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Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. The art of kissing by Wood, Clement, , Haldeman-Julius Co. edition, in English. The art of kissing. byWood, Clement, Publication date print- disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

The Art Of Kissing Clement Wood Pdf

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Clement Richardson Wood (September 1, –October 26, ) was an American Clement Wood papers, Ms. Wood, Brown University. 27 Books to Make You Fall in Love with Reading. If you're looking to read more books, this list offers book recommendations from across genres that will help. While leafing through an old Nancy Drew book of mine last week, I found a little pamphlet called “The Art of Kissing” by Clement Wood.

Ulysses realized that he had never before been kissed in this way. The water from that mouth surging across her row of teeth, discharged itself in his like swift poison. A shudder unfamiliar until then ran the entire length of his back, making him close his eyes. He felt as if all his interior had turned to liquid. He had a presentiment that his life was going to date from this kiss, that with it was going to begin a new existence, that he never would be able to free himself from these deadly and caressing lips with their faint savor of cinnamon, of incense, of Asiatic forests haunted with sensuousness and intrigue.

And he let himself be dragged down by the caress of this wild beast, with thought lost and body inert and resigned, like a castaway who descends and descends the infinite strata of the abyss without ever reaching bottom. I keep thinking that it should end with his insides being liquefied and sucked out through his mouth. Great imagery!

The awesome exists on many levels, here, liv. I love little stories like this.

OMG suck up! And adroitly done, too. Thank you! I love it on AR when you can tell that people really mean it when they say they love an object no matter what its monetary value. My mother now deceased has a number of his books of poetry, several of which are autographed by him.

She also has several of the Blue Books. If there are any collectors out there who might be interested in these items, please let me know. I think I fell in love!

Suddenly I found myself reading it out loud, alone, just to myself. I must agree with Mr. About history. The History Blog.

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The art of kissing

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