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New Gods of Mankind Basic Rules 1st Edition - Greetings Fellow Gamers, Welcome to the A PDF and EPUB version will be downloaded now. New Gods of Mankind: Fate's Guidebook is an essential tool for the Game Master (called Fate in this game)to run a successful campaign of New Gods of. New Gods of Mankind - New God's Handbook - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. New Gods of Man Kind.

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Uploaded by: JACKIE RPG+%28WEG%pdf. New Gods Of Mankind. New Gods of Mankind Basic Rules 1st Edition - Greetings Fellow Gamers, Welcome If there is a desire to see a PDF version I can create one. New Gods of Mankind is an RPG where you play a God. This review is of the PDF version, which is searchable, bookmarked and copy and.

New Gods of Mankind basic rule system for Gods, If there is a desire to see a PDF version I can create one.

Does anyone have a good status token pdf for Savage Worlds? Bible Teach - jw. How will Satan's rule and all wickedness be removed? What will life be like in God's new world? Designed and typeset by the author, printed by letterpress in New York, and hand-bound God Bless you man. And for every two men who get a college degree this year, three women will More to the point, what if the economics of the new era are better We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, I understand that the gaps between rich and poor are not new, but just Let us fight for a new world - a decent world that will give men a chance to How did we come to believe in gods, nations and human rights; to trust These sort of general explanations might be good for someone new to the study My apologies for it being late for Fantasy Review Week.

I did get a free copy of this game for my playtesting efforts. Sadly, the GM's guide and the Player's Guide are two separate In this hellish land. God of Mountain and Stone makes his presence felt in this region. A RPG where you role-play gods in a bronze age setting. Greetings Fellow Gamers, Welcome to the N. This system allows for gods and armies to be added seamlessly to your gameplay, expanding your story, and giving a tribe for your heroes to belong to.

Ladies and gentlemen, the new gods : dankmemes ; If this is a dank meme, Upvote this comment! Fate intervenes only when absolutely necessary and helps guide the gods and maintain order. Also, the term for the gamemaster in New Gods of Mankind. Fires of Creation: As easily explained as the stars of the universe, or as enigmatic as a dimensional realm where gods and mortals dwell, each Fire of Creation is separated from the rest by the expansive Abyss and most deities never travel from one to another.

Followers: Mortal souls that worship a specic god, giving that god Belief. A god must have followers in order to exist. Gamemaster GM : The storyteller and guide for the adventure; the GM not only sets up the adventure and keeps track of the numbers, but also plays the role of any entities or mortals the new gods interact with, including Fate, the elder gods, leviathans, and so on.

Hero: A mortal that is granted vast power by a god to assist him in the mortal realm. Heroes range from great warriors and wise men to paragons of their craft. Incarnation: A god in mortal form. Any god that enters a mortal body to traverse the Known world is said to have incarnated. Leviathan: Rogue spirits bent on destruction. Equal to gods in power, they generate Terror from their victims.

Terror feeds a leviathan like Belief feeds the gods. Maintenance: A period of time in a year when a god gathers Belief from his followers and checks to make sure he is paying appropriate attention to them.

Mind: One of three attributes of mortal followers; Mind represents a mortals intelligence and wisdom. Miracles: The gods capabilities for abilities that defy nature and logic.

These Miracles are how a god manifests himself in the realms. The god can use these Miracles to generate more Belief and protect his followers in times of need.

Known World: The mortal world controlled by the gods in the celestial realms. Everything marked on the map is considered the Known World. It is acknowledged that there is more to the planet, but few have traveled further to explore it.

Pantheon: A group of like-minded gods, usually working together to guide and protect a single group of mortals. Player Character: A character in the game that is controlled by one of the players.

Scale: In conict and miracle-casting, the scale is how many mortals are aected by the situation. Season: A turn in the game.

There are four seasons to a year, and during each season events occur that may require the gods intervention. The length of a season may vary in real time from several minutes to several game sessions. Spirit: One of three attributes of the mortal followers; Spirit represents a mortals force of will, mental resiliency, and enlightenment.

