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Skeleton Key is the third book in the Alex Rider series written by British author Anthony Horowitz. The book was released in the United Kingdom on July 8, . Skeleton Key book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Alex Rider has been through a lot for his fourteen years. He's been. Skeleton Keys: The Secret Life of Bone and millions of other books are available for instant access. Skeleton Keys: The Secret Life of Bone Hardcover – March 5, This item:Skeleton Keys: The Secret Life of Bone by Brian Switek Hardcover $

Skeleton Key Book

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Skeleton Key. Alex Rider has been through a lot for his fourteen years. He's been shot at by international terrorists, chased down a mountainside on a makeshift. Orphaned year old spy Alex Rider is asked by the British spy agency M16 to be a ball boy at Wimbledon. The book, Skeleton Key, opens with, Marc, Carlo and an unnamed pilot, flying to meet with General Alexei Sarov in Cayo Esqueleto (Spanish for "Skeleton Key").

This book begins shortly after Alex recovered from France and has started to go to school again. Alex gets sucked back into his work at M16 when he is asked to become a ballboy at Wimbledon so he can keep a look out for anything suspicious. After some unfort Rating: After some unfortunate events where a "gang" of sorts is after Alex, M16 tells him he must leave the country for a period of time, so Alex accepts a job with the CIA in Skeleton Key, an island near Cuba.

It took a very long time for me to get into this book. The first half was just extremely boring and virtually nothing happened.

It took maybe pages or more just for us to even learn about the job in Skeleton Key, or Cayo Esqueleto. It also took a very long time for any action to happen. In Point Blank, we're given a sort of sneak peek as to why the case was brought to the attention of M The same happens in Skeleton Key, however we're given way too many answers in the first chapter. We learn about the plan right at the beginning, so the "reveal" meant pretty much nothing, unlike in Point Blank where we learn what's going on at the same time as Alex.

On top of this, the writing also felt pretty bland. You could argue that the book is for middle grade in addition to young adult, but this doesn't mean the writing has to be "dumbed down. Overall, this was still a good book but in my opinion in was the worst in the series so far. It took far too long for the story to actually start, and too much was given away in the beginning.

I enjoyed how the first two books had some sort of air of mystery to them that this one lacked. This isn't one of the best series I've read but it was definitely pretty good, so if you're thinking about trying it, I'd definitely recommend picking up Stormbreaker the first in the series.

This one wasn't too great, but I'll probably pick up Eagle Strike at some point. May 22, Jimmy R. I loved everything about it; the action, the suspense and the twists to the plot.

The only thing is that I read the series out of order.

Skeleton Key (novel)

There was one main action part in the middle, and my favorite is at the end. While Alex is exploring, he runs into a great white shark. Alex only lives because he is a good swimmer, and can virtually dodge anything, including the shark. He accidently leads it into the cave, and he witnesses what happened to Troy and Carver. The action filled part in the end, is when Alex is on a plane, seconds away from leaving for Russia. The only reason he is going to Russia is because Sarov wants to make Alex his child.

Sarov lost his son to war, and wants another one. Alex has gear from Smitty the gadgets person for MI6 , and one of those things is a stun grenade disguised as a Tiger Woods bobble-head.

Alex pretends to be stretching his legs, and getting ready for a long flight to Russia. He is really pulling the chord on the stun grenade, drops it, and ran out the door second before it went off.

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He soon returns to the CIA, explains everything, and is sent home to England. Apr 21, Jerry rated it really liked it. As a lifelong resident of Synopsis: As a lifelong resident of England, pretending to be American is tough for Alex Will Alex be able to uncover the dastardly plot?

The Good: As usual for this series, this book brought the action and intensity that make novels like this fun. Parts of it read like a movie or a video game. Even though I've read this before, I still found all the twists and turns surprising; then again, my last time with this book was over a decade ago!

Better yet, this is where Alex and Sabina first meet; after his mishap with that girl in Point Blanc , he deserved a female companion The Bad: Since a lot of this takes place on sunny beaches and in or near pools, there's a lot of talk about scantily clad people sunbathing and such. Also, the profanities weren't really necessary. Content Concerns: It's said that a girl gives a guy mouth-to-mouth, referred to as the "kiss of life".

Talk of people in tiny swimwear. About four uses each of the d-word and h-word. Action sequences throughout, including at least three where blood is mentioned. Stray references to alcohol. It's mentioned that Alex is attracted to Sabina because of her "rude jokes".

The book "Skeleton Key" is a thrilling exciting novel. From the moment you open he book from the time you close it there is action all around. I ended up reading at separate time, taking a long break in between reading this and i regret it because the ending could have come any faster. Overall I was more than happy about the book and enjoyed every page I turned. I would recommend this book to anyone but mainly guys. Alex Rider is a 14 year old boy with fair hair and brown eyes, his parents were The book "Skeleton Key" is a thrilling exciting novel.

