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Syllabus. Sl. No. Particulars. Download. 1, Assistant Engineer, Click Here to Download. 2, Combined Civil Services Exam advt no. / Pattern and . a) Structure and function of heart, Blood Circulation and Cardiac cycle at rest and during exercise. Cardio vascular adaptation to training. Importance of heart. 8 jobs JPSC Syllabus Jobs, JPSC Syllabus pdf ,JPSC Syllabus , JPSC Syllabus, JPSC Syllabus Government Job Vacancy, JPSC Syllabus Central.

Jpsc Syllabus Pdf

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Jharkhand Public Service Commission's (JPSC) Civil Services Combined Competitive Exam Syllabus details. JPSC Civil Services Syllabus Pdf here. Download JPSC CCS Prelims and Mains Syllabus along with the Exam Pattern. Candidates who. SYLLABUS FOR JPSC CIVIL. SERVICES EXAMINATION OF. JHARKHAND. The Preliminary Examination shall consist of two compulsory papers, each of.

JPSC Syllabus 2019 – Check Jharkhand PSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2019

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Making a great Resume: How to design your resume? Have you ever lie on your resume? Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume?

Geomorphic processes; Weathering, mass wasting, erosion and deposition, soil formation. Landscape cycles, ideas of Davis Davis and Penck.

JPSC Combined Civil Service Exam Syllabus CCS Exam Pattern Pre Main

Composition, Structure and Stratification of the atmosphere. Insolation, heat budget of the earth. Horizontal and vertical distribution of temperature, inversion of temperature. Air masses and fronts, Tropical and temperate cyclones.

Evaporation and Condensation: dew frost, fog mist and cloud, rainfall types. Classification of climates, Koppen and Thornthwaite , Greenhouse effect, global warming and climatic changes. Hydrological cycle, distribution of temperature and solicits in the oceans and seas, waves, tides and currents, ocean floor relief features. Indian monsoon, mechanism, onset and retreat, climatic types Koppen and Trewartha.

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Green Revolution and its impact on major crops of India, Food scarcity. Natural Vegetation-Forest types and distribution, wild life, conservation, biosphere reserves. Major types of Soils.

ICAR classification and their distribution. Population growth, distribution and density. Age: Sex, ratio, rural-urban composition; Population, environment and development. Types of Settlement: rural and urban, urban morphology; functional classification of urban settlements, Problems of human settlement in India.

Water Resources: Availability and utilization for industrial and other purposes, irrigation, scarcity of water, methods of conservation-rain water harvesting and watershed management, ground water management. Minerals and Energy Resources: Distribution and utility of a metallic minerals ion ore, copper, bauxite, magnese , b non-metallic and conventional coal, petroleum and natural gas , c hydro electricity and non conventional source of energy Solar, Wing, bio-gas , d energy source, their distribution and conservation.

Transport, Communication and International Trade: Roads, railways and water ways. Population: Growth, distribution, density; Tribal population and their distribution, Problems of Tribes and Tribal development Plans; their customs, rituals, festivals etc.

Pattern of urban settlement and Pollution Problems. The candidates will be required to answer one compulsory and two optional questions from each section. In addition, there shall be four optional questions in each section, of which candidates will be required to answer only two questions, each of 40 marks. The optional questions shall be answered in the traditional, descriptive form; requiring long answers. Salient features of the Indian Constitution.

Directive Principles of the State Policy. Union Judiciary: The Supreme Court: its role and powers. Principles of Natural Justice of Law.

JPSC 7th CCS Syllabus 2018 | Jharkhand PSC Civil Service Exam Pattern Download

State Legislature: Organization, Powers and functions, with special reference to Jharkhand. The Panchayats and the Municipalities: Constitution, Power, functions and responsibilities with special reference to 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendments.

Centre-state Relationship: Administrative, Legislative and Financial. Special provision relating to reservation of seats for S.

Emergency Provisions of the Constitution.Concept and nature of Sound, Wave length and frequency, Infrasonic and Ultrasonic sounds, Sources of infrasonic sound in nature, Ultrasonic sound characteristics and some applications. Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability. Governmental policies for food and nutritional security. Indian monsoon, mechanism, onset and retreat, climatic types Koppen and Trewartha.

Fiscal policy: Concept and role of fiscal policy in achieving employment, stability and economic development.