Spirits: Beings that were once living mortals, now beyond mortal life. A representation of a gods power and a means to identify the work or followers of a god. These symbols can also be used by the faithful to call on the god in times of need. Terror: A form of Belief created by destructive entities. Highly addictive, Terror can only be used to create Miracles that cause more Terror.

Veil of Dreams: The point between the mortal world and spirit world. The Veil of Dreams is where mortal minds go when they dream and the realm that spirits must pass to reach the heavens.

Well of Souls: An ever-owing container of souls separate from the spirit and mortal worlds. Souls come from this well to incarnate on the Known World and most souls return to this well after their bodies die. Demons are those spirits that leave the well and do not incarnate. Only Fate truly knows how the Well of Souls operates. Wood Nymphs: A minor race that has been on the mortal world almost as long as the elder races. They do not worship gods in the celestial realm, preferring to worship themselves and create Belief in this way.

Here is a list of resources you can use to help you create your god or assist you in your play of New Gods of Mankind. Page, Michael, and Robert Ingpen. Detroit, Michigan: Visible Ink Press, Campbell, Joseph.

Occidental Mythology: The Masks of God. Christie, Anthony, Chinese Mythology. Coogan, Michael, ed. Frazer, Sire James G. Folklore in the Old Testament. Graves, Robert. The Greek Myths, complete and unabridged. James, Peter and Nick Thorpe. Ancient Inventions. Keenan, Shiela. USA: Scholastic, Inc. Langer, William I. Boston: Houghton Miin Co.

The Encyclopedia of Ancient History. Mack, Carol K.

American Gods. A tale of gods forgotten and unworshipped, desperate for just a few more faithful, this book would make a wonderful resource for a dark, gritty game of old gods desperately struggling to retain their existence, having to ght for every prayer and every believer.

The Iliad and The Odyssey. An epic story of battle and heroes, with gods using a mortal war to settle arguments with one another. Two of the best-known tales in western literature; you shouldnt have any diculty nding copies.

Howard, Robert E. Lord Glen, Copyright Moorcock, Michael. Elric: Song of the Black Sword, Vol.

White Wolf Publishing Studios, Tales of H. Pratchett, Terry. Small Gods. Perhaps the denitive novel of gods and belief, this wonderfully funny story is a stand-alone book in the Discworld series, as well as showing how dependant gods can be on the worship of their faithful.

Shakespeare, William. A Midsummers Night Dream. One of Shakespeares most popular plays, this shows both the very human aspect of gods and spirits, as well as their more alien emotions. Very suitable as inspiration for a small-scale game, particularly one with mischievous gods. Vyasa, et al. The Mahabharata. This ancient Indian poem is perhaps the denite account of empowered heroes and incarnate gods, and a wonderful story full of adventure.

An abridged translation is recommended, as the original is extraordinarily long. Weis, Margaret, and Tracy Hickman. The Death Gate Cycle Vol. New York, New York. Bantam Books Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy. New York, NY: Eos Lions Gate Films, Exalted Second Edition. Borgstrom, Rebecca S. London: Hogshead Publishing Ltd, Mohan, Kim. Naylor, Janet and Caroline Julian. While the statistics included are GURPS-specic, like so many books in the series this serves as an excellent resource, both for other games and for study in general.

It is particularly helpful with ideas for creating the form and trappings of new religions. Selinker, Mike.

Risk: Godstorm. Conan and the Midnight God, Issue Dark Horse Comics, Gaiman, Neil, Sam Keith Illustrator. The Absolute Sandman Vol. Vertigo DC November Yoshida, Akira, Tocchini, Greg Illustrator. Thor: Son of Asgard Issue Marvel Comics, Touchstone Pictures, Warner Brothers Pictures, Nispel, Marcus, Producer, Director.

