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PhoneGap Documentation. Excited Robot. These docs aim to be a comprehensive resource covering PhoneGap and associated tooling, as well as some. Look no further, PhoneGap Build is for you (there are other options, but The documentation for Cordova, PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build is. 04/03/11 presented by Lukas Jeter. 1. PhoneGap. The open source mobile framework that supports 6 platforms presented by Lukas Jeter.

Phonegap Documentation Pdf

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PhoneGap is a software development framework by Adobe System, which is used to develop To develop apps using PhoneGap, the developer does not. droid, iOS and Windows Phone using the PhoneGap framework. PhoneGap enables soft documentation generator (javadoc) and other tools needed in Java. Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Introduction to Mobile Development with PhoneGap. Yeah it's prey awesome.

In case when camera. To avoid this we suggest using SPA pattern or call camera. More information about Windows Phone 8.

The Android implementation of this plugin tries to find and use an application on the user's device to do image cropping. The plugin has no control over what application the user selects to perform the image cropping and it is very possible that the user could choose an incompatible option and cause the plugin to fail.

Apache Cordova (Adobe PhoneGap)

This sometimes works because most devices come with an application that handles cropping in a way that is compatible with this plugin Google Plus Photos , but it is unwise to rely on that being the case. If image editing is essential to your application, consider seeking a third party library or plugin that provides its own image editing utility for a more robust solution.

Ignores the encodingType parameter if the image is unedited i. The contents of the application's temporary directory is deleted when the application ends.

When using destinationType. Sample: Take Pictures, Select Pictures from the Picture Library, and Get Thumbnails The Camera plugin allows you to do things like open the device's Camera app and take a picture, or open the file picker and select one.

The code snippets in this section demonstrate different tasks including: Open the Camera app and take a Picture Take a picture and return thumbnails resized picture Select a file from the picture library Select a JPEG image and return thumbnails resized image Select an image and generate a FileEntry object Take a Picture Before you can take a picture, you need to set some Camera plugin options to pass into the Camera plugin's getPicture function.

Here is a common set of recommendations. In this example, you create the object that you will use for the Camera options, and set the sourceType dynamically to support both the Camera app and the file picker. JPEG is the recommended encoding type for Android. You take a picture by passing in the options object to getPicture, which takes a CameraOptions object as the third argument.

When you call setOptions, pass Camera. In this example, call the app's displayImage function from the preceding code. The third argument is a set of options that let you customize how the camera will be used.

In our example, we've specified a quality of 50, a destination type of a file uri, and a target width and height of pixels. If the user's device doesn't have a camera or something else goes wrong , this notification will be displayed.

The cameraSuccess handler is fired after a picture is selected. We select the image and assign the URI to the src attribute. PhoneGap apps run locally on a device. Technically, they do not need to be online to perform their tasks. In this code snippet, we inspect the connection device connection status as well as listen for changes:. By using a little bit of code your application can then intelligently respond to changes in the device's connection to the Internet.

You can even check the strength of the connection. This would be useful for deciding if it makes sense to stream large files.

The following is a list of each constant available in the navigator. Another useful feature is the Device API.

OneSignal Help & Documentation

While not exactly an API, the device object returns values for the name, platform, version, model, as well as the currently running version of PhoneGap. If your code needs to do something slightly different for iOS versus Android, this is what you would use. This is not a complete list but covers the most important and useful features. While you can use the command line to build and test PhoneGap apps, there are a few other options you may wish to consider.

PhoneGap offers commercial support subscriptions http: For community support, PhoneGap Google Group https: Topics range from focused, Stack Overflow-style problem-solving to rich discussions on broader questions like 'how do you develop for X resolution'.

Over a million developers have joined DZone. The Framework for Hybrid Mobile Apps Provides an introduction to PhoneGap, and is intended for experienced developers who have a basic conceptual grasp of mobile app development.

SAVE PDF for easy Reference. Written by.

Table of Contents. Section 1. PhoneGap provides support for using web standards to creative native applications that run on seven different mobile platforms: This provides support within your JavaScript for the following features: Camera Allows the user to take a picture for your application or access pictures on the device.

Capture Allows for video and audio capture. Compass Returns compass directions for the device. Connection Lets your application determine if there is a connection as well as how strong it is.

Device Returns basic metadata about the device. Events Support for various device related events, including battery level changes. File File system access for the device. Geolocation Allows you to locate the user. Media Audio recording and playback support.

Storage Provides a single-user database for your application. Section 2. Here is an example cordova create somedir org.

The directory will contain the following folders: To go ahead and add support for iOS and Android, you would type: Using PhoneGap's Features Now that you know how to create a project, build it, and deploy it to a simulator, how do you actually make use of PhoneGap's features?

Here's a simple example of that in action: Now that we've got the layout built, let's look at the code.

Other options include desired quality and size as well as encoding type. In this code snippet, we inspect the connection device connection status as well as listen for changes: Connection Object Values The following is a list of each constant available in the navigator. WIFI Connection.

CELL Connection. Section 3. Accelerometer Method Description navigator. This can be stopped with navigator. Capture Method Description navigator. Could be used to let the user verbally annotate data. You can use the options to specify a max duration.

Four Ways To Build A Mobile Application, Part 3: PhoneGap

Compass Method Description navigator. Contacts Method Description navigator. You can search against multiple fields like name or email. Events Type Description deviceready The most important event. Nothing should be used until after this event is fired! Would be useful to remind the user to save data when the battery is low. Geolocation Method Description navigator. Globalization Method Description navigator.

There is also a globalization. The reverse method is stringToDate. Returns a "pattern" representing the date format for the device's locale. Also supports numbers and currency via their own methods.

The reverse method is stringToNumber.

The method supports decimals, percents, and currency values. Notification Method Description navigator.HTML5 capabilities vary widely across devices. Each PhoneGap project ships with a JavaScript file, cordova.

He also covers how to integrate with server resources. As for PhoneGap itself, the project has some introductory guides for each platform. Table of Contents.

In this directory you can place platform-specific files, which will be copied to the respective build directories.

Compass Returns compass directions for the device. There is also a globalization.