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uma série de light novel escrita por Reki Kawahara e ilustrada por abec. Sword Art Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia Sword. Thank you very much for reading sword art online progressive 2 light novel. Maybe you have knowledge that . Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia. sword art online progressive 1 light novel is available in our digital library an online access to it is set Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia Sword.

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sao light novel volume pdf. Sword Art Online (PDF) A novel chronic cirrhosis TAA-induced model in rats. Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia. Sword Art Online Light Novel Volumes English PDF - Blogger. Light novel series, which the Sword Art . Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia 5 / 6. Sword Art Online 2 Aincrad Light Novel - [PDF] [EPUB] Sword Art Online 2 Aincrad Light Sword Art Online - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia.

The voice that soon leaked out from her slightly trembling lips seemed to have lost much of its earlier rigidity. How could order be maintained if the masses are permitted to arbitrarily decide on them?

Exactly whos to decide whether the one who made those laws, the highest minister, Administrator, is just or not?

The gods of the Celestial World!? Then why havent I incurred divine punishment, getting hit by lightning and burnt to death right this moment!? The godsStacia-samas plans are naturally made clear through the actions taken by us, her attendants! Eugeo and I climbed all this way in order to make that clear!

To defeat Administrator and prove that it is a mistake! And for that exact, same reason I cant have you dying here!! I glanced upwards and confirmed that my beloved sword wedged in the wall was finally reaching its limit. The tip would break or slip the next time Alice moves, no, the next time the wind decides to send a gust this way and we will likely crash down together.

Taking in a deep breath and putting it all into my abdomen, I gathered all of the energy I had left. All of my spirit surging out, I hauled up Alice who dangled off my left hand. A violent pain ran through the joints at my arms and Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice shoulders, but I somehow brought Alice up to the same height, then shouted out with the rest of my strength.

Get your sword through that seam! I cant hold on anymore, please! I stared hard at Alices much distorted face right beside me with a frantic look. After an instant of silence, Alice moved her left arm and the Fragrant Olive Sword deeply stabbed its point into the gap between the marble with a sharp noise.

The black sword drew out from the stone walls seam at nearly the same time and my left hand separated itself from Alices hand as well, having lost its grip. Amidst the panic shooting through me from head to toe, I fell down a long, long distance and Death approached me in the end within my mind for an instant.

However, what I actually felt were only a moment of weightlessness and a sudden shock. Alices right hand that flashed like lightning seized my coats collar from the back. After affirming that Alices sword and arms were firmly supporting both of our weight, I let out a deep breath.

My heart, beating at the rate of an alarm clock, gradually slowed down and I finally felt at ease. Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice I looked up at the one with whom I had traded places with, both physically and mentally, in a mere one second in silence.


Appearing as though she was being tortured by the entire variety of contradictory emotions, the golden integrity knight had her teeth clenched together hard. Signs of the clenched hand holding me by the scruff of my neck slackening and tightening repeated over and over again right behind my neck.

I didnt know of anyone from the Underworld capable of hesitating in such a perilous situation aside from Eugeo. The rest of the humansthe artificial fluctlights were blindly loyal to their standards for good and evil, unfaltering over important choices.

To say it in another manner, their important decisions were constantly made by something else, or someone else. In other words, I could understand that a humanity exceeding many others from the Underworld hid itself in Integrity Knight Alices psyche from this single incident. Especially so, considering the alterations the highest minister, Administrator, had committed on her soul.

ソードアート・オンライン 1: アインクラッド [Sōdo āto onrain 1: Ainkuraddo]

I couldnt judge how much conflict there must be in Alices mind. However, after several extremely long seconds, my body was easily pulled up to my previous height.

Unlike the girl, I had no need to hesitate. I immediately thrust the black sword into the marbles seam, even after all it had been through, and let out yet another deep breath. Her voice, delivered by the wind, was feeble unlike its tone. I wasnt helping you, I was merely returning the favor besides, I have yet to reach the conclusion with your swords. I see Were equals with this now, then. Taking caution with my words, I moved my mouth.

And so, I do have a proposal as things stand, we have to return back into the tower at any cost. So, wouldnt you consider a truce for the time being? A truce? I could sense a really suspicious look directed at me from her face, slightly inclined towards me. Its no longer possible to break the cathedrals outer wall and its no easy task to climb it either.

