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asked the vampire, turning now so the boy could see his profile. " Enough for the story of a life? " " Sure, if it's a good life. Sometimes I interview as many as three. Anne Rice - Vampire Chronicles 1 - Interview With The Vampire. Home · Anne Rice, Anne - Vampire Chronicles 01 - Interview With The Vampire · Read more. INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE by. Anne Rice. FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Converted to PDF by ScreenTalk™

Interview With A Vampire Pdf

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INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE by. Anne Rice. Based on the novel by. Anne Rice. April Second Draft. FOR EDUCATIONAL. PURPOSES ONLY. Editorial Reviews. Review. In the now-classic novel Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice refreshed the archetypal vampire myth for a. PDF | Analysis on the characters of novel Interview with the Vampire in this study presents characteristics of plot and the intrinsic elements of the novel. Results.

Though I can't say why I'm not sure what the movie has that the book doesn't Or what makes the movie more intriguing View all 44 comments. Nov 05, Ana O rated it really liked it Shelves: Make room on your book bucket lists because Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire is a must read.

One of my casual resolutions this year was to catch up on some of the books I've been meaning to read for a while, but just never got around to. I'm so glad I finally picked up this book. I saw the movie first but still had goosebumps at the end. There was nothing but the soft roar of the waves. I know this is going to sound a little juvenile, but I ship them. Their relationship is so messed up and so complex.

I truly believe that they loved each other the best they could under the circumstances. She may be cute, but she is certainly a little psycho. And sometimes I found myself so vividly aware of him it was as if he had only just left the room and the ring of his voice were still there. That morning, I was not yet a vampire.

And I saw my last sunrise. I remember it completely; yet I do not think I remember any other sunrise before it. I finished the book, Patty! I can finally log into goodreads with my head held high. View all comments. I have to say I liked the movie better. I mean eye candy! I have wanted to read this series forever and since one of my groups is doing a challenge for a badge I thought now would be perfect.

Anne Rice - Vampire Chronicles 1 - Interview With The Vampire

BUT, if they don't get better I'm not going to waste my time. View all 21 comments. Sep 23, C. Books not bongs. You begin. It seems like it might be fun. A little bit trashy, but fun.

Not so well written. Already, you know it won't be up to much. You keep reading. Why this way? You read, wondering why. It seems pointless. You are bored, your mind wanders. You cannot stop. It is dark. So dark. The atmosphere. You are trapped. Trapped in someone's twisted fantasy. Until pain and suffering and anguish and loneliness are beautiful. Seduct You begin.

Interview with the Vampire pdf, epub, mobi

But you know that they are not, and no book will make it so. You are bored. You put the book down. But you have to finish it. You read. Waiting for gratification. Waiting for something to happen.

You cannot look away. It is a beautiful day outside. So sensual. So strange. The plot shifts. A small climax. You groan. Still a hundred and fifty pages left. You shift positions. You ache for more. Downwards spiral.

Come on, suicide. There is no suicide. Existential angst. That was all. What a stupid ending. View all 37 comments. Aug 09, Mark rated it did not like it. One of the rare few books I couldn't finish.

I could not empathize with the lead character at all - once he turned into a vampire I would be regularly bombarded with paragraphs describing how goddamn beautiful everything was now that he could see them with his vampire eyes. The forest was beautiful, the night sky was beautiful, the homeless people were beautiful These special vampire eyes might be the reason why Louis narrator and L One of the rare few books I couldn't finish.

These special vampire eyes might be the reason why Louis narrator and Lestat sort of bad guy spend most of their time making moon eyes at one another.

In fact, that's mostly all I can remember from the story since the plot was so forgettable. Aside from the characters adopting a girl which was entertaining , Louis spends most of his time admiring things or arguing with Lestat. Skip the book, watch the movie. View all 22 comments. Dec 06, Leo. I really enjoyed this book. Read it a while ago. Thought the film was very good. Not sure whether it was as good as the book or not. In both books the main character had a wealth of knowledge and experience.

They rub shoulders with the more, privileged people. Is vampirism real? I once watched a documentary video; fake news? And in the film a lab scientist had a series of clear tanks containing mice. Some pregnant mice, some new born mice and anot I really enjoyed this book.

Some pregnant mice, some new born mice and another containing an old mouse. The hairs on its chin were grey so I guess he was getting old.

Anne Rice - Vampire Chronicles 1 - Interview With The Vampire

I think mice only live for about two years so this one was probably at least two summers old. Anyhow I digress, this gets nasty now. The video goes into a time lapse.