Alex Rider is a 14 year old boy with fair hair and brown eyes, his parents were killed in a "accident" and ever since was raised by his uncle. Alan Blunt is and emotionless man and is the head of the M Wolf is a military squad leader who trained with Alex at M Chinese gang member was trying to poison players at Wimbledon for reasons you will have to find out!

The book begins with the trade of nuclear weapons but the people selling the arms are killed by alligators in a unexpected way. Soon after alex hears from the M16 that he must go on a new mission but it was almost a dream mission.

He was able to be a ball boy at Wimbledon. He is assigned this position because earlier that week a man broke in and broke out, but they couldn't find out who it was or what the stole. So alex became a ball boy. Meanwhile many of the top ranked players weren't performing and lost the tournament and a underdog won the tournament.

During the whole time alex is suspicious about a security guard who made unnecessary phone calls. Soon alex finds himself in a intense situation where he finds out that the players are being drugged and the guard tries to kill him! Alex escapes and figures out the reason behind why the man was drugging the players.

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But there is more to the story read it and you will never regret it. I love the Alex Rider series, and upon reading this book, I was thrilled. It was always action-packed, and this book started to take a slightly darker mood, with more emotions and such. In a fantasy book, because it is fantasy, writing realistically is always a big part. In other books with spy kids, they're always thrilled to be a spy and "putting themselves in danger". But Alex Rider is different.

In the first two books, I always tho I love the Alex Rider series, and upon reading this book, I was thrilled. In the first two books, I always thought that if I were Alex I'd love doing all the spy work, but in this book, I connected to him more, and what with all the blackmail, I actually started understanding the way he feels- he just wants a normal childhood, with friends and avoiding homework and girls.

The main plot was less impressive this time, although it did have some twists, you figure out the villains' plans way before.

I did like that the General has an actual personality and depth, as a character. Horowitz' previous villains didn't really have much of that. I'm really not sure what I think of her, to be honest. I like what she represents, and the idea that she's giving Alex a normal life, but as a character, I was disappointed.

She's so..

Or, just not very interesting. If there's going to be a love interest in these types of action books, I always like it better if the said girl is interesting- perhaps very dangerous, or incredibly smart, or beautiful, or just has a personality that is unique; who is stubborn and hot-headed and teases incessantly. Overall, though, I loved the book. It took the series to a new level, in terms of emotional development, and I loved the plot and action it provided.

Mar 15, Jack rated it it was amazing. I decided to read "Skeleton Key" by Anthony Horowitz because lots of my friends had read it and had said it was a great book. I had read the first book in the series before and I thought it was really good. The cover of the book isn't very exciting but the content inside the book definitely is.

My favorite character in the book is Conrad. He is a really strange man with an eye to kill. Years before the book was set, Conrad was trying to sneak a bomb into a highly populated area when the bomb blew I decided to read "Skeleton Key" by Anthony Horowitz because lots of my friends had read it and had said it was a great book.

Years before the book was set, Conrad was trying to sneak a bomb into a highly populated area when the bomb blew up on his body. He was blown into pieces and almost died. Specialist doctors managed to piece him back together.

He is a messed up person with features well out of proportion. My favorite quote in this book is, "you're never too young to die This quote is very interesting because it leaves uncertainty to what will happen to Alex Rider the main character.

This could mean that he is going to die or it could mean he will be close to it.

Skeleton Key (novel)

After reading this book I wondered if there really were secret agents in the world. It seems unlikely but it would be interesting if there was. In the book the main evil character tries to set off a nuclear bomb but doesn't succeed.

This has made me think about all the horrible people in the world who want to terrorize countries or the whole world. This book was really great and I will definitely read more of the series by Anthony Horowitz.

Dec 22, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: Alex Rider has been through a lot in his life. He has been almost electrocuted by a giant jellyfish, been held prisoner twice, and has stood face to face with evil. But none of his prievous experiences will even come close to this one.

One day after soccer practice, Crawley, a man who works for MI6, appears, asking Alex to be a ball boy and keep an eye on the Wimbledon tennis tournament and watch for anything supspicious, since there had been a break in. Immediately, he spots a guard who is up t Alex Rider has been through a lot in his life. Immediately, he spots a guard who is up to something supscious. After foiling the mans plan to sabatoge the tournament, Alex thinks that he will be able to sit back and relax on his vacation with one of the ball girls from the tournament, Sabina.