Our survival rate should increase if the two of us work together, rather than going through it alone. Of course, things would be different if you have a convenient method to return inside. Alice chewed on her lips in chagrin but immediately replied in a murmur. Thats true. So, can I consider you agreeable to the truce and cooperation?

Before that you mentioned cooperation, but what exactly does that refer to? Helping out each other if the other seems to be falling, just that. We could hold on better if we had a rope or something, but I suppose thats asking for too much. Not looking at me any longer, the integrity knight sank into another long silence, but eventually nodded slightly in a nearly imperceptible motion. It is a reasonable proposal I have to admit.

Theres no helping it As a replacement, Alice continued while giving me one final glare. I will cut you the instant we return into the tower.

Be certain not to forget that one point. Ill keep that in mind. Nodding once more to my reply, Alice cleared her throat as though to shift her thoughts. Well then you required a rope? Are you not holding on to any unnecessary cloth? I could have taken out piles of spare clothes or mantles from my storage if this was the Alfheim I dearly missed, unfortunately, that convenient function didnt exist in the Underworld.

Even if you ask, theres nothing more than this shirt and these trousers. Ill strip if I need to, though. When I shrugged only my left shoulder as I replied, Alice made her most profound grimace yet and shouted. We will not stoop to that! Goodness, its shocking how you thought to go into battle with merely a sword on you. Hey, hey, the one who rounded up Eugeo and me from the Sword Mastery Academy with only the clothes on our back was you, wasnt it?

And you broke into the cathedrals armory after that, havent you. There should have been bundles of high quality rope over aah, thats it, this is a waste of time. Alice flicked her head away with a hmph and raised her right arm clad in a golden gauntlet.

But she apparently realized she couldnt take her left hand off her swords grip there, as she scowled. Jerking her arm in front of me, she ordered. And pay extra attention to not touch my skin.

Hurry up! According to Eugeos recollections, Alice was apparently a cheerful and energetic girl, more gentle than anyone else, when she lived in Rulid. If that was the case, where exactly did her current personality that seemed the polar opposite sprout out from? While thinking about such things, I brought up my left hand that finally regained its sense of touch, then unfastened the gauntlets clasp. Alice, who made me hold onto the gauntlet, quickly pulled out her right hand and brandished her pale, slender fingers while shouting out.

System call! Following the opening phrase for sacred arts, she rapidly chanted an unfamiliar, complex art.

The gauntlet in my hand let out a dazzling light and its shape began to change at a noticeable rate. Within mere seconds, my left hand held a neatly bundled golden chain. Uooh transmutation? Or perhaps those arent ears on the side of your face, but holes infested with insects? That was merely transformation of its form, arts capable of changing the properties of its material cannot be used by anyone aside from the esteemed highest minister.

Upon apologizing with a sorry to Alice, who apparently had no intention to change her sharp tongue even after consenting to the cease-fire agreement, I tested the chains toughness. My teeth felt like they were going to fall out when I held its end in my mouth and pulled, so I relaxed my mouth in a fluster.

I had no qualms, since it seemed to be tough enough despite being thinner than a little finger and even had sturdy-looking clasps at both ends to boot.

Firmly fastening one end to my belt, I offered the other end and Alice took it with a tug and kept it into her sword belts metal fittings. The length of the dangling chain was about five meters.

For the time being, we should be more or less safe even if our hands slip, unless we both fall. Now then Scanning the surrounding again, I confirmed the situation we were in.

Judging from the direction of the sun, we were dangling on the Central Cathedrals west wall. The sky overhead was in the midst of turning from blue to violet with the sun coming from behind dying the towers white wall a bright orange.

Guess the current time was around three in the afternoon. Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice Each floor of the tower should be around six meters, inclusive of the floors thickness, so the eightieth floor, Cloudtop Garden, where I fought with Alice would be at a relative height of four hundred and eighty metersno, adding on fiftieth floor, Grand Cloister of Spiritual Light, with its abnormally high ceiling, about five hundred meters, huh.

Our Lives would definitely vanish in an instant if we fall. In addition, this body would turn into fine dirt without even leaving a corpse behind, probably. The wind was calm now, but I didnt know how long that would last.

