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Anyway, welcome to my PDF guide for the. PS2 game, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. I've covered Persona 3 and P3FES previously and immediately fell in . anyone know where I can find a mirror for this specific strategy guide? // shin-megami-tensei-personawalkthroughguide-pdf Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 Walkthrough by VHayste IGN presents a PDF walkthrough on Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 by VHayste.

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Persona 4: The Golden is a remake of Persona 4, originally released in for the PS2. This new edition is exclusive to the Vita, boasts. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 10 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). 4 Golden Strategy Guide Pdf Book Persona 4 The Golden. Persona 4 Guide Book Guides (Strategy) Persona 4 Golden FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for .

Also, as a bonus, I have uploaded a compilation of the raw scans from the P4 artbook. You may download it here. The guide has pages and 9. Pretty compact, eh? I can't believe most of you guys have the same taste as mine I love Yukiko. Though I would take home Margaret if ever Yukiko is not around. Writing walkthroughs is never been easy. Writers like me dedicate countless hours of our lives to play the games and write walkthroughs for them.

Not to mention sleepless nights, frustrations, personal expenses and sometimes, sacrificing social times with friends and families. Our dedication and motivation comes from you, our readers. With the increasing cost in expenses and the global financial crisis , I will have to resort to request assistance from you, kind-hearted readers.

You may support my work in many ways: 1. Donations via Paypal If you can spare me a dollar or two, that will go a long way in helping buy new games to write walkthroughs for. Or even use the funds to pay for my electric bills. You can send your donations to: vhayste gmail. This could pose a problem especially if you need to use an item for recovery and healing.

If you have a Cool Beads accessory, make sure you equip it to your protagonist. Use multi-hit attacks to deal more damage. Justice, Priestess and Chariot links will increase Magician, Lovers, Chariot, Hermit and Temperance available. Emperor, Lovers and Justice links will increase Riddle Senpai Returns!

Answer his questions correctly to complete the quest. Get some random items. Hierophant available Experiments in Telepathy available Go to the Shopping District South, and talk to the older twin girl walking around. Return to the Shopping District and talk again to the older twin to complete the request. The information gathering should last for at least 2 days. After gathering enough info for today, you can spend the time block as desired.

Go to the 1st floor of Practice Building in your school and talk to the female student near the middle exit 2. Head to the shopping district north next. Talk to the police officer in front of the liquor store. Go to Samegawa Flood Plain, riverbed next. Talk to the Chie. Return to the Shopping District and talk to the police officer again. Go to central shopping district south and talk to the police officer standing in front of the gas station.

You may report to Rise by going to the TV world to start the rescue operation. This dungeon has 9 floors. The leader card is needed to unlock the door in 6F in order to access 7F. It has an insane defense rating so buffs will play a great role in this battle. Try to bring a physical-oriented persona, one with counter, counterstrike or better yet, high-counter.

Make sure to heal as often as needed since this boss will most likely use all-party attacks. This is a long, dangerous battle so bring in the strongest personas you can find. Have some all-party recovery items ready such as Macca Leaf and Med Kit.

Another thing to note is that Shadow Naoto can use —Dyne elemental attacks, which can really hurt your characters. As usual, buffs are essential to this battle so cast any all-party buffs you can use.

Make sure to nullify it with Dekaja or Purifying Water. Naoto will earn her persona Sukuna-Hirona during the events. Deliver it to her to complete the request. Give him the following answers to complete the request. Judo medalist names 2. How one should live as a punk 3. Hierophant available If Naoto has been rescued Desk Refurbishing Part 3 available Go to the 2F Practice Building and talk to the homely student at the end of the hallway. Bring it to her to complete the request.

Hierophant available if Naoto is saved. Acquire a Crystal ball available Talk to Mrs. Nakayama standing along the 3F hallway of the Classroom Building.

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Defeat Constancy Relics found on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Secret Lab to acquire this item. Defeat Mach Wheel enemies located on the 5th and 6th floors of the Secret Lab to acquire this item.