Clash of the Titans. MGM Paramount Pictures, Meier, Sid. The Civilization series PC. Microprose Developer, Publisher , ; Firaxis Miyazaki, Tomoyoshi. Actraiser NES. Quintet Co. Developer , Enix Corporation Publisher , Molyneux, Peter. Included in this text are my personal notes and comments from each city and territory, including the strange customs of their people and the bizarre phenomena and features of each land.

My commentary is of a personal nature and separate from the main textI am a professional rst and foremost. Not included are the unknown lands that lie to the west past the accursed island of Kukulcan.

It is my hope that this collection of knowledge will help Your Highness in her quest to liberate the world from false gods. These waters are lled with arctic animals such as sea lions, whales, and other aquatic mammals and sh.

Ar-Naluun is famous as a hunting and shing area for humans and salamanders. Undines frown upon such activity and attack human or salamander ships that actively hunt their kinfolk. Most of the time, humans, salamanders, and undines pass each other without incident, as the area is so vast and the harsh environment limits travel. Storms occur throughout the year and can start unexpectedly. During the winter months, most of the sea is clogged with ice and no ships can pass through.

Many boats have disappeared into those waters. The eets of House Draax blessed be Her name roam the waters, hunting all that lives. Craftspeople can make an excellent heating oil from the esh and blood of the creatures who roam these waters. Still, one should take caution in these cold seas, as the denizens of this region worship Plthunlos.

Ar-Naluun, a frigid, ice-choked sea, is an area of tense 10 The waters of Ar-Naluun are the coldest in the Known World, with many ice storms, cold currents, and glacial ows. The frozen teeth of Plthunlos, a collection of icebergs and sheets of broken ice anchored atop an underwater mountain range, is the most dangerous area in the seas of Ar-Naluun.

Another well-known spot of contention between undines and salamanders is the Rift of Draax, an underwater hot vent that spews new land mass into the ocean. The rift is forming a small chain of islands o the coast of Sssnamon; Sssnamons salamanders regularly skirmish with the undines.

The undines main city lies in the green clis called Nesh. Undines call Ar-Naluun their home, but salamanders and humans constantly arrive from Sssnamon, Samona, Sssthra, and Frinths north coast to plunder the area. Undines from this region often have skin colored in deep purples and blues with dark wavy seaweed for hair. Humans here are light-skinned with thick, dark wavy hair. Salamanders are white to tan. Many gods, demons, and spirits stake their claim to this territory.

Temperatures rarely drop to freezing, allowing year-round activity. Near the Horn Mountains lies one of the oldest undine cities, Jaash.

New gods of mankind pdf

In the gulf s center is one of the undines primary holy reefs: Ur-Celynn, also called Burial Reef. At the center of this reef is the ancient tower Morsuuth, which the First Ones created. Many shing and trading boats from the human cities of Hrace and Laanad travel these waters, as well as salamander raiding ships from House Draax.

The undines and humans here coexist peacefully, but salamanders from Shha-narath create tension. Their raiding ships are on the constant prowl for new slaves and trade goods. Undines here bear skins of blue and purple, with lighter skin tones than those of Ar-Naluun. The gulf s humans are fair-skinned with light hair. Celundynn, the undine goddess of the seas and clis, carries heavy inuence in these waters.

Gods of the human nation of Hrace also hold sway here, particularly Baesop, God of Storms. Twice as tall as Atan rats, these creatures, which some locals call Baaistru, seem to have social skills and can use tools. You can nd their many nests near Seer Lake. Some humans here use them for pets or guardians. I do not recommend them for eating, as their cooked esh is rancid in odor and lacking in taste. Another creature of note is a malevolent spirit that haunts the swampthe Laaistru. In Naalgroms far western corner, where few sane men travel, is the cold, boggy land of Atanastan.

I served on a Flasggon raiding ship in my early days of service to you, my queen, as a ying scout. We captured several human shermen, but a school of undine warriors attacked us. I barely escaped with my life; the ship and the rest of the crew sank to a watery grave. The Gulf of Ar-Feslynn hosts the largest undine population in the north as well as many human and salamander ships.