My back shuddered before I gripped my sword again with my right hand and wiped the sweat running over my left palm on my trousers. Ermm just checking, but Alice, also peeking at her feet beside me, raised her face when I called out. It might just be my imagination how her complexion seemed worse than earlier, but her tone was curt as always.

Hesitantly gazing downwards towards my feet, I could see pale, hovering clouds passing by, the miniature-like garden, the stone walls encompassing that, and even the streets of Central Centoria split into four by the immortal walls, making me ascertain just how ridiculously tall the cathedral was once again.

Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice No, well I thought a grand knight like yourself, capable of using advanced sacred arts like changing the form of objects would know some art for flight or not, huh, sorry. Despite my prompt apology at her sharply raising eyebrows, Alice berated me without mercy.

ソードアート・オンライン 1: アインクラッド [Sōdo āto onrain 1: Ainkuraddo]

Just what did you learn in the academy? Even the youngest ascetic apprentice would know that the only person capable of flight arts in the vast Human World is the esteemed highest minister! Thats why I said just checking, right?! You dont have to get that angry! It gradually appeared clear that this Integrity Knight Alices personality had a conclusively horrible affinity with me, without even considering our respective standpoints, but I continued my questions while restraining the urge to retort.

Then, Im just checking this time too, but how about calling for that huge flying dragon I hung off all the way here? Its due to that strangely insulting way you put it!

Your suggestions are becoming increasingly foolish. Approaching any flying dragons is only permitted on the thirtieth floors landing platform. No ridden dragon will go close to any higher, not even uncle no, not even the Knight Commanders. You should have realized it when you knew the flying dragon landing platform was built on the thirtieth floor!

I had no idea how many times had we done so already, but we glared at each other for another three whole seconds before I swallowed down the anger directed at the great integrity knights irrational remark and turned my head back, speaking.

Then there goes the path of escaping by flying I guess. Alice, on the other hand, seemed to have taken another two seconds before she regained her cool, but her blue eyes glanced this way and she nodded. Not even birds approach the upper floors of the cathedral. I do not know the specifics, but I have heard a unique art wrought by the highest ministers hand is at work.

So thats it thats meticulous. I surveyed the surrounding again, then saw that although there were bird-like silhouettes extremely far away, they certainly showed no sign of approaching. This could be said to be the embodiment of the transcendental magic ability and unhealthy wariness of the most influential being, Administrator. On that line of thought, the abnormal height of this tower, too, seemed to be a symbol of her authority while being an expression of fear towards unseen enemies.

Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice In that case, there are three choices remaining to descend, to ascend, or to break through the wall again, huh. The third will likely be difficult. Like the immortal walls, the cathedrals outer walls should endowed with practically infinite Life and the nature to repair themselves.

The same applies to the glass on the lower floors. When I muttered so, Alice lightly nodded before she spoke. Then, that makes descending to the windows pointless too, huh In the first place, I find it hard to believe a hole could have opened up in the wall from within the tower earlier there is no way to think about it aside from it being an one-in-a-million stroke of misfortune caused by that abnormal power released when our armament full control arts combined.

My goodness, what a meaningless deed youve done. We would get into a spiral of quarrels if I retort here, I thought as I held it in, getting it to settle down after merely heavy breathing, before I asked. But in that case, wouldnt it be logical for the wall to break if we bring about that same phenomenon again? The probability is not a complete zero, but it would be difficult to return inside in the few seconds before the hole automatically Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice repairs and theres one more thing to note, that I have already used this childs this Fragrant Olive Swords full control art twice.

I cannot use the art unless I allow it to bask in plenty of sunlight or let it rest in its scabbard. Thats true, its the same for me. Ill have to put it in my sheath or rather, theres quite a lot of stress being placed on it just by dangling like this, right? Its best to get a move on soon, regardless of whether were descending or ascending. I tried feeling over the marble wall with my left hand as I spoke, but the number of bumps and dips was a hopeless nil.

Blocks, with sides of roughly two meters at least, piled on forever neatly, without even a window visible on this west side. Breaking it apparently wouldnt be possible either, even if there was one, according to Alice.

There wasnt any great difference in effort between ascending or descending, so I would rather set the floors above as my goal, but the problem with that would be that I stared at Alice on my left with the most serious expression I could muster and asked, resigned to the low chance of getting a reply. If we were to head upwards is there somewhere we can return into the tower from? If we could enter the tower by climbing, that would indeed be extremely close to the highest floor where Administrator resides.