Defeat Wicked Turrets on 7F and 8F of the secret lab to get this item. Defeat Power Castles located on the 7th and 8th floors of the Secret Lab to acquire this item. This boss will always attempt to poison your entire party so if you have accessories called Disinfectant, then equip that for this battle. You should have a dedicated healer for this battle since the boss will also use God Hand, a move capable of dishing severe damage to its target.

You also need lots of Doukadami Teas in stock. Fortunately, this boss has weakness to Wind attacks so bringing Yosuke in this battle should be your advantage. When near death, the boss will use Mind Charge and various —Dyne spells in an attempt to wipe out your party or kill your leader. Just continue knocking it down and ganging up on it and you should win the battle easily.

Your business here is done; you can train if you want or return to the real world. Priestess, Emperor and Hermit available. Devil, Tower available Hyperbole Exam Q2: The growth speeds up Ferdinand Magellan Exam Q4: Emperor, Lovers, Hermit and Death available. All of the above Exam Q6: Two Yen Exam Q8: The Sun King Sardine Exam Q Shellfish Pigment Give it to Naoto on the next day. Highest score 9. Sofue will reward you with 2 Mystical Scarabs Nanako will give you a Bead Ring.

Within Top 10 7. Sofue will reward you with 2 Mystical Scarabs 9. Out of the top 10 5. The succeeding choices will be different from each so choose carefully. Option 1: Option 2: For Yumi, her event will only take place if you have SUN or maxed.

Talk to the girl walking in the south shopping district and accept the request. Return to the south shopping district and talk to the girl again Expression LV5 required 4. Return to the riverbed again and talk to the girl 5. Return to the girl in the shopping district again to complete the request. Deadline to rescue Nanako is on the 20th. The next dungeon has 10 floors, with 4F and 7F fixed. Bosses will be located at the 7th and 10th floors.

Please be reminded that the 20th is the last rainy day of the game. However, all the remaining item-collecting quests will only be available on the 22nd onwards You can treat this as the upgraded version of the normal light balance enemies you encountered.

Just attack and heal as needed. You will definitely need a healer here so have Yukiko learn Mediarahan LV65 and bring her. Also, your main character should have personas that can cast high-level elemental -dyne skills and should have various elemental immunities. All-party buffs will play a great role here, as well as skills that nullify enemy stat bonuses and lower their stats.

This boss starts with no specific resistances or immunities except for light and dark but he can use various elemental —dyne skills. At this point, order everyone to guard; the next elemental spell the boss will use will be more effective even Rise will inform you about this. For the meantime, order your party member that has weakness to that specific element to guard until the effect wears off. Remember that while the effective element is active, any damage from other elements is drastically reduced.

He will literally take control of your teammates and turn them against you. If that persona has high endurance, that is even better. Just attack a few more turns and you should be able to win this battle. Revenge of the Riddle Senpai available Talk to the same funky student on the 3rd floor of the Classroom building.

Give the answers below to complete the quest:. I suggest collecting all of them on or before the 27th since the story will proceed immediately after the exam. Defeat Phantom Lords on the 3rd.

Will spend time tomorrow increasing Magician and Strength links Lovers, Hermit, Fortune, Temperance available. This boss can absorb physical and ice attacks so bringing Chie or Teddie is not recommended.

When near death, the boss will cast reflect on itself so have somebody break it so the next attack can go through. Examine the flowers on the left side of the stairs leading to the main platform to obtain a Chakra Ring. This great piece of accessory reduces the SP cost of skills by half! Oct Exam Q2: The back to the shoulders It excretes toxins Exam Q4: Chile and Argentina A gamble Exam Q6: The south pole; 30 degrees Exam Q8: The game will proceed immediately to March 20th if you have triggered the bad ending.

Select the following answers to continue playing and get the normal ending:. Wait a second here… 2.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - Walkthrough Booklet

Calm the hell down! Fool social link will be maxed at this point. Also, the new link, Judgment will be established. Watch more scenes afterwards. During the hospital scene, ask Namatame all the questions available per dialogue. You must talk to the citizens all around town to get more info.