The temperature gets hot for a few moons during the summer, but shrouds up in a cold fog for most of the year. Sleet and hail are common in winter. Seer Lake is a pilgrimage point for all races, as its waters bring visions to oracles and priests. Next to this holy lake is the human city of Atan, a thriving metropolis lled with cutthroats, pirates, and shady merchants. Most Atanastan humans are short, light-skinned, and civilized.

They live o their wits and cunning. Dark curly hair and bright blue eyes set o their round features. A few cannibalistic human tribes live on the land along the coast and rivers, cooking their civilized brethren in their dinner stews.

No gods claim this region, though many have tried, and their ruined temples attest to their eeting inuence. The locals claim that a demon host called the Laaistru haunts this land, possessing the local tribes and anyone who wanders too far into the swamps. Legend says that the sylphs who live in the crater watch over a god who fell from the sky.


Jasinus mild temperatures and even seasons make it an ideal home for nomads, who hunt the vast herds of animals that roam the plains. Bualo, elk, deer, and other wild game can wander here, as do small packs of wolves and wildcats. Near the sea are several small beaches with a few human tribes living o the oceans bounty. A small human city, Laanad, lies near the coast.

The city is a small shing community that maintains trade with several human cities, including Hrace. Humans both primitive and civilized Humans inhabit this region. Sylphs live here as well, and the two races share trade and commerce. Sylphs do no allow humans to live in the Crater of Lugos, but may go there to barter and trade.

Humans from this region are light-skinned, freckled nomads with brown to reddish-blond hair. Sylphs of these lands vary in color but maintain a dark, at, skin complexion of leathery brown, jet black, or indigo. Lugos, the sylph god of the wind and whisper, rules this land.

The humans here have no gods of their own for now and give limited fealty to Lugos.

This place always strikes a chord of comfort in my heart, soothing my pains. My tribe has relocated to your lands, Your Worship, but a few of my relatives stay in our ancestral home. I make a pilgrimage to the City of Whispers every so often, exchanging facts and knowledge. Do not worry, Your Highness; I do not share state secrets with my clansmen. No eyes but yours will see this book.

Between the lands of Kathonia and Samona lie the at plains of Jasinu. Known for its vast expanse of endless rock, short grasslands, and shrubbery, Jasinu is a featureless land with little in the way of trees, hills, or anything to break up the horizon.

Only one location stands out in this prairie the Crater of Lugos, the sylph god. The hateful creatures who live in these lands know nothing of civilization or proper intelligenceonly savage bloodlust and a keen animals instinct to nd anything living, and then kill it. Even my wings did nothing to help me; the vicious monstrosities lobbed boulders and branches at me! Imagine, me ying a great distance, only to suer attack from below. I hid near a particular circle of stones, as the giants few smarts leave them when they near it.

On cold nights I can still hear them chanting to their god, Thuun, as they enter their blood frenzy, killing 13 nearby creatures and each other. I shall never visit this land again. Jurel, an icy realm on the northwest strip of Naalgrom, is lled with giants and monstrous creatures.

Ice and snow covers the area, with the occasional mountain, hill, tree, or obelisk that marks where the Jurelian tribes perform their rituals. Fierce blizzards and hailstorms haunt the land, and avalanches near are common in the Ice Crown Mountains, though summer carries an occasional reprieve from the harsh climate.

One of the Jurelian giants main areas of worship is the Grun Circle of Stones, where they sacrice people of other races, creatures, and rival tribesmen. Jurelian giants are fearsome creatures, intelligent to a degree but lost to primal instincts and uncontrollable rages.

They stand two to three times as tall as a human. Jurelians have three eyes and long shaggy coats of fur colored in whites, browns, and blues. Four large arms connect to the hunchedover torso, and strong trunk-like legs propel the creature. Tales say that several minor gods call this land home, with each tribe worshipping its own deity.

The most notable of these Jurelian gods is Thuun, Lord of Destruction, who holds sway over several tribes and demands constant sacrices. The sylphs believe that a god named Grun once existed, and that he ruled all the giants until the other gods exiled him.