Guiding an enemy of the church to such a place would be nearly the same as committing a taboo as an integrity knight, a guardian. However Alice drew in a deep breath, then put strength into her gaze and nodded.

There is. On the ninety-fifth floor, a place called the Morning Star Lookout, should be entirely see-through, with only pillars for its four walls. We should be able to easily return inside if we could climb up there. A remarkably strong gleam resided in her two blue eyes. Even if we reach the ninety-fifth floor, I will cut you there without fail. Taking on the integrity knights gaze, filled with enough resolve to cause a prickly numbness on my nape, head-on, I nodded in return.

Thats our agreement from the start, after all. Wellyoure okay with climbing the wall, then? It is more pragmatic than descending to the ground from here.

However despite how assuredly you said it, how do you intend on climbing this vertical wall? Well, obviously, were going to run vertically no, thats a joke. After clearing my throat in a bid to escape Alices glance that had rapidly froze down to below absolute zero, I swapped my sword to my left hand, held out my right palm, and chanted an art. Generate metallic element! A metallic element, shining like mercury, was instantly created, so I altered its form with a supplement art and the power of my imagination.

Pulling it out to a length of around fifty centimeters and sharpening its point to the shape of a thin blade, I made an impromptu large piton which I firmly held onto. Looking up at the stone seam my black sword was thrust into overhead, I swung my right hand with force.

Upon driving in the piton with as much strength as I could muster, fortunately, the blade portion stabbed into the narrow gap without breaking. I tried to pry it out, upwards and downwards, but it seemed like it would stay fixed without issue even if my body weight hung off it. The Lives of objects created through sacred arts were exceedingly low, vanishing in a few hours even when left alone. Hence, the lifeline connecting Alice and myself wasnt used in the end, but it Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice would suffice if it was strong enough to support us as we climbed the wall.

While sensing Alices usual suspicious look, I firmly gripped the piton with my right hand and drew my black sword that had been abused to its limit with my left.

Although my physical ability in the Underworld didnt reach mine at the end of the SAO period that would make a B movies ninja ashamed, it still far more nimble, yet brawny, when compared to the real world. Placing my right foot on the bar, I steadily placed my left hand onto the wall while lifting my body up in a single stroke and succeeded in standing atop the thin, metallic rod. Are are you all right?

After lowering my sight at that hoarse voice, I saw Alice gripping tightly onto the golden chain with her free hand and looking up at me with a somewhat pale face. That expression gave off an unexpectedly childish impression and made me want to pretend I was falling against my better judgement, but killed that thought, knowing this wasnt the place for it. Im fine I think. Casually giving a signal with my right hand, I chanted the art again and brought forth a new piton.

While embracing a modest sense of accomplishment over finally advancing, though it was merely two meters, I called out to Alice below. Alright, looks like it works! Like what I did, come up that first piton no, that metal rod. However, the integrity knight remained still while looking up at me. Her lips made a small movement before long and a faint voice reached me.

What did you say?

I cant, thats what! No no, you can. With that strength of yours, pulling your own body up would be Thats not what I meant! Alice strongly shook her head and repelled the encouragement I crudely gave her. As it is my first time stuck in such a situation i-it might be a disgrace, but its already taking everything I have to hang off like this.

An unspeakable act like climbing onto that thin foothold would simply Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice I was briefly rendered speechless at Alices fragile voice that again seemed as though it would vanish.

In general, the people of the Underworld tended to react poorly towards situation beyond their expectations or common sense. Their adaptability towards originally impossible circumstances was especially low, with extreme cases like the elite swordsmanin-training, Raios, whose two arms were severed by my sword, getting his fluctlight crumbling away his Life extinguishedor so I conjectured.

I suppose not even an integrity knight should be capable of dealing with this situation of getting hurled out into the empty skies from a huge hole opened up in the towers wall, that should have been unbreakable, and stuck dangling from a super high area without a single foothold where even flying dragons did not trespass.

Or possiblyAlice Synthesis Thirty, who boasts of boundless skill with the sword, was just a single girl at heart too. Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice Whichever it was, hearing this proud integrity knight plea for help would probably be strictly restricted to a situation like right now.

