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Download Tai-Pan free in PDF & EPUB format. Download James Clavell's Tai- Pan for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. Tai-Pan: a novel of Hong Kong by James Clavell; 32 editions; First published in ; Subjects: 19th century, Accessible book, British, Fiction, Historical Fiction. Tai-Pan ePub (Adobe DRM) download by James Clavell Tai-Pan ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files.

Tai Pan James Clavell Pdf

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Tai-Pan is a novel written by James Clavell about European and American traders who .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . For Help with downloading a Wikipedia page as a PDF, see Help:Download as Overview: James Clavell; Book series: The Asian Saga; Series novels: King Rat The Last Valley; Film adaptations: King Rat · Tai-Pan; Television adaptations. Gai-Jin - Clavell MB. Shogun - Clavell, MB. Noble House Hongkong - James MB. Tai-Pan.

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He became a clandestine opium smuggler for other China traders. He relentlessly confiscated more pirate ships. Using them to make dangerous illicit opium runs up the China coast, he made even greater profits.

In , free trade reform advocates succeeded in ending the monopoly of the British East India Company under the Charter Act of the previous year. Finally, British trade opened to private entrepreneurs. With the freedom to legally trade, Dirk Struan and Tyler Brock became merchant princes.

Their armed fleets expanded and bitter rivalry honed their enmity even keener.

In , Jin-qua arranged for May—May, his favourite granddaughter, to become Dirk Struan's mistress. She was secretly assigned the task of teaching "the green-eyed devil" Struan civilised ways.

Business concerns of The Noble House included smuggling opium from India into China, trading spices and sugar from the Philippines, importing Chinese tea and silk into England, handling cargo papers, cargo insurance, renting of dockyard facilities and warehouse space, trade financing, and other numerous lines of business and trade. The company possessed nineteen intercontinental clipper ships. In , Gordon Chen was remarkably intelligent and a very skilled businessman.

However, he longed for recognition from his biological father, Dirk Struan. The Noble House was on the brink of financial collapse and about to be destroyed by rival Tyler Brock. The first part of the arrangement, Struan agreed to certain trade concessions.

The second part of the arrangement, Struan agreed that a member of the Chen family would forever be comprador of Noble House. The third part of the arrangement, Struan agreed to sell Jin Qua a sizeable plot of land in Hong Kong with the deed to be recorded in the name of Gordon Chen.

The fourth part of the arrangement, Struan agreed to the "coin debt". Four bronze coins were split irregularly in half, each coin different from the other three. Four-halves were given to Dirk Struan and the other four-halves were kept by Jin Qua.

Anyone who presented a half coin to the Tai-Pan of The Noble House must be granted whatever he asked, whether legal or illegal. This served as repayment for the loan of silver.

Tai-Pan; a novel of Hong Kong

Tess Brock and Culum Struan fell in love and married. The couple condemned their fathers' hatred. Tyler Brock disowned his little Tess, a grudging act that has terrible consequences.

Gordon Chen seized leadership of the Hong Kong Triads. Partly due to assistance from his father and partly due to running protection rackets, Gordon Chen quickly became the wealthiest Chinese man in Hong Kong. Gordon Chen concealed this information from his father.

When his status as Dragon Head of the Triad was revealed, his position was nearly ruined. Fortunately, facts were dismissed as lies. Although, Dirk Struan was not entirely convinced. As part of his efforts to protect his father, Gordon Chen arranged the assassination of Gorth Brock and sought a cure for May—May's malaria.

On 21 July , Dirk Struan was killed in a typhoon before he can fulfil his oath to destroy Brock. Dirk Struan and Tyler Brock leave many children, legitimate and illegitimate, who take up their fathers' mantles and continue the battle. Thus begins a vicious cycle which lasts many years. It is passed down through the generations. The last descendant of Tyler Brock, Quillan Gornt , dies in a boating accident over years later.

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After this accident there is no one from the Brock line left to threaten the Noble House. Guardian to Shevaun Tillman. Advocate of slavery.

The Struan family own several of his paintings. Often has visions of precognition of future events. William Skinner, editor of the island newspaper, privy to secrets handed to him by Dirk Struan to keep his rivals off balance Gordon Chen — Dirk Struan's Eurasian son by a Chinese mistress and secret head of the first Hong Kong Triad underground society Tess Brock , daughter of Tyler Brock and eventual wife of Culum Struan.

Also known as Hag Struan in later novels. Captain Glessing, former ship captain of Royal Navy and harbour master.

Has a peninsula named after him. Loses an arm in the typhoon. Horatio Sinclair , clerk to William Longstaff, church fanatic and harbours incestuous desires for his sister Mary. A thousand yards off the mainland. Uninhabited except for a tiny fishing village on the south side.

Squarely in the path of the monstrous storms that yearly exploded from the Pacific. Bordered on the east and on the west by dangerous shoals and reefs. Useless to the mandarin - the name given to any official of the Chinese Emperor - in whose province it lay.

The Noble House faces financial ruin due to a run on its London bank. Dirk risks his life in an effort to save his empire from financial ruin. His son arrives and is being trained to be Tai-Pan when he falls in love with the daughter of his arch-rival, Tyler Brock, giving the story a Romeo and Juliet feel. Dirk and Tyler continue their rivalry to the end of the book. There is the story of Dirk's Chinese mistress and the family he has by her as he frantically tries to save her from dying of malaria.

There is Dirk's illegitimate half-Chinese son, Gordon Chen, who becomes a wealthy Hong Kong businessman and is the leader of the Hong Kong Triads, a secret society dedicated to the overthrow of the Manchu dynasty.It is passed down through the generations. Although the island is largely uninhabited and the terrain unfriendly, it has a large natural harbour that both the British government and various trading companies believe will be useful for the import of merchandise to be traded on mainland China , a highly lucrative market.

He said it took him five false starts, days to write a first draft, and 12 weeks to do the second.

C] 9 February This served as repayment for the loan of silver. Ronalda would never return to China. Later, Dirk Struan and Tyler Brock would go on to dominate the opium trade.

James Clavell

Four bronze coins were split irregularly in half, each coin different from the other three. Throughout the novel, both men seek to destroy each other in matters of business and personal affairs. Namespaces Article Talk.