The lab assistant was taking baby mice from the mother and feeding them to the old mouse. The video is filmed over a couple of weeks and condensed to a few minutes on the time lapse. Now, the old mouse is getting younger! The old mouse, eating the pure clean flesh of new born mice, gets younger. His greying chin hair is now a lovely golden brown and he is flitting about his environment like a teenager. I don't know whether this video is real or fake.

Was the mouse swapped with a younger one? Who knows? If it is fake it is quite So I ask again, is vampirism real? If it is real then the Race of the Vampire would be far older than humanity.

Interview with the Vampire

That means they would Predate humanity. So explains why Vampires predate, as in hunt, feed off, suck the blood of humans. So does Predate mean what is says, before? Or, hunt, stalk, eat?

Or are the two meanings the same? Was the Tiger here before the deer? Was the wolf here before the sheep? As humans, with our intellect, we as a race don't really have a predator these days. We create things to protect us. So are we the top of the food chain? Do we, as in all nature, have a predator? For every right there is a left and every up there is a down. Are we the most intelligent beings on this planet? Are there many races? Do they hide in the shadows?

What is folklore compared to mainstream? Why is Romania called Rome Mania? Legend of Dracuul. Vlad the Impaler. A madman! Was ancient Romania, Visigoths? Named so because it became a Roman outpost?

Rome occupied Egypt. Romany, curses and casting spells. The mystics of Egypt did too.

I am forever playing Devils Advocate, too many questions and not enough answers. Let's take the Alfa Romeo car manufacturer. I recently learned it is owned by the Vatican. We all know that the Vatican is a state within a state. Like the city of London, where all the oligarchy live. Or the District Of Colombia. So, the Vatican probably owns the Alfa Romeo car company, secretly it would appear.

The esoteric world communicate via logos. Sigils, symbols, icons etc. A picture spells a thousand words Words are only for the masses. They are swords. Now let's look at the Alfa Romeo badge. I am not going to copy and paste one in for fear of copy right strike.

One will have to look for themselves however, I can describe it. Here goes: A circle within a circle. The outer circle, enveloping around, spells the words Alfa Romeo. To the left of the inner circle is the Red Cross of St. To the right is a dragon. On the dragon's head is a Crown.

A forked tongue protruding from the dragons mouth. How absurd. Let's break this down. A wheel within a wheel. The outer circle contains the word "Alfa" top, supreme, dominance. Also the word Rome. It envelopes the inner circle. So Rome is top dog. To left of the inner circle is the St. George Flag. A red cross. Did St. George not slay the dragon? To the right of the flag is a Dragon.

On top of its head is a Crown. What appears to be a forked tongue protruding from its maw. If one turns the logo degrees one can clearly see it is not a tongue at all So the Dragon has a Crown on its head and a human hanging out of its mouth.

It's only a company logo right? So according to this badge. Rome is top dog and there would be no Royalty if not for Holy Roman Empire. The Royals are actually dragons. And they eat humans, really?

David Icke must be cringing. It is so absurd, it is crazy. What is true is that some time ago Prince Charles visited Romania and whilst walking around some Gothic temples with the Romanian leader he turned and said.

Or words to that effect. I remember watching it on a mainstream news channel.

I think he is. Does the Welsh flag have a Red Dragon on it? I believe it does. He thinks he is. Interesting to know that Windsor is not the real name of the British Royals. The Vatican. Royal Bloodlines. The elites believe it.

Incidentally the Visigoths had a distinctive red shield and a Criss Sword. I read some where that the name Rothschild means Red Shield. I hope I am not hung drawn and quartered. Penny Dreadfuls were small comic book magazines from the Victorian era. Basically like fantasy and folklore. In the TV show the main plot was vampirism. In the show the protagonists find an Alpha Vampire, an original. The creature has an autopsy. The skin is scaly and covered in hieroglyphs. Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Its fangs are akin to a serpent. I thought it was a very interesting concept. Dorian Grey also featured heavily in the show, as did Spring-Heeled Jack. The show was subsequently scrapped.

I wonder why? I wonder a lot. When an alpha bites it infects. A made vampire in folklore is actually infected, not born a vampire, so when it rises from the dead it could almost be considered a Zombie. It is rumoured that archeologists have unearthed many plague pits across Europe and UK and in those mass graves the corpses were beheaded and had punctures to the chest area. I once read an article about this very subject.