Having judged that, I shouted. Got it! Ill pull you up to the foothold with the chain, then! Alice chewed on her lips with a look that appeared like she was weighing her pride against her fear when I did, but apparently had no intention of reversing her previous order of priorities as she gripped the golden chain with a very mild nod. Ill be in your hands. While enduring the impulsive urge to tease her incensed by her nearly mute voice, I caught hold of the chain as well.

Right, Ill lift you up slowly, then. Here I go. I cautiously pulled up the chain after that single line. My foothold, the piton, creaked softly, but it seemed it could bear the weight of two if it was for a short time.

Taking care not to jolt it, I lifted the great golden knight a meter before holding the chain still for the moment. Alright, you can pull your sword out now. Alice nodded and delicately extracted her Fragrant Olive Sword from the stone wall it had been thrust into. The chain weighed down anew in that instant, but I kept it under control somehow. I called out once more after Alices boots got onto the first piton. Hold onto the wall with both hands yeah, alright, Ill be letting the chain go.

I couldnt see her expression from this angle, but Alice desperately tried to stick onto the wall and haphazardly shook her head. While imagining her expression likely present below her golden hair, fluttering in the wind, I gently lowered my right arm.

The knight ended up reeling a little atop the thin piton, but immediately regained her balance. Whew I had no idea how many meters away was that Morning Star Lookout place, said to be on the ninety-fifth floor, but anyway, we should eventually reach there if I repeated this process.

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The problem would be how it would likely turn night before we got there, at the rate we climbed a single block, so we should get mentally prepared to settle down for the night while dangling off the wall. Ill be climbing up another, then.

After I declared downwards, Alice glanced up with a rigid face and replied with a barely audible whisper mostly swept into the noise from the wind. I let a deep breath escape. Got it. I made a distinct thumbs-up with my right handthough that gesture wasnt used in the Underworldthen chanted the system command to create a third piton. Despite how Centoria should have been closing in to midsummer, the sun mercilessly sank quicker and quicker once it got started.

The white wall glowing with the setting suns orange shifted through a fiery vermillion, then violet, before it settled on indigo, and I could see the mountain range at the edge cutting a lonely horizontal line far-away in the west when I swept through with a glance. A multitude of stars had already been flickering into existence overhead, but our climbing progress was by no means fast. An unforeseen limit in the system had been tormenting us since an hour ago or so.

Scaling up had been simple indeed. Creating a single piton with sacred arts, securing that in the gap between the marble blocks, and clambering atop it. Followed by pulling Alice up by the chain and placing her onto the piton I stood on earlier; that was all to it.

Each set was reduced to below three minutes after repeating it over ten times. However, the problem laid with creating that crucial piton. Any variant of the magic here, named sacred arts, could be repeatedly used without cease, as long as the users system access authority qualified for it. And abiding by the rule, Alices and my present circumstances stuck five hundred meters above the ground and the sun sinking into the horizon, were close to the worst possible conditions. To sum it up, the surrounding resources would be exhausted by the sacred arts I had repeatedly chanted and we would fail in creating those indispensable pitons for scaling the wall.

This space resources thing had no numerical value to go by and was truly a troublesome matter to deal with.

Basically, it was supplied through the sunlight or the fertility in soil. A place with fertile soil and basking in sufficient sunlight would be rich in sources, enough for even continuous casts of advanced sacred arts, but on the other hand, space resources would be rapidly depleted in the room the sun cannot reach, of a building made from stone, requiring a long period of time before the resources would be recharged.

However, that didnt mean that it could be used infinitely, anywhere and anytime. The rule of this world, that each and every act of creation required resources, applied just as strictly to sacred arts. Usage of the arts must consume precious catalysts, the Lives for living beings, even humans, or the space resources stored around the user. Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice Atop my palm, stretched out straight and seeking the dim afterglow remaining, drifted desolate beads of silver light which vanished in a puff of smoke.

I sighed and Alice spoke in a voice just as worn-out from two meters below. Erm Im pretty sure were almost done with the eighty-fifth floor.