Central Shopping District, North: Talk to the woman in front of the shrine. Talk to her again and choose the second option to ask her. Talk to the old man she was talking with afterwards. Go to the north end of the road and talk to the gas-masked man. Walk all the way south and talk to the man next to Rise. Central Shopping District, South: Talk to the girl next to Yosuke near the bookstore.

Then talk to the lady next to the post in front of the gas station. Leave the shopping district. Samegawa Flood Plain: Talk to the kind man standing by the tree.

Go further left and you should find an old man. Talk to him as well. Talk to the school girl by the lobby. Return to the shopping district south and talk to the school girl next to Yosuke. After gathering all info, everybody will gather at Aiya to talk about stuff. If you guessed wrong three times, then the game will proceed to the bad ending. The answer is Adachi. More scenes will follow. Ask Adachi all the questions available. After the scenes, save your game and rest.

Another scene will take place in your dreams.

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The Star link will be maxed during this event. Highest score Sofue will reward you with a Soma. Within Top 10 You can now visit the TV World in order to pursue Adachi.

Stock up with as many supplies you can and get the best gear for your team. Since this is the last dungeon in the game, expect battles to get increasingly hard later on. If you defeat the last boss before the evening of the 22nd, the game will proceed automatically to the 23rd.

Maximize the remaining days by making at least trips to dungeon to train your party and gather loot to sell to Daidara. Your choice. As for training your characters, you should get the Musashi Shinai by trading two Guardians to the old man by the riverbank. This should bring you to the second area. Magatsu Mandala You can return to the entrance from there. You should complete the floor without getting into a fight with any shadows.

Refer to the map provided to plan your route to get the items.

You can actually run past a shadow if you wish. The annoying thing about this boss is that it summons allies every turn. You need to cast buffs to everybody while using offensive all-party spells. Fortunately, these guys are pretty slow so you get to act first. Make your way to the 6th floor. It can also inflict confusion to your party so equip your main character with an accessory that prevents it. If you have a persona that use Me Patra, that will be better as well.

Otherwise, make sure to you have Yukiko in your party, which the accessory that prevents the said status ailment. Chie and Kanji are good choices here. You should win this battle easily with those tactics applied. If you are able to clear the path before the deadline, then good; I suggest spending your remaining game time level-grinding and gathering yen and raw materials.

You should have spent your days training your characters. LV are pretty safe levels to face the boss. I suggest sticking with your original powerhouse: Leader, Yukiko, Yosuke and Chie.

If you have maxed their links, then that will make your upcoming battles easier. Head to the Magatsu Inaba 3F and save at the save point. Watch more scenes and the battle will commence. This is the first of the two part battle and you just need to consider as a warm up. As usual, start the battle by buffing your party and debuffing the enemy. I suggest bring Yoshitsune Hexagon fusion in this battle since that persona can learn Heat Riser, which you can use to your allies.

He will use Vorpal Blade to deal damage to everybody so if you have accessories that can reflect or help your characters evade physical attacks, you should equip it in this battle. Just keep everybody healthy and use the tactics described above whenever the situation arises. Watch the next scenes and prepare for the next battle.

You will definitely need buffs and any debuffing skills in this battle. Once problem you must face in this battle is that the boss attacks twice per turn. The boss will most likely use —dyne skills then an all-party phys attack called Agneyastra. During this turn, he will start using Mind Charge and buffs to increase his stats. After he casts buffs to himself, you should have everyone guard and prepare to endure the following attack.

You should use Dekaja to remove his buffs afterwards. He will also start using Megidola at this point. When near death, the boss will start using Quake that can knock your characters down. You should use the Masukukaja and Sukunda combo here to lower your chances of getting hit. I suggest saving your game before you talk to your last friend since there is still something you can do to extend your gameplay. I will be discussing that later.

Do the following steps to unlock the new dungeon and view the true ending. Select NO. Head to Junes and examine the elevator.