The piece outlined that indeed during the middle ages and before this was quite frequently practiced. Was it merely superstition? I certainty never learned this at school, it was not in the curriculum. I will research this subject more. View all 11 comments. Feb 23, Madeline rated it it was ok Shelves: You made me read a goddamn vampire book.

Not only that, you made me read a vampire book with a cover made entirely of shiny ostentatious material that shouted to everyone in the library as I checked this out, "Look everyone!

Madeline is reading a book about vampires! Like, the ancient Egyptians would look at this cover and say, "That's a bit much. Okay, so the book itself isn't bad , really - hence my rating of two stars, which Goodreads classifies as "it was ok. Maybe I would have been more thrilled by the story if I hadn't seen the movie - even though there's stuff in the book that didn't make it into the movie, none of it is particularly thrilling.

At least the movie made the wise decision to keep the blatant, in-your-face-but-unacknowledged homoeroticism seriously, this book is, and I mean this in the most literal way possible, the gayest thing I've ever read but changed the fact that a Claudia is only five years old in the book and b she and Louis do everything except actually have sex with each other.

They're always kissing and caressing each other and Louis is calling her his lover and his paramour and it is so fucking creepy. But, lest we forget, vampire books are supposed to be creepy. In these post- Twilight days, it's easy to forget that there was once a time where vampires fucked and killed and were a general amoral all-around good time, and if one of them chose to be all broody and sad about being a vampire he was the weird one that no one else wanted to hang out with.

God, I miss those days - to the point where I considered giving this an extra star, just because I was so grateful to read a story about vampires who do actual vampire stuff and it's sexy and scary instead of boring and schmoopy. Also good was how in-depth Rice goes into the psychology of vampires, and I loved her explanation for why they haven't overrun the planet: Explains Armand, who I will continue to picture as Antonio Banderas and you can't stop me: They have the most dismal notions of immortality to begin with.

For in becoming immortal they want all the forms of their life to be fixed as they are and incorruptible When, in fact, all things change except the vampire himself; everything except the vampire is subject to constant corruption and distortion. Soon, with an inflexible mind, and often even with the most flexible mind, this immortality becomes a penitential sentence in a madhouse of figures and forms that are hopelessly unintelligible and without value.

One evening a vampire rises and realizes what he has feared perhaps for decades, that he simply wants no more of life at any cost.

But as for the rest, I'll just watch the movie, thanks. Or not, because if we're going to be honest I don't even like the movie that much. Sorry, Ms. Rice, but if my vampires must be broody, I at least want them to be funny and charming too. View all 27 comments. May 02, Vessey rated it it was amazing Recommended to Vessey by: The movie.

I admit that I couldn't get through the rest of "The Vampire Chronicles", but this one stays a favourite. Why do you like it so, oh, vampire crazy Vessey? Really, I do like vampires. Even though I'm not a "Twilight" fan.

I even have my own set of teeth. A real goth girl inhabits my body and she hungers for dark adventures. I'm a sinister person, I know. First, I really like Anne Rice's prose. It is so beautiful and enchanting. The whole story comes along with a good measure of dark sensuality, I admit that I couldn't get through the rest of "The Vampire Chronicles", but this one stays a favourite.

The whole story comes along with a good measure of dark sensuality, which I particularly like. What is more important to me, though, is that it presents, in a very captivating way, problems which have been haunting humanity since for ever. How many people in reality live tortured by guilt and loneliness and feel different than everybody else the way Louis does? Or how many people are tormented by the thought that their looks do not show their true self and that the others are unable to see past the surface?

Or how many people are forced to live and suffer with someone they can never quite connect to, out of necessity, loneliness, because they love them despite all, or all three at once?

I think many people can relate to the heroes I should say anti-heroes, really of this dark tale. What is loneliness? What is the world? What is eternity? What does it mean to be immortal? What is the nature of existence? Is there God? What does it mean to be good? What does it mean to be evil? And which is the bigger evil - to be the actual committer of a crime or to allow it? What is life, what is death? It speaks not only of, and the value of, life and death of humans as individuals, but of the life and death of beliefs, values, possibilities.

It is told through the POV of one narrator, but it has a really big scope. Anne Rice shows an amazing skill in reflecting people's feelings and struggles. What is fiction if not a mirror to reality? Two opposite concepts which are not that opposite, after all. Every creation of art is a message born out of its creator's experience and inner world. Read count: View all 48 comments. Feb 10, Ren rated it liked it.

