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The Body of Christopher Creed is a young adult novel by Carol Plum-Ucci. It tells the story of a high school student whose life becomes unraveled when he tries to solve the mystery of a classmate's sudden disappearance. The novel won the Michael L. Printz Honor Book Award. Chris Creed grew up as the class freak--the bullies' punching bag. Sixteen-year-old Torey Adams's search for answers opens his eyes to the lies, the pain, and the need to blame someone when tragedy strikes, and his once-safe world comes crashing down around him. CAROL PLUM-UCCI is. The Body of Christopher Creed book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Christopher Creed, the class freak and whipping.

The Body Of Christopher Creed Book

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Editorial Reviews. Review. The often-tortured class weirdo has disappeared, Add Audible book to your purchase for just $ Deliver to your . The Body of Christopher Creed (): Carol Plum- Ucci: Books. Free summary and analysis of the events in Carol Plum-Ucci's The Body of Christopher Creed that won't make you snore. We promise.

Christopher sent the high school principal, Mr. Ames, a cryptic email, and no one is certain if Christopher committed suicide or ran away.

Alex and Ryan, two of Torey's friends, recall mistreating Christopher. Torey also remembers hitting Christopher and feels that Alex and Ryan shouldn't joke about the possibility of Christopher committing suicide. Alex hacks the school's computer system to read the note that Christopher sent to Mr. The note says that Christopher wishes he had been born as someone else, such as Torey, Alex or some of the other popular boys in town.

See a Problem?

Torey is disturbed by the thought that Christopher assumed he Torey had a perfect life. Ali McDermott lives next door to the Creeds.

She tells him that she's not like him because she doesn't have a perfect life, even though she's been in the same social circle as Torey her entire life. She tells Torey that Mrs. Creed is too strict with her children. Ali implies that Mrs. Creed is to blame for Christopher's disappearance.

She invites Torey to her house and says that her boyfriend will be there, too. Torey and Ali watch the Creeds' house from Ali's bedroom window.

They can see into Christopher's bedroom, and Mrs. Creed searches the room while they watch. Ali tells Torey that Christopher has hidden a diary behind a picture that's hanging on the wall. Ali's boyfriend, Bo Richardson, comes up to Ali's room.

Following Christopher Creed

Torey is surprised that Ali would date a "boon," someone from the boondocks. Most of Torey's friends say that boons are dirty and stupid. Torey quickly develops a new respect for Bo because Bo confronts Ali's mother and her boyfriend for having sex so loudly that the children can hear.

Bo also treats Ali's little brother well. Bo decides to sneak into the Creeds' house to steal Christopher's diary. Torey calls Mrs. Creed from a payphone to entice Mr. Creed from the house while Bo steals the diary. Christopher's brother gives Bo the diary. Though Bo does not break into the house, he is arrested.

The Body of Christopher Creed

Creed accuses Bo of killing Christopher, because a year earlier, he pushed Christopher off the top of the bleachers and Christopher broke his foot. Torey's mother, an attorney, talks to the police and helps Bo. Bo asks her to give Ali a notebook, which is Christopher's diary. Torey's mother takes Ali and her brother into her home for several weeks while Ali's mother is in a treatment center.

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Torey's mother tells Ali and Torey of someone disappearing from Steepleton when she was a child. A young man was harassed until he ran away, leaving a note that he was going to "find himself. Many people in Steepleton thought Bob Haines was responsible for his son running away. From Christopher's diary, Ali learns of his girlfriend, Isabella, who lives in another town. Ali and Torey visit her. She doesn't know where Christopher is but introduces Ali and Torey to her aunt, who is a psychic.

The aunt tells Torey that she sees death in the woods and that he would find it alone. Several of Torey's friends accuse him and Bo of murdering Christopher.

In a rage, Torey goes to the woods alone. He climbs on the edge of a rock, which tips, and Torey breaks his leg. He sees the bone in his leg and wonders why his leg feels like it's burning but doesn't really hurt. When the rock tips, it exposes the opening to a cave, and Torey pulls himself into the cave despite his broken leg. He sees a dead body and gun and believes he's found Christopher. The body disintegrates to a skeleton before his eyes, as if it were burning without flames. Torey is taken to a hospital and later to a mental health facility.

Everything smells scorched to him, and nursery rhymes keep going through his mind. He learns that the body he found was Bob Haines.

After several months, Torey has recovered.

His parents send him to boarding school in another town so he can avoid the gossip in Steepleton. He continues to search the Internet and email people, hoping to find Christopher.

Christian Beliefs Torey attends church and sees Sunday as a "religious day. Bo is king of the boons, feared and reviled and all that jazz, but Ali gives him a chance even though if anyone finds out it'll pretty much be the last nail in her social coffin. She sees Bo for who he is, which is actually pretty brave and kind, which in turn shows a bravery and kindness in Ali herself.

Speaking of bravery, after Bo confesses to making the phone call to Mrs. Creed a call he never made and Torey frantically tells Ali he'll confess to get Bo off the hook, she steps up and says she will call Torey a liar if he does so, and that she'll also say she made the phone call instead We're not sure what constitutes bravery in your book, but that definitely fits the bill in ours.

So while everyone at school just calls Ali a slut, we're thinking she's definitely closer to the saint category. She's just a wounded one.

Mary Magdalene Fun fact: Ali doesn't sleep with Bo. But don't take our word for it—let Bo tell you himself: "I ain't been with Ali. Not even one time.

The Body of Christopher Creed

I ain't playing with you. You know who also wasn't doing quite the sleeping around that everyone thought? Mary Magdalene. Yup, though it took the Catholic Church a couple thousand years to set the record straight, lo and behold the Bible makes no mention of Mary being a prostitute.

Guess what the Bible does mention Mary Magdalene doing, though? Seeing Jesus first when he's resurrected, and being given the task by the big J. In other words, Jesus comes back and Mary lets the world know—it's not what you'd call a small or unimportant job, and in it, we can see Mary as a beacon of truth.I just didn't think the writer had quite as much skill stylistically. Through the website he started and the eighty emails he's sent with the attachment of Creed.

The book was a little bit mystery with some "was that real, was that not" mythical moments. Topics Character Roles Protagonist, Antagonist What begins as a mild interest in Chris's disappearance turns into a desire to help solve the mystery Of Chris's disappearance. Carol Plum-Ucci.

Christopher was said to be bullied a lot in school, people thought that he is annoying and that he is a brat. W hy's T his F unny?