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PENGUIN BOOKS. THE ART OF SEDUCTION. Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power, has a degree in classical literature. He lives in Los Angeles. mind whom you want to seduce, please do not skip to the later chapters about. Men are hard-wired Intuitive Sex: The Su. Shakespeare and the Art of Verbal Seduction. Read more The Seduction of the Mediterranean: Homosexual Writing, Art and Fantasy. Read more.

The Art Of Seduction Pdf

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If happiness can be some sort of an art, why shouldn't seduction be an art as well ? True, this means that mastering it is a lengthy learning. Art Of Seduction. Topics self help. Collectionopensource. LanguageEnglish. robert greene. IdentifierArtOfSeduction. Identifier-arkark://. The best, most IN-DEPTH summary on the web of The Art of Seduction, Robert Greene's masterpiece. It's also available in PDF.

And when they believe in something, they are hellishly fervent and adventurous to the max. And even vulnerable when necessary. Not to mention present, powerful, and warm. Charismatic people may change the course of history simply because of their charisma. Joan of Arc and Rasputin testify to this. However, be careful with your charisma.

Because once someone feels secure, the charismatic seducer is the first one to go. Robespierre found out the hard way. The Star Finally, stars. They are dreamlike, glittering, elusive. They are our one-way ticket out of our boring reality. Stars feed on this weakness; standing out from others through a distinctive and appealing style, they make us want to watch them. But, being famous is not enough. There has to be some mystery and some vagueness to your presence.

The list of star seducers is boringly long. They always seem to be able to pop out of nowhere! Disappointed Dreamers Secondly, the Disappointed Dreamers: earn their trust and make them fantasize once again. Pampered Royals Pampered Royal want variety and distractions. Offer them as often as possible: travels, spectacles, excitements! New Prudes The New Prude is the fourth type of seducing victim. These are the Victorians of the new age: stuffed shirts on the outside, but guilty-pleasure lovers on the inside.

Win them by showing the wild side of life. Crushed Stars The Crushed Stars want to be the center of the attention once again — they were once, but are not anymore.

Play the Charmer. And talk about the old days. Be the Rake or the Ideal Lover: you want to be as eloquent and as romantic as a movie star. Conquerors The Conquerors love power and want to be chased for a while.

Exotic Fetishists The Exotic Fetishist would want to hear none of you unless you present yourself as someone exceptional and different. So, be something very few people can be — or, actually, are. Drama Queens The Drama Queen thinks that reality is boring: she wants a more theatrical life. Professors The Professor wants to be mentally superior at all times — but is unable to resist physical stimulation because he feels physically inferior.

Art Of Seduction

Sex and compliments should do just about enough — for a long period of time. Beauties The Beauty constantly worries that her powers are diminishing; appease her worries — but go cold from time to time to stir the romance back to life.

Aging Babies The Aging Baby dislikes responsibilities. Wants a parent — but an authoritative one, and not an authoritarian. Rescuers Rescuers want to be saviors. You can only seduce them if you show them your weaknesses. No point in trying otherwise. Idol Worshippers The Idol Worshippers need to adore someone. Sensualists Sensualists are sensitive and delicate. They are also usually shy, but can be seduced with fashion, art, style — or seductive art.

You need to be on par with them: be not only honest, but blunt. So that, unlike the others, you can look natural. Floating Genders And, finally, the Floating Genders.

So, together, they can be complete. First of all, the sirens — they are the lurers.

The Art of Seduction Summary & Review in PDF

Next, the rakes: they are the male counterparts. The ideal lovers are the Casanovas. The Dandies are the Byrons of the world. Naturals are childlike seducers. Coquettes are narcissistic. Charmers are charming and charismatic lovers are magnetic. Finally, stars are dreamlike.

Robert Greene calls him: the Anti-Seducer. These people come in nine different packages, but all share one common characteristic: insecurity. The Suffocators show signs of adoration even before they learn who you are; consequently, they are in danger of becoming Doormats — so you can walk over them.

The Moralizers want you for the person you can become: them. The Tightwads are cheap — even though seduction, just like love, is mostly about giving. The Bumblers are self-conscious — and make everybody feel the same; or, at least, awkward; 6.

The Windbags are the non-stop talkers and not-once listeners; 7. The Reactors constantly complain and whine about minor problems; 8. The Vulgarians: for them, seduction, just like social conventions, are a myth; 9. The Greedy: they want more than anyone can offer them.

You can read the descriptions about each of them in our summary. In a nutshell: First — choose the right victim. Then — create a false sense of security.

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Next, start the seduction process by sending mixed signals; become the object of desire by creating a false love triangle.

Work even more to create the need. Time to enter the spirit of your victim. Create temptation. Back that up with a fantastical story or two. Now, isolate the victim and prove your worth.

The Art of Seduction

The pursuer — pursued. Your victims live in their own world, their mind is busy with their daily lives and daily worries. Your goal in the first stage is to enter that world and becoming their great escape. The perfect victim is the person who stirs you in a way that cannot be explained. There should be some tension, the victim might fear you or even slightly dislike you. If in the opening stages you can make your target think they are doing the first step, you won the game.