I first read this book in High School and my sad gothic self immediately fell in love with its beautiful, damaged characters. For years this book haunted me. The rest of the Vampires books were pulpy fun but this book really had something.

She captured something here and her almost baroque prose really carries the story. Louis is turned into a vampire and continues his search for the answers: He wars with lovers, family and friends in his search to define his own life only to discover that nothing he does matters and that everyone is just as lost as he is, an ultimately there are no answers but the ones we make ourselves.

View all 6 comments. He caminado por las calles de Nueva Orleans como el Segador Maldito y me he alimentado de vida humana para mantener mi propia existencia.

Soy un vampiro. Somos inmortales. Y lo que tenemos ante nosotros son las fiestas suntuosas que la conciencia no puede apreciar y que los seres humanos no pueden conocer sin arrepentirse.

El mal siempre es posible. View all 23 comments. Aug 18, Bonnie Shores rated it really liked it Shelves: So, you've been whining about your life as a vampire for how many hundreds of years now, Louis? We get it. You weren't given much of a choice and Lestat wasn't a good "daddy". Please get over it already, you undead baby! Now that that's out of the way Perhaps it's an unfair criticism, but I almost felt like it was cheating somehow, and it is this style of story presentation that allowed Louis to drone on and on and on and on.

He literally told the interviewer that he needed to start at the beginning. And so he did. However, Louis was allowed to tell his story with virtually NO interruptions or questions from the interviewer. That's just unrealistic in an interview situation. So, during that time, the book would lapse into the common first-person POV, totally making you forget that this was an interview.

And Louis gave way more personal insight imho than you would give in an interview, if that makes sense And then there's Lestat Having only seen the movie, I didn't remember Lestat being portrayed as awful as Louis made him out to be; therefore, I was disappointed in his seemingly total lack of character.

But I've been assured by TL that The Vampire Lestat will change my mind, so I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. After all, Anne Rice is a great writer and I love vampires. Overall, looking past the interview format which may bother only me and Louis' whining which should bother everyone , the book was really good.

The yearning for understanding, acceptance and relationship is important to everyone, even vampires, and Louis' story is one worth reading.

View all 7 comments. Aug 29, Gaijinmama rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am going to confess that I didn't read this book until , after I'd seen the movie.

I couldn't handle horror movies or scary books at the time, but Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas and a surprisingly good Tom Cruise really got my attention.

Now I'm a bona fide fan. I'm working toward reading everything Rice has written, and now I enjoy many other authors who write about vampires. It wasn't just that the vampire dudes were soooo totally hot in the movie. As is usually the case, the book turned ou I am going to confess that I didn't read this book until , after I'd seen the movie. As is usually the case, the book turned out to be even better. Rice's characters are among the most compelling ever created in fiction.

Louis with his constant moral conflicts and philosophical musings, Lestat with his naughty Bad Boy Bloodsucking Attitude and sarcasm which Tom Cruise did really well in the film.. Claudia with her keen intelligence and relentless anger at having been trapped for eternity in a child's body.

Armand for being.. My favorite character however, has got to be the City of New Orleans, the true star of this show. I'm sure I'm nowhere near the first reader who has been inspired by Rice's books to visit this special, unique city and wander through the French Quarter and the Garden District.

Rice knows and loves her city, and that feeling is infectious. I'm a sucker for well-developed characters, but in this book and the rest of Rice's work, it's the setting that draws me in most of all. The indelible image of Antonio almost kissing Brad doesn't hurt either Jul 20, Shovelmonkey1 rated it liked it Recommends it for: Poor vampires.

Such a bad press over the years what with all the blood sucking, neck snapping and general ravaging of virgins, maidens and anyone with a taste for Gothic-style bedroom furniture and an open window. Still, now that Edward Cullen and his pan-faced fan base of moody teens have infiltrated popular culture, replacing the stereotypical images of pale, foppish young men in lacy cuffs and brocaded velvet jackets with a utilitarian Gap-Style wardrobe of urban wear and a slightly sulky lo Poor vampires.

Still, now that Edward Cullen and his pan-faced fan base of moody teens have infiltrated popular culture, replacing the stereotypical images of pale, foppish young men in lacy cuffs and brocaded velvet jackets with a utilitarian Gap-Style wardrobe of urban wear and a slightly sulky look , we seem to be moving further away from the more traditional imagery.

