. With that done, burn the spider web in front of the temple and head inside.

Forest Temple Monkey Shines In the first room here, kill the spiders on the vines to your left with the slingshot, then climb up and grab the Yellow Rupee from the chest. Also note that you can roll into the small totem poles in this area to knock the items atop to the ground; this will come in handy in a couple of instances during the dungeon run-through.

After killing off the enemies here, swipe away at the monkey cage until you free the simian caught within. Prepare to enter hell. Oh, man, if we could only explain how aggravating this is. Feel free to mute your TV while you have monkey companions, because it gets to be pretty aggravating. This is a hub room, with three exits, to the north, west, and east. You can find a secret chest here by staying on the ground and checking out the northeastern corner of the room.

These guys can defend against most of your attacks, but if you simply hold the Z button down and wait for them to rear up and prepare to strike, you can unleash a flurry of blows and defeat them. Light the four pyres here to raise a wooden walkway, then head across and open the chest here to find the Dungeon Map.

Retrieving The First Monkey Your goal now is to track down and free enough monkeys to cross the bridge via the rope that hangs alone the two posts connecting where it uses to lie. Head back to Room 2, then let the monkey suspend itself from the rope leading to the west. Leap over to it and press A at the right time to jump across to the platform leading to Room 4. As soon as you enter Room 4, take a right and block the explospider there with your shield.

With that in hand, return to Room 4 and unlock the room the monkey points you toward. In Room 6, drop down to the floor and roll into the central pillar a few times to free the monkey there from its cage.

More Monkey Madness Remember kids, smoking kills. Head back to Room 2 and from there, proceed east into Room 7. Begin by heading up the stairs near you until you find another explospider. In Room 8, drop down and roll into both of the totem poles near the entrance; one of them will drop a chest containing a Small Key.

You can climb the vines on the north side of the room to find one on the platofrm there. Unlock the monkey and deliver it back to Room 2.

Monkey Four The entrance to Room 9 is to the south of Room 7; it should be easy to find. Room 9 features another man-eating plant. This one, however, combines the head of a man-eater with the body of one of the explosive-loving plants from Room 7.

When the head is dead, Fred, grab an explospider and chuck it into the body to reveal the Small Key. Free the monkey and return to Room 2. Or, at least, what will soon be your boomerang. The man-eaters are easy enough to dispatch, but attacking the orangutan will require a bit of finesse. With that done, return to Room 3 and use the boomerang to adjust the windmills atop the walkways so that you can cross to the east.

With the boomerang in hand, return to Room 8, where you originally encountered the worms that lived under the tiles on the floor.

Return to Room 4 and check out the southwest corner of the room, where a large chest is obscured behind a gate. In order to unlock the gate, you have to use the boomerang on the four windmills atop the nearby pillars.

[PDF] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide

You can queue up targets with the Z button while you aim the boomerang. For instance, you can go northeast pillar - northwest - southeast - southwest, or the opposite. Move up north to Room 11, where all the monkeys are waiting for you. Use the walkways and your boomerang here to move over to the eastern side of the room and head into Room Boomerbomb One throwable spiderbomb, coming up. Room 12 has a number of obstacles for you to bypass, most of which will require you to use the explospider on the floating platform in the water.

The only problem is that the platform is in the water! How the hell are you going to get out there to pick up a bomb? If you have a hard time getting a bomb because it hits the wall and blows up, try throwing your bomb from a bit further across the room.

If you throw it at the eater-plant on the south side of the room, you can gain a Small Key. If you grab another spider, you can break the block on top of the vines on the eastern side of the room by throwing the bomb at the block just before it explodes.

Wait for the bomb to start flashing and for the sound to get higher. Do this on the northernmost hole to fall down to a platform with a monkey cage on it; break the cage, then climb back up the vines to return to the upper room.

Head back to Room 5 and unlock the western door leading to Room Proceed through the small cave here and climb the vines to find the last monkey; use your boomerang to hit both of the windmills above its cage to free it. Head back to Room 15, where the convocation of monkeys will make a huge chain stretching from the ceiling. Take your boomerang and aim for the uppermost monkey to send them all chittering to their deaths. Just joking. No, you have to keep the monkeys alive for the moment.

Jump out to the monkey as it swings towards you, then hop off when you reach the farther side. Smash the bottles outside the door to find a Fairy; fill up your lantern with oil and trap the Fairy inside the empty bottle. Doing this for both heads will send them crashing into the water, ending the fight The explospiders are also removed from the equation, but not to fear; the orangutan you defeated earlier is back, and is now insistent on helping you out, by sweeping across the playing field with an explospider in its feet.

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‘Zelda Twilight Princess’ Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Dueling Peaks 3. Hateno Village 4. Zora's Domain 5. Vah Ruta Dungeon 6. Goron City 7. Vah Rudania Dungeon 8.Head back to Room 2 and from there, proceed east into Room 7.

Both contributions will eventually earn you a Piece of Heart. Nothing to do but head back towards Ordon Village. Room 8 Ice skeletons! Developing two versions would mean delaying the previously announced release, still disappointing the consumer.