Select No again. Igor will give you the Orb of Sight. Upon exiting, it will start to rain. Talk to the attendant standing by the Gas Station. Head to Junes and gather everyone at the food court. Prepare your team and enter the TV World. The new dungeon will be available upon your arrival.

Also, the Shiroku store will always have a permanent discount on the items. The fox is also here for your SP recovery needs. As an added bonus as well, all fused persona will have a bonus to stats.

If you have managed to max all social links, Margaret will give you a Mandara Robe on your next visit to the Velvet Room. It also has the highest evasion rate you can get in armor so far. Pair this with Musashi Shinai to boost your experience gains.

Finally, you should consider building your ultimate party now. I suggest you consider to train: Yosuke, Teddie and Yukiko. Not to mention that her ice attacks are weak. Teddie can act as an offensive spellcaster and a healer at the same time.

Once ready, talk to Rise to enter the new dungeon. Bosses are located on those floors as well as the final floor where the real final boss is waiting. This dungeon resets everytime you leave it, as well as the items. You can revisit the previous floors to loot the chests as many times as you want.

Since the enemies here are quite dangerous, I suggest returning to the entrance after you reach each floor to save. This boss just has normal attacks and Rampage. Bring a healer in your party since this boss can really dish out heavy damage with its Rampage attack. This boss will use Maragidyne, Megidolaon and Mahamaon as offensive skills. Before you fight the final boss, I suggest getting your best gears and selling them.

Also, make sure to fuse and register all personas you can create at the moment. Your compendium data will be carried over as well. Prepare your best party and gear and face the real last boss of the game.

First thing first, this boss has access to all elemental attacks though the majority of her attacks are elec-based. Switch all your characters to Direct Command to gain full control of the battle. Physical attacks are pretty weak during this battle so you may consider on concentrating with elemental attacks instead. Make sure to guard after she starts using Mind Charge to avoid critical damage to be inflicted to your party.

It will also use Stagnant Air then Poison Mist to poison everybody. When near death, your magical attacks will start to miss so start attacking with normal attacks and survive a few turns. Keep everybody healed during these last few turns and watch the scenes afterwards. This will trigger the second and hardest part of the battle. Use a Soma you should have one at the start of the battle. She can attack twice per turn now but since you have dealt with at least a couple of similar bosses before, you should already know how to counter or remove any negative effects the boss will try to inflict to your party.

At this point, you can guard or have somebody use Dekunda to remove that status penalty to your party. You will really need to use buffs such as Masakukaja and debuffs like Sukunda for your party to evade most of the attacks. When near death, the boss will start using skills that will damage and inflict status ailments to your characters.

Debilitate is the exact opposite of Heat Rise which lowers the stats of a character. Use Dekunda to remove its effects. Near the end of the battle, the boss will use Thousand Curses which will remove any character from the battle.

Just wait until your character gets eaten up by darkness and watch the following scenes. During the following events, Izanagi will transform into Izanagi-no-Okami. Myriad Truths. This will ultimately end the battle. Watch the true ending; you deserved it. Fortunately, the game will warn players if the chest contains the Reaper.

Previous players of P3 should know how challenging this shadow is. However, he drops the best armor and weapons in the game if ever you succeed in defeating him. Fusion Forecast When fusing a persona on a specific day, the new persona may be entitled to a bonus, so long as you meet the requirements for that day. These bonuses include earning additional experience, extra stat boost or learning a rare skill.

Refer to the list below to learn which days are most suitable to perform fusions. Created personas under Justice Arcana will receive extra S. Link Bonus experience. Link Bonus experience for any persona created. Some personas will only become available past a certain date or after maxing a Social Link.

However, there is a unique Persona that that can only be produced on your second playthrough and after viewing the true ending. Please refer to the table below. What is the significance of July 10? Link Mada Max Magician S. Link Scathach Max Priestess S. Link Isis Max Empress S.

Link Odin Max Emperor S. Link Kohryu Max Hierophant S. Link Ishtar Max Lovers S. Link Sraosha Max Justice S. Link Norn Max Fortune S.

