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The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. About the author: Chad Harbach grew up in Wisconsin and was educated at Harvard and the University. The Art of Fielding A Novel. Home · The Art of Fielding A Novel Author: Harbach Chad A Political Biography of Henry Fielding · Read more. The art of fielding: a novel. byHarbach, Chad. Publication date print- disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

The Art Of Fielding By Chad Harbach Pdf

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Amazon Best Books of the Month, September Though The Art of Fielding is his fiction debut, Chad Harbach. The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. At Westish College, a small school on the shore of Lake Michigan, baseball star Henry. Skrimshander seems destined for. By Chad Harbach. When I told out book discussion group about the new book I just finished called The Art of. Fielding they laughed and asked if it is a baseball.

Even as all these characters deal with personal tensions, the Harpooners baseball team enjoys a remarkable winning streak. President Affenlight himself also seems to be headed for a personal victory; he plans to buy a house in the environs of Westish, and to more firmly establish himself and Pella who has been auditing classes and plans to enroll as members of the Westish community.

Yet before he can put this plan in motion, President Affenlight is confronted by the Westish administration. His affair with Owen, which is against school protocol, has been discovered, and he must leave both his post and Westish itself. Shortly after learning of this unfortunate fate, President Affenlight seeks out the depressed and now self-starving Henry.

The Art of Fielding

President Affenlight arranges for the young ballplayer to go to South Carolina where Westish will face Amherst in a championship game , then retires to his quarters and quietly passes away. Henry arrives in South Carolina, where the small and by now exhausted Westish team faces the difficult task of pulling off a decisive victory.

He helps out as much as he can in his depleted state, and the team itself is within a few points of triumph when the news of President Affenlight's death arrives.

Owen, who is slated to bat for the Harpooners, is too stunned to play. Henry takes his place. By allowing a pitch to hit him in the head, taking first base, and then madly rushing to home, he manages to score the team's winning run.

Then he blacks out and is put into medical care. The novel nears its end in the summer after Westish's championship season. Mike has accepted a position in the Westish athletics department and has renewed his relationship with Pella, Owen is headed to Tokyo on a scholarship, and Henry despite being recruited for professional baseball wants to finish out his Westish education.

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Yet Pella wants to honor her departed father, who was draw to life at sea and to the sea adventures of Herman Melville, by re-burying him in the lake near Westish College itself. Owen, Mike, and Henry meet her one night and assist her in this endeavor.

By the time they are done honoring and re-locating President Affenlight, it is almost time for the day to begin. The coach reached into his bucket, plucked out a ball, and showed it to the shortstop, who nodded and dropped into a shallow crouch, his hands poised just above the dirt.

The kid glided in front of the first grounder, accepted the ball into his glove with a lazy grace, pivoted, and threw to first. Though his motion was languid, the ball seemed to explode off his fingertips, to gather speed as it crossed the diamond. The coach hit another, a bit harder: same easy grace, same gunshot report. Schwartz, intrigued, sat up a little. The first baseman caught each throw at sternum height, never needing to move his glove, and dropped the balls into the plastic bucket at his feet.

The Art of Fielding

The coach hit balls harder and farther afield — up the middle, deep in the hole. The kid tracked them down.

Several times Schwartz felt sure he would need to slide or dive, or that the ball was flat-out unreachable, but he got to each one with a beat to spare. Or as if time slowed down for him alone.

After each ball, he dropped back into his feline crouch, the fingertips of his small glove scraping the cooked earth. He barehanded a slow roller and fired to first on a dead run.

He leaped high to snag a tailing line drive. Sweat poured down his cheeks as he sliced through the soup- thick air.College president Guert Affenlight, a longtime bachelor, has fallen unexpectedly and helplessly in love.

Want more? The novel nears its end in the summer after Westish's championship season.

Henry arrives in South Carolina, where the small and by now exhausted Westish team faces the difficult task of pulling off a decisive victory. Tell us what you think.

When he opened his eyes the South Dakota shortstop was jogging back onto the field.