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“SHEPHERD. THE FLOCK OF GOD”. —1 PETER This publication is congregation property. A copy is issued to each appointed elder. If an el- der is deleted. FileSHEPHERD THE FLOCK OF (0 × 0 pixels, file size: MB. The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses have authorised today the release of a page fully revised and updated PDF version of their secret elders book “Shepherd the Flock of God”. Within minutes of the highly controlled release of the Shepherd book it has been.

Shepherd The Flock Of God Pdf

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New World Translation of the Holy 5 crip tu res-With References. "Shepherd the Flock o(God"-l Peter English (kslO-E). Made in the United Sta tes of America . View or download Shepherd the Flock of God and older Handbooks, Manuals and Documents are available in PDF, ePUB, or JWPUB (the format used. Documents are available in PDF, ePUB, or JWPUB (the format used exclusively for use with the JW App available sfl “Shepherd the Flock of God” 1 Peter

What if Jesus walked into the congregation in disguise looking ragged and smelly… would you turn your back on Him for the way he looks and smells?


Or would you embrace Him and do whatever you could to comfort Him. The shunning and the disfellowshipping that goes on this cult is revolting.

I have read her junk phamplets where the true rules are telling people it will stain the congregation.

Thank God she is thinking on her own. God gave us all free will and we are all encouraging her to use it. We appreciate you keeping us and our audience up to date.

I wish you well and also your daughter and her family. Feel free to comment or ask questions whenever you desire. I am still doing research on the cult. It still amazes me how this group of people cannot see it.

Two witnesses came to my door yesterday so I invited them in. They pulled out their literature but I told them not to just to use their false bible and pulled out all of my information and asked them many questions.

By the time they were about to leave it looked like they were going to be physically ill. I know that is because of the mind control and not accepting the truth.

As for my daughter, her and her family are going out tonight to celebrate the New Year. Is that allowed in this cult? But it sure is nice seeing her happy again. I pray for all of the lost souls that still do not know that you have to believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross the real Bible says so for our sins, and that all you have to do is admit that you are a sinner all of this in private , and ask the Lord for forgiveness and that he comes into your heart and guides you throughout life and eternity.

ks10 Shepherd the Flock of God

Nobody needs an organization to tell them what to do how to do it and when to do it. God Bless you all, and thank you for putting up with me. That is quite a story. By the way my name is Christopher. I am a Bible Student. We want to show them a little bit of light and not shine a flashlight in front of their face. It will not do anything but blind them.

I want to be real with you Terri.

I was like this when I first went to the witnesses: they told me that when I begin to study the Bible with them that we would face persecution. I am being persecuted..

In the current Watchtower Articles they aim this technique at new believers. If you keep telling her she is wrong and you need to save her soul, then you are actually aiding the Watchtower in converting her because she will now believe them because you are attacking her new beliefs just as they said it would happen.

They state in their literature that they will get slack from their loved ones when they study with true Christians.

And when you show that, then you in essence prove them correct and she will draw closer to them. They do this by connecting their organization with the persecution of the Christians in the Bible and thus make her feel like she is in true Christianity. Trust me I know the feeling to tell them everything wrong about their religion.

What /r/exjw is

You do it gradually. Feel free to write at any time. Olatunji Samuel-Nigeria I am seeing this site as a site for apostates. Those who can not abide by simple Biblical truth as instructed by Jehovah.

Those who love the truth should beware of this site. Peter K. We are fair here on this website. If you feel that we are apostates and want to expose us, I must agree with you that it is a noble intention to want to protect the flock of God from doctrinal errors and Apostate teachings.

Present your scriptural evidence. Also specific instructions to not make abused persons face their accuser The elders should all b made aware of any sexual predators and if they move the new congregation elders should b made aware including parents of children in the congregation.

This is only done if the legal department says to.

Victims of abuse or their parents r to b advised that they can go to the police and r not to b discouraged from doing so. Masturbation is not pornia and is not really covered. Not sure if this is new and the org is backing away from discussing it.

Welcome to Reddit,

Probing sexual questions r to b avoided during a judicial committee Sexual offenders r not to receive any major privileges in the congregation, possibly minor ones such as handling mics after an extended time has passed.

The elders r to clearly tell people that they r being invited to a judicial committee and what the meeting is about up front. Things they r still clinging to: Still sticking to the two witnesses rule for child abuse it says that attempted suicide victims may b subject to a judicial committee someone that has mental illness should not b subject to more trauma I find this to b so disgusting Of course all the other ridiculous invasive restrictions we all have experienced Highlights from the book above links added The three year rule is re-iterated without specific mention of "three" An elder or MS will be removed if he allows his adult DA'd child to move into family home An elder can be removed for filing for bankruptcy The language around the definition of rape is better - no more references to the woman having to scream The stayover rule is still there.

If you stay in the house of a member of the opposite sex, and two people know about it, it's a judicial matter. Gay, Lez, child, violent, bestial. Gluttony is now listed as a DF offense.

Not sure if it was there before They have narrowed the definition of apostasy: " Deliberately Spreading Teachings Contrary to Bible Truth " the end of that sentence used to read "as taught by Jehovah's Witnesses" I think this the first time they explicitly stated that marking talks can be given based on misconduct from unbaptized minors There's a whole new section on CSA.

It seems like an improvement overall and includes the child no longer having to confront her rapist in most cases, but it still doesn't have the promised female representation from Jackson's promise to the Australian court. Willingly taking blood remains an automatic disassociation offence.

Reinstatement is "several months, a year or even longer" Ownership of kingdom halls.Disfellowshipped ones are not allowed to participate in religious services or preaching, but prayer?

Leave a comment. The shepherd takes his time to turn them all around, bring them back to join the others, being sure they have had ample time to nourish themselves on the first fruits.

They couldn't feed themselves. Many problems have been faced, many dangers anticipated, many needs met, and the shepherd has had to be vigilant all day long.

And they will die of thirst because they have no capacity to find water. The leaders are at first unsettled and seem to want to return to the old paths and the well-worn ways but they reluctantly follow the lead of their shepherd as he directs them to fresh, clean pastures and sweet new grazing.


Elders can cover their own serious sins. Nowhere in the bible does it say that only elders or ones with oversight in the congregation should have special information that is not given to others.

Elder, bishop, or sometimes it's translated overseer, and pastor, all refer to the same person.