That said, R-Patz see I know the lingo, I listen to the kids appears to be dead from the eyeballs down in many scenes and is probably as wooden as the stake which should be used to pin him back into his eternal resting place, so not all elements of the vampire legend have been entirely done away with. Interview with the Vampire was almost solely responsible see Lost Boys for its partner in crime for spawning the epidemic known as the great vampire obsession of the late 20th century or at the very least a huge resurgence in the interest in vampire myth and lore.

Ok, ok Bram Stoker deserves a big old nod for originally bringing us the whole idea of wing-ed blood suckers who like nothing more than a snooze in a wooden box and a brisk sea journey to the north-east coast of England.

Or if you like we can go a bit further back and point the sharp end of the stake at Sheridan Le Fanu for his sapphic vampires which featured in his collection of short stories "In a Glass Darkly". Whoever you'd like to blame for it, you have to admit they were onto a good wheeze. The romance of immortality fuelled by the go-juice of another human being it goes down easier if you just think of it as a sort of clotted Slim-Fast meal seems to have had a weirdly kinky appeal which has garnered it a fan base of millions.

Lets break it down and see what there really is to like about being a vampire. Eternal life - obviously gets a big tick but then it does depend who you get stuck with. If you end like Louis, locked in a bitter battle of wills with the sadistic Lestat, then eternity is going to seem like, well Drinking blood - readily available, free therefore credit crunch chic , nutritious and virtually calorie free.

It's simple: Live fast, die young, drink blood and have a good looking and upwardly mobile corpse. Alternatively, forever is a long time to go without a solid meal and you know you'll eventually start complaining that dinner always tastes the same.

Queue jumping, being first in the door at the Harvey Nichols January Sales and avoiding having to sit in economy class during flights are all things which would improve my life. Sleeping in a coffin - compact and bijoux if you live in a tiny inner city apartment where you're kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom are all practically the same room.

Why not drape your coffin with an attractive throw and turn it into a table for night-time use? On the downside no one ever said eternal rest would be a comfortable one. Interview with the Vampire takes itself pretty seriously a lot more seriously than this review , and despite the fact Louis' hand wringing and tortured immortal soul act did start to grate on me towards the end, overall I enjoyed this and was able to stop raising my eye brows long enough to appreciate the detail and originality of the story.

Fangs for the great story Anne! View all 18 comments. Nov 17, Paul Bryant rated it really liked it Shelves: Oh God, I'm going to have to do this. Oh well, here I go. Hmm — he looks a bit fierce. Especially since my last confession which was I Oh God, I'm going to have to do this.

I accuse myself of the following sins. I wouldn't have thought it to look at the fellow. But he's one all right.

That's all I know. Just the titles. And is dreadful and I'd rather throw myself off a cliff than sit through anything by Eisenstein, Godard or Fellini. And I realise throwing yourself off a cliff is another sin.

You'd better come clean about the rest of it too, I suppose. I never listened to Radiohead. The world's greatest band whose OK Computer is poised to wrest the title of all time best rock album from the dead hands of the shibboleths of the sixties for ever?

At all? For these and all my other sins that I cannot now remember, I am truly sorry, firmly resolve not to sin again and humbly ask pardon of God, and of you, Father, counsel, penance and absolution". But this…. And don't leave it another 23 years again. But it had to be done.

Fancy mentioning Interview with the Vampire. I could have said something else, like Jack Kerouac, that's bad enough. Oh the shame. Well, he's probably heard worse. Oh well. Hmm, Radiohead can't be that bad, can they? View all 10 comments.

Par park phanikumar le vendredi, juin 23 , - Lien permanent Anne Rice: Interview with the Vampire Description In a darkened room a young man sits telling the macabre and eerie story of his life - the story of a vampire, gifted with eternal life, cursed with an exquisite craving for human blood. Anne Rice's compulsively readable novel is arguably the most celebrated work of vampire fiction since Bram Stoker's Dracula was published in As the Washington Post said on its first publication, it is a 'thrilling, strikingly original work of the imagination The harrowing, true account from the brave men on the ground who fought back during the Battle of Benghazi.

How well do you really know the Bible? For instance, guess how many doves were aboard Noah's Ark. The answer is not two. And guess on which day the Bible says Jesus died. Believe it or not, the Good Book doesn't mention Friday, and even more surprisingly, while the Bible says Jesus rose from the grave, it does not say it occurred Sunday morning.

Remember, Jesus' followers found an empty tomb then. But don't feel bad if you've always assumed otherwise. Like countless millions of people, you've just been misinformed, misled or even dare we say lied to about what the Bible actually says.

In a stunning investigation, news veteran Joe Kovacs