It is still far until the ninety-fifth floor, isnt it. Creation of those apparatus must have greatly drained the sacred power in the area We could even consider ourselves lucky if we could create one every hour after Solus sets How much have we climbed thus far? I stubbornly gazed at the vanishing shade of violet in the skies, then nodded. Yeah one way or another, itll be too dangerous to climb when its completely dark. Still we cant exactly rest in this situation even if we were to settle down for the night If worst comes to worst, we would have to rest while dangling off the chain, but with how we couldnt make any pitons and how they vanish after tens of minutes, we could only resort to our swords again as the support.

But it was questionable if our swords Lives could even hold until morning. Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice In hope that I could find something to hang the chain upon, like some protrusion, I glared at the wall overhead, unwilling to give up.

And Ah There were elaborate silhouettes sticking out from the wall, spaced out regularly, just around eight meters above, werent there. It appeared the mist coiling around the tower disappeared upon sunset and revealed the hidden objects visages. Hey, over there do you see something? After I shouted out while pointing, Alice, near my feet, raised her face as well.

Her blue eyes squinted and she answered. I do could those be statues or something similar? That said, why would they be at such a high There wouldnt be anyone around to look at them. It doesnt matter what they are as long as we can sit on them and rest.

Still, there are still eight met eight mel before reaching there. I could climb up there, but I guess Ill need another three metal rods Three I see. Alice could be seen pondering for a moment before she immediately nodded. I had planned to save this until it truly came in necessary, but it appears now would be the time. She leaned against the wall the moment she said thusly and removed the gauntlet equipped on her left hand. Staring at the armor that radiated a faint, golden light even in this shadowy darkness, she chanted the starting phrase for sacred arts.

A fleeting flash of light shot out as the chant, done several times more fluent than I could have, endedthe gauntlet had already changed its form into three pitons before I could process that. Perhaps Alices form transformation art had been more costeffective than element generation arts, for it bore fruit even in our surroundings scantiness of resources.

Do use these.

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Alice fully extended her right hand, gripping onto the pitons, towards me who was two meters higher. I leaned my body over the foothold and received those precious tools with caution. Thanks, thosell help. Should the need arise, I do have some armor remaining, but I gave the gorgeous breastplate covering Alices upper half a glance and shook my head.

No lets keep that in reserve until the very end. Never know when we might need it Sword Art Online Volume 13 Alicization Dividing Integrity Knight Alice Slowly standing up, I stuck two among the three pitons Alice made for me into my belt and firmly gripped the last one. The golden stake I drove in with a shout pierced deep into the gap with an entirely different level of tenacity compared to the ones made from metallic elements as expected.

Climbing atop it via the horizontal bar exercise Id gotten rather used to, I pulled Alice up with the lifeline.

Repeating that process yet another time, I could clearly recognize that mysterious object even in the dim light upon getting within four meters of it. It really was a stone statue. A narrow terrace stretched out left and right, as if surrounding the cathedrals outer walls, and several quite large statues lined up atop that. However, those were no divine figures like the goddesses and angels Id seen countless times within the tower. They were shaped like humans, but their posture, with their legs crooked in a squat and their arms folded onto their laps, had no association with chasteness.

Rugged, boorish muscles bulged on their limbs and wings, sharp as knives, extended from their backs. And the statues heads could be described as nothing other than grotesque. Nervgear enables people to see, hear, taste, smell and touch in a virtual environment, so everything they experience in a game will become realistic to them. Inside, there are millions of signal unites stimulating the brain and creating this virtual environment.

Die in the game, and the VR helmets send an electric shock through your brain so you die in real life as well. The only way out? Beat the game, all the way up to Level I went to read them, both because I am enjoying the TV series and because my experience is that novels tend to have lovely little details that fall by the adaptation wayside.

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Result: primarily good! It is, however, a very different experience. To pick the most obvious, the first book skips straight from the confusion and panic of the first day in SAO to a point nearly two years later — in anime terms, from Episode 1 to Episode 8.

On the other hand, the anime was able to take advantage of the second book, which contains all sorts of side stories and character development.Part It is the fourth volume in the War of the Underworld sub-arc of the.

Even if we reach the ninety-fifth floor, I will cut you there without fail. Its not like I could help it, I could only no, leave the talking for later, theyre coming!

Enraged, Asuna was about to throw the paper like a baseball, when she noticed that something was written on it. Got it!? I would have asked Kirito more about it. Kirito did not hear this voice. Are you not holding on to any unnecessary cloth?