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Kissing Coffins 1 Bleeding Heart 2 Flower Power 3 Final Depature 4 Hipsterville 5 The Coffin Club 6 Dracula Delivers 7 The Historical Society 8 In a Manor of. Kissing Coffins. Home · Kissing Coffins Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB Vampire Kisses, Kissing Coffins, Vampireville, Dance with a Vampire · Read more. Kissing Coffins (Vampire Kisses, #2) by Ellen Schreiber. About the COFFINS VAMPIRE KISSES 2 ELLEN SCHREIBER kissing coffins vampire kisses pdf.

Kissing Coffins Pdf

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Going back to my town, there are plenty of perfectly nice people willing to hang out with Goth people. You just have to look for them.

But then, I don't find it surprising that Raven hasn't done that, considering how proud she seems to be of being an outcast.

Three: What the heck is up with all those stupid exclamation points?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, was the author's period key broken or something?

Four: Raven is a hypocrite.

She whines constantly about how the Dullsvillians you never learn the actual name of the town. Raven calls it Dullsville as a joke, and she's so witty and hilarious that it keeps being funny by the end of the book.

Kissing Coffins

Or, you get the sense that you're supposed to think that, anyway. Five: The vampires sleep in coffins that are plastered with band stickers. I can't even elaborate on that. It speaks for itself.

There are a lot of other stupid things I could rant about, but I don't really feel like it. Kissing Coffins is just It's more of a monument to Raven's incredible Gothness than a story.

Vampire Kisses 5: The Coffin Club

I read Kissing Coffins after reading Twilight, when my friend recommended it to me, saying "If you liked Twilight, you'll like this. Because that is the only thing the two hav They say that you can't know good literature until you've read bad literature.

Because that is the only thing the two have in common. This book is about a goth girl as she helpfully reminds us about five hundred times throughout the course of the book named Raven seriously?

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And I read a lot. She is pretty much the epitome of a gothic Mary-Sue- She calls herself Goth all the freaking time with that same self-righteous attitude, like anybody who isn't Goth sucks. The end.

Everybody supposedly hates her, but she really isn't terrorized by anyone aside from Trevor, who she could probably have arrested for stalking her, with how obsessed he is with irritating he.

Oh, and he also happens to be in love with her. The book spends waaaaay too much time describing Raven's OMG!

Gothic outfits and far too little time with character development. She is, of course, obsessed with vampires and has been since she was five, since all Goth kids are just born Goth. They don't grow into it.

Vampire Kisses, Kissing Coffins, Vampireville, Dance with a Vampire

She always wins her conflicts, whether through her "sharp wit and sass" which by the way, wasn't all that impressive. Which kind of made me feel that the rest of her world is just really, really stupid, to be bested by Raven or through her physical strengths, which are implied to excede that of a star athlete at her school.

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Unger - Western: Wenn der Nordwind ruft by G.I imagined Alexander standing over me with flowers, begging my forgiveness for leaving so abruptly.

Dry-ice fog floated over the clubsters like tiny ghosts.

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Or would it be a dead end? With each step, I couldn't help but feel as if someone was watching me. I ran back up the broken steps and stood on the lawn. He winked at me, and then grinned, revealing sharp vampire fangs that glistened in the candlelight. I knew who'd be the subject of today's talk around the microwave in the teachers' lounge.

It was Janice Armstrong, the owner. He knew firsthand what it was like to be judged for what he wore, how he looked, for being homeschooled and expressing himself through a paintbrush instead of a soccer ball.