While on this vacation, though, he is attacked by another man from the same gang that the mysterious guard was from. The two heads of MI6 propose to have him work for the CIA briefly on a mission while they try to let the gang that attacked him know that he is under their wing. With rumors of nuclear bombs, a Russian president making a visit to an old Russian general, Alex plunges headfirst into a mystery that is not what it seems. Feb 05, Nikki rated it liked it. I don't mind the formulaic plots, or the cliche spy movie stuff 'Before I kill you, I shall tell you my whole plan' etc because that's the nature of this genre.

It's at age But this book is altogether way too similar to the first book. The idealistic bad guy, the scarred sidekick, the plane ride of doom, the whole thing, really. We do of course meet Sabina, who is fun.

And we get to see Alex d 3. And we get to see Alex dealing with the fact that he has never had a real family. That's really the saving grace of this book; we start to see the effects this life is having on Alex, and that MI6 doesn't particularly care. Apr 15, kennedy rated it really liked it.

View 1 comment. Jan 04, Hayat rated it really liked it Shelves: To review Jan 07, Sam rated it really liked it. The main characters in this book are Alex Rider; a 14 year old English school boy who was drafted by MI6 British special forces after his uncle was killed in action. Alex is also accompanied by his housekeeper and more or less guardian, Jack Starbright.

There is also an evil villain in this book and his name is General Alexi Sarov. This guy was big in the Soviet Union and when they went down he lost everything including his only son. This is what caused him to hold Alex captive for much of the The main characters in this book are Alex Rider; a 14 year old English school boy who was drafted by MI6 British special forces after his uncle was killed in action.

This is what caused him to hold Alex captive for much of the book; he thought that he could have Alex to replace his dead son. Of course Sarov also has a henchman named Conrad who is a very lucky man although that is somewhat arguable ; Conrad somehow survived when a bomb that he was carrying suddenly exploded he has over 30 pins in his body a plate in his skull and metal wires in all of his big joints and his jaw. Then Sarov will release a film of the president drunk and an edited interview of the president.

Later the president will be found dead and Sarov will take his place. All of this will happen unless Alex can stop him. I really liked this book because it had a lot of action, but unlike the other books it has more cliffhangers than usual and I really liked that because it made the book into a quick fun page turner.

If I had to recommend this to someone it would probably be for boys in sixth grade and up because of some of the violence.

I would also recommend this to my friends and to anybody who likes quick paced semi-violent action books. View all 6 comments. Apr 13, Joyce rated it it was ok Shelves: Kids, especially boys, are going to love this series.

Yes, a 14 year old boy saved the world. I appreciate the fun it presents but it didn't reel me in. It's a classic 'it's not you, it's me' dilemma. I own the whole series so I know I'll read the next books eventually. However, I'm not compelled Kids, especially boys, are going to love this series. However, I'm not compelled to pick up the next book right away. I have other more fun- truly more fun- books to read ; If you've got kids fixated with playing crime busters, they would adore this series to bits!

Mar 01, Bebe rated it it was amazing. The Russian genral also has a nuclear weapon Oct 08, Zanna rated it it was ok. Read with one of my students. It was OK, 2. Aug 28, Dominic Cruz rated it it was amazing. The plot of the story was well developed, and the transitions from place to place was well done. Feb 05, Grace Bittle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another awesome Alex Rider adventure!

Alex Rider: Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz – review

This is the third book in the Alex Rider series. These Alex Rider books are spies books, basically Alex Rider, a 14 year old, is involved in missions, and has to play his part as spy there, even when he doesn't want to, when he just wants to be a normal kid, doing what normal kids should be doing. It's really interesting to see how he gets involved in all of that, because he lives in London and the MI6 sometimes finds missions in which Alex fits perfectly.

Some agents hesitate because he is too yo This is the third book in the Alex Rider series. Some agents hesitate because he is too young and because he may get hurt, but in the end, they always send him to those operations and he always ends up facing such troubles.

I think the way Anthony Horowitz works with this idea is pretty believable, he justifies the use of Alex in those operations, otherwise i think the story would feel just plain stupid, but actually is good. These books are entertaining. In this third installment of Alex Rider, he starts helping a guy of MI6 to look for a guy in a tennis game, it's not an official operation, this agent just tells him to pretend he's working there and look for a suspicious Chinese guy.

Turns out, Alex finds him, and this Chinese guy is part of a dangerous Chinese triad, and now Alex is in great danger with the triad. They want a kid, because they want to send some agents to an island called Skeleton Key near Cuba and they don't want to raise any suspicions, they want to enter the island looking like a family with the kid.

So, they see it as the perfect situation to send Alex away, promising all the time, he won't get hurt, he won't have to do anything at all with the mission, just show up and pretend those agents are his parents and that's it As i already mentioned in my other reviews of Alex Rider, the villain always tells the whole plan, so Alex knows exactly what he's planning and could inform to the authorities eventually, they never kill Alex while they can, etc.