There are unique personas that can only be created by fusing specific personas. These are fixed fusions that ignore applicable rules to fusions.

There are also some unique fusions that are part of the special fusions list. Refer to the other mini-guide with the same title for details. Knowing this is important if you are aiming to complete the compendium or the persona database in the game.

The inherited skills are derived from the base personas you used for the fusions. Number of Transferred Skills Total Skills Inherited Personas can only hold eight skills and they can learn skills naturally by leveling up.

If all eight slots are filled, 6 to 8 2 players will need to choose what skills to keep and discard. It is 9 to 11 3 always a challenge to decide what skills to keep, especially if they 12 to 23 4 are equally high-leveled and useful. Skill Inheritance The type of skills that can be inherited by a persona is determined by Inheritance Type.

They can learn skills from other types but with lesser probability. Refer to the table below on what skills may or may not be transferred for every inheritance type. Passive skills in the other hand are not affected by Inheritance Type. The only exception for this is the Ailment inheritance type which allows passive skills to be transferred with moderate probability.

These are exclusively learned by the persona that owns then and will not appear in the available skill sets during fusion.

After reaching certain S. Rank Effect 1 Character will take a mortal blow for the main character 3 Possibly perform a follow up attack after an enemy is knocked down by an ally Chance to help an ally to stand up after getting knocked down, after knocking 5 down the enemy Chance to cure an ally from Rage, Confusion, Fear or Silence after knocking 7 down the enemy Endure a mortal blow in combat once per battle HP will be reduced to 1 instead 9 of 0 10 Character's persona will evolve into an ultimate form with superior resistances.

Though she never joins the actual battles, her intel and support skills are indispensable. The benefits for developing her Social Link rank is a bit different than your other party members. Rank Effect 3 Learn Treasure Search: See the location of all treasure chests on the floor 6 Learn Enemy Radar: See the location of all enemies on the floor 7 Learn Affinity Search: Know the weak points of enemies during battle. Social Links This section will contain all the information you need to establish, improve and repair social links.

This section will also outline the best answers you can give during conversations to help speeding up the development of your links. Also, most of your S. Good thing is that the game offers a variety of ways to increase your link and increase your core stat.

Your team members are available even during summer vacation or some holidays so make sure to prioritize spending time with friends that are available only during school days. Certain female social links can get you into a serious relationship. Though the game will warn that you have a serious relationship with another girl, you can actually have more than enough girlfriends.

Fool Magician 3: Magician 4: Magician 5: Magician 8: Any] [Conversation 2: Any] [Conversation 3: Any] Will only appear if you chose option 2 during Magician 7 event. Magician 9: Magician School days - Classroom Building, just outside room Strength 2: Strength 5: Stop them] [Conversation 2: Irregular Location: Chariot 2: Chariot 3: Chariot 4: Chariot 5: Chariot 6: Chariot 7: ANY] [Conversation 2: Chariot 9: ANY] 1st choice leads to Serious Relationship.

Chariot Temperance 1: Will unlock automatically on the 2nd day [Conversation 1: Temperance 2: Temperance 3: Temperance 4: Temperance 5: Temperance 6: Any] [Conversation 4: Temperance 7: Temperance 8: Temperance 9: Temperance School days — Classroom Building, 2F main staircase.

Yumi Sun 1: Sun 2: Sun 3: Sun 4: Sun 5: Sun 6: Sun 8: Comfort her] or Cry with her. Sun 9: Sun Any] 1st option leads to serious relationship. Irregular nights Location: Dojima Residence, Living Room.

If you fail to max her link before that date, you will never have the chance again to the do so in your current playthrough. Justice 2: Justice 3: Justice 5: Swear to it] [Conversation 2: Justice 7: Justice 8: Justice 9: Play with her].

Justice Irregular evenings Location: Dojima Residence, Kitchen table. If you fail to max his link before that date, you will never have the chance again to the do so in your current playthrough. Hierophant 2: Hierophant 3: Hierophant 4: Hierophant 5: Hierophant 6: Hierophant 8: Hierophant 9: Hierophant Sunday to Thursday except when raining, irregular on Sundays and when saving a victim Location: School Days: Classroom Building 1F, in front of staircase Free Days: South Shopping District, in front of bookstore.