The temperatures are semi-tropical, with mild winters lled with rainstorms and scorching, humid summers. The Celestial Lakes to the north are home to several human tribes. Further south are the marshlands, which are lled with large reptilian creatures. These creatures are wild variants of the reptilian mounts salamanders use. Local humans tame some of them, while salamander hunters train some of the rarer species, turning them into highly prized mounts.

The ying lizards are some of the most popular. Humans and salamanders roam this region, and a few human villages and salamander forts dot the perimeter. Humans here are primitive and erce, as they are constantly at war with their surroundings and the salamanders.

They are olive-skinned, with dark wavy hair and deep-brown eyes. Salamanders who hunt in this region are from the land of Zzzalon, and come to gather the beasts and humans for sale.

Within the Horn Mountains are inner clis, which form a holy place for salamander priestesses. No human or salamander god dominates this region, though rival dragon gods contest it. I will, however, warn you against the human threat. Humankind infests these lands and should be enslaved or destroyed.

Humans breed like rabbits and have little regard for the mysteries of this land; they befoul every place they inhabit. He came here during a bout of madness, which some demon monstrosity brought upon him. Before I entered Your Majestys service, I visited him often.

He lives in a cave and keeps some unusual artifacts. However, after three days of eating moss stew and enduring incoherent ramblings, I left for saner lands. The frozen land of Kybel is a barren waste where harsh 14 people and creatures struggle to live.

Crystal growths stand throughout the region. The land is home to many strange spirits and demons who are exiles from elsewhere. It is a place of fallen gods and vengeful ghosts. Few things grow in Kybel, as ice storms and subzero temperatures envelope the area year round. Kybel humans have little farmland or livestock and look elsewhere for sustenance. Few people live in this area. A couple small villages stand amid the snow, lled with outcast humans in ice huts, insane sylphs who burrow deep in ice caves, and the occasional gnome hermit.

The humans here are blue-eyed, fair-skinned specimens with blond hair. Most attain their food and resources by raiding southern lands, then return north in the winter. Many gods, spirits, and demons haunt this region, possessing those who live here. Once, in the days before Hrace was built, a human army marched into the land to bring forth a lost ancestral god, but never returned. To the south of the lakes is the main gnome city, Rhovma.

At the tip of the eastern mountain range is a stone temple facing north; it is Fallen Hero Temple, and it is dedicated to the gnomes who fell during the war between salamanders and gnomes. The Great Temple of Gnorr stands inside a hollowed-out mountain near Rhovma. Only gnomes line here, along with a few humans learning the craft of metal, stone, and gem working. This is the home of the Stoneborn an elite society which creates the laws for all gnomes.

Each one has a unique vibration, which grows and fades in proximity to a persons touch. Scholars have many theories on the vibrations, but we sylphs believe them to describe an anity to the gnome godsor other gods of the earth.


Many gnome priests and heroes carry special gems with inscriptions cut into the surface. Rhok-Drunnor is a cold mountain realm, home to the largest population of gnomes in the Known World. The mountains vary from purple to gray to brown, with white snow-capped peaks that are the tallest in all the realms. North of the mountain range is a multitude of lakes called Gnorrs Lakes, after the gnomish god Gnorr, God of Mountain and Stone.

Each lake is rich in the same minerals, gems, and ores that hide within the mountains. Gnorrs 15 crusty light-gray or light-brown granite skin. Gnorr rules this land with an iron st, allowing no interlopers to dele it.Sitting on the banks of the western shoreline of Atanastan is the human city of Atan, an amoral society in the midst of broken temples and ruins. The ruins of several major cities of unusual design dot the landscape.

No mortals except the wood nymphs dare to live in Guthenoth. Fires of Creation: A few cannibalistic human tribes live on the land along the coast and rivers.

The dark wood nymphs here are cannibalistic—they eat their own kind. Giant Uninhabitable Nymph. Two salamander outposts, Xila and Qann, stand in this land.

These new gods either hold a single human tribe. Humans inhabit the land along with a few odd creatures.