In this book they also introduce a new character, which will become a love interest, i can predict that. Her name is Sabina Pleasure I don't like either how Anthony Horowitz tends to generalize things in many of his books, like for example, Alex was in Cuba and he was standing out a lot there because can you imagine how a British boy could look around many dark skinned Caribbeans??.

The same thing he said in Evil Star in the Gatekeepers series when they were in Peru. First off, not everyone in Latin America or the Caribbean is dark skinned, and come one , why does he even have to state that The second book of Alex Rider ended in a way that was supposed to make you confused about if Alex was dead or alive, and in this third book, it wasn't even mentioned The series is action packed, fast paced, entertaining, it feels like watching a movie, so maybe this is a good read for someone looking for something spy-like, i don't know..

Feb 02, Shreyas Kallimath rated it really liked it. Imagine being a spy at the age of 13 or Action, gadgets, and adventure!

Sounds real cool doesn't it? But Alex Rider doesn't think so. Alex Rider has been shot at, been kidnapped, and has been stuck in all sorts of terrible mishaps, only at the tender age of 14! Imagine that! He makes us realize that fame, power, and strength all comes at a price: Alex Rider. This book is fi Imagine being a spy at the age of 13 or This book is filled with action, adventure, and drama. A book definitely made for readers who enjoy a fast paced and thrilling book!

Skeleton Key is honestly one of the most well-written books I have read. In this book, Alex faces a deadly enemy, who goes by the name of General Alexeis Sarov. This book also hits a lot of personal points when it comes to Alex being a orphan and the General having lost his son in ze Middle East.

The gist of the story is Alex's successful attempts to bring down General Alexeis Sarov. What I enjoyed about this book was the intellectual character of Alex Rider that Anthony Horowitz portrays in this book. In a way, I take Alex Rider as a role model for myself due to his quick thinking in times of pressure.

I'm barely a guy who can stand pressure. I freak out over immense amounts of homework! I also really enjoyed the ending of this book. Alex goes with them but stays on the boat while Turner and Troy go underwater.


When they do not return after a while, Alex dives in and, after a close encounter with a shark, discovers a mechanical spear trap that impaled Turner and Troy, which kills the shark as well.

When he resurfaces, Garcia, the boat driver, has been killed and Alex is captured by Conrad , Sarov's right-hand man, who drugs him unconscious. Although Alex unwillingly tells the truth when interrogated by Conrad, he decides to kill him. Sarov stops him at the last second and Alex passes out. Alex wakes up in the Casa de Oro and meets with Sarov, who says he had known all about the cave, and he promises to tell Alex what he plans to do with him.

He also revealed that Conrad planted an explosive on the Salesman's boat, worried that he will carry out his threat after not receiving any further payment and the death of the three couriers. The next day, Sarov tells Alex about his son Vladamir who was killed in the war in Afghanistan.

He plans to adopt Alex as he shares many traits with Vladamir, due to their similar physical appearance and common traits, such as patriotism. He then has Alex moved to the slave house when president Kiriyenko arrives. Alex attempts to escape the mansion but was caught by Sarov due to a heartbeat detector. The general spares Alex's life yet again but punishes him through psychological torture.

At dinner later that evening, Sarov drugs Kiriyenko and his guests and moves them to the slave house. With the finished nuclear bomb loaded onto Kiriyenko's private Presidential jet, whose pilots serve Sarov, Sarov, Alex, Conrad and a small security team takes off and heads to Murmansk , Russia , which Sarov says contains a shipyard of nuclear submarines.

During the flight, Sarov revealed that he plans to detonate the bomb there which will cause a massive explosion and a nuclear fallout. Russia will be blamed and they will turn to their President. Sarov will then release edited footage from an interview which will disgrace him, ousting him from power while reverting Russia back to communism under Sarov, while others in northern Europe dies from the nuclear fallout.

Sarov will then instigate wars all over the planet until the entire world is united under a communist government, and plans for Alex to take over Sarov in the future. When the plane makes a fuel stop in Edinburgh , Alex uses a disguised stun grenade to escape from the plane, incapacitating Sarov and Conrad temporarily.

Alex attempts to call the police but is stopped by a security guard named George Prescott.

At Murmansk, Conrad plants the bomb on a submarine, while Alex is handcuffed to a handrail close to the submarines. An apologetic Sarov approaches him and says although he is reluctant, he has to kill him due to Alex's betrayal earlier, before leaving for Moscow by himself.During the whole time alex is suspicious about a security guard who made unnecessary phone calls.

Readers also enjoyed. Alex always uses a combination of clever resourcefulness and flat-out luck to save the day. Matthew Stanley. View all 6 comments. The House of Silk Moriarty Craig Childs.