Priestess 2: Priestess 3: Priestess 4: Priestess 5: Priestess 6: Priestess 7: Priestess 8: Priestess 9: Any] 3rd choice leads to Serious Relationship.

Priestess Any] Konohana Sakuya transforms into Amaterasu Obtain Shrine Charm Ability to fuse Scathach School days only: Classroom building 1F, near shoe lockers.

Moon 1: Moon 2: Moon 3: Moon 4: Moon 5: Moon 6: Any] 1st option leads to serious relationship [Conversation 4: Any] Available only if you picked 2nd choice in Conversation 3, 1st option leads to serious relationship.

Moon 7A: Moon 7B: Moon 8B: Moon 9A: Moon 9B: Moon 10A: Any] 1st option leads to serious relationship Obtain Compact Ability to fuse Sandalphon. Moon 10B: Any] Obtain Compact Ability to fuse Sandalphon. Attempt to leave the house to get the option to work. Devil 1: Devil 3: Devil 4: Devil 5: Devil 6: Devil 9: Devil Sundays or Holidays except when raining Location: Samegawa Flood Plain.

Since the availability of this link is very limited, it will always be an automatic rank up every time you spend time with her. Death Any] 3rd option requires Courage LV4 [Conversation 2: Tower 2: Tower 3: Tower 4: Tower 5: Tower 6: Tower 7: Tower 8: Tower 9: Any] [Conversation 6: Tower Irregular except when raining or saving a victim Location: Practice Building 1F Days off: North Shopping District, in front of the textile shop.

Emperor 1: Emperor 2: Emperor 4: Emperor 5: Emperor 7: Emperor 8: There will be no increase though. Emperor 9: Emperor Shopping District, Konishi Liquor Store. Hanged Man 2: Hanged Man 3: Tell your own tale of failure] [Conversation 2: Hanged Man 4: Hanged Man 5: Hanged Man 6: Hanged Man 7: Hanged Man 8: Hanged Man 9: Hanged Man Star Sunday, Friday, Saturday except when raining, irregular when saving a victim Location: School days: Classroom Building, 1F Hallway Free days: South Shopping District, in front of tofu shop.

Lovers 4: Grab her and run] [Conversation 2: Go along with her] [Conversation 3: Lovers 5: Lovers 6: Lovers 7: Lovers 8: Any] 1st choice leads to serious relationship. Lovers Irregular, available even when raining. Fortune 2: Fortune 3: Fortune 4: Fortune 5: Fortune 6: Fortune 7: Fortune 8: Fortune 9: Fortune 10A: Fortune 10B: Any] 2nd option will prompt Naoto to wear a different dress for the Christmas event. Anytime except when After school or Daytime time blocks are unavailable Location: Velvet Room.

Also, after successfully creating the requested personas, leave the Velvet Room and return again for her to recognize the completion of her request.

The format below is as follows:. Remember that som skills are not inherited by default. Empress 2: Empress 3: Empress 4: Empress 5: Empress 6: Empress 7: Create Yatagarasu with Megido Triangle: Empress 8: Create Yatsufusa with Mediarama Pentagon: Empress 9: Create Ganesha with Tetrakarn Triangle: Empress Create Trumpeter with Mind Charge Hexagon: Shopping District North, Shrine. Refer to the Quests section of this guide for details on how to complete the required quests.

Hermit Complete Quest 48 and report to the fox.The boss will also put a barrier that will help her increase her defense against Wind Attacks. As usual, buffs are essential to this battle so cast any all-party buffs you can use.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 – Guides and FAQs

Just like the others, the 3rd and 7th floors are fixed, and the bosses are located on the 7th and 10th floors. Though I would take home Margaret if ever Yukiko is not around. Sun You may want to lower its defense and evasion as well.

If you fail to max her link before that date, you will never have the chance again to the do so in your current playthrough.