Whatever action you take to let them come to you, avoid crowding your target: Mixed signals suggest depth and it fascinates while it confuses. A question mark, and elusive personality, will make people want to know more, drawing them in. The Art of Seduction says that great ways of adopting mixed signals is to show attributes running against your physical appearance.

Also, some people prefer things to stay simple: The Art of Seduction says you want your target to see you as someone other want. And that they might lose to these others admirers.

You can make your target feel in a competition with both your past and your present. The Art of Seduction reminds us that a perfectly happy and content person is difficult to seduce. The risk is in going too far and making your target angry, or defensive.

Greene says in the beginning charm is better than making people feel bad so skip the neg of the old PUA style.

A useful skill in the Art of Seduction is the art of insinuation: Understand them, vibe with them, like what they like, adapt to their moods. Once they start opening up you can turn the tables and let them enter your spirit. Mirror for too long and they will see through it and be repelled by it. Mirroring is a tactic, a step in your seduction following by them entering into your world. Lure your target with the temptation of the pleasure to come.

Keep it vague, postpone the gratification and let their mind fill in the gap. Your victims are already intrigued by you, and your goal in this phase is to get them fully hooked and reach the point of no return. The Art of Seduction explains that surprises work because they create a moment when the defenses come down and new emotions can take in. Take them somewhere exciting, make it seem spontaneous and natural. Or Suddenly appear before their eyes: Dogs are reliable, not seducers Click To Tweet.

Use loaded words, sweet ones, flattering ones.

Make them feel better, spun fantasies for them and give them promises. They will not just listen, but start falling for you. Less is more: The devil is in the details and the details are what will differentiate you from the masses. Remember their details and make gifts that mean a lot to them. Also think of everything about yourself: People are dying to fantasize about someone.

Embody some ideal or some cultural ideal of beauty. Chivalry, romance, adventure. Even roguery and evil are better than nothing.

Confess something bad about you, or something bad that you did. One honest gesture will cover many deceitful one this is a law of the 48 Laws of Power. Some weakness like neediness have no seductive value. And timing is everything: Bring their fantasy into reality. Create their fantasy or embody their fantasy. The best illusions are the ones that do not depart from reality too much. A bit like a drowsy dream. An isolated target is easier to seduce.

Once your hooks are deep into them, you will be able to move at will until they snap. The Art of Seduction brings us a super powerful tool for seduction with the Regression.

Ask about their childhood. As they talk, adopt a therapist pose. Be attentive but quiet, interject with nonjudgmental comments to keep them talking. Make your target feel like they are getting what they always missed with you. And positions of power can be more of a burden they subconsciously want to be free of. Someone to theoretically avoid, but in reality terribly seductive.

The shared feeling of guilt and complicity will further strengthen your bond. In seduction, there is no power in respecting boundaries and limits. Click To Tweet. Robert Greene says that we all have some insecurities about our physical appearances and if we only appeal to the physical we risk to make our targets insecure and doubtful.

Focus instead on something sublime and spiritual. Art, the occult, an extra sensorial experience. The greatest mistake in seduction is being too nice.

Try inflicting some pain instead. Focus fully on them at the beginning, then suddenly appear uninterested. Make them feel guilty and insecure. The lower the lows you create, the higher the highs will be.

The Art of Seduction says that many of us have masochistic yearnings without realizing it. And when someone inflicts pain on us, the deeply repressed feelings come to the surface.

Works best on those who have it easy, those who have power and little problems. You seduced their mind, then confused and stirred them up to seduce emotionally.

Now the time has come for the physical seduction. By now, your victims should be weak and ripe with desire. Once they are under your spell take a step back to let them pursue you. A touch of aloofness, a no show, a hint of boredom.

Combine a non defensive attitude with a charged sexual presence. To achieve it, it all starts from you. Train yourself to let go of your own inhibitions, doubts, anxieties.

You confidence and fluidity will have more intoxicating power than any alcohol or drug you could apply. An approach working only on the physical level then will frighten and disturb. Some targets will never make the first move. Crete conflict, stir up tension, and the bold move will come as a great release.

While boldness can work wonders, uncontrollable boldness is more scary than seductive. So you need to be able to turn it on at off as needed. One person must go on the offensive, and it is you. If you are to part, make the sacrifice swift and sudden instead.

You can let some reality and routing creep in: But never let your target take you for granted. Spaces with a theatrical, heightened quality -glittery or opulent for example- create a childlike feeling that make it hard for the victim to think straight.

Something mystical can help block out the real world: Any environment offering the possibility of playing a different role, of being someone different than in normal day to day life, is immensely seductive.

My Note: By moving quicker, instead, you can probably get more lovers in less time.Coquettes are the grand masters of the game, orchestrating a back-and-forth movement between hope and frustration. So, be something very few people can be — or, actually, are. The Rake A woman never quite feels desired and appreciated enough.

Stars feed on this weakness; standing out from others through a distinctive and appealing style, they make us want to watch them. Full Name Comment goes here. The Tightwad: Cheapness displays more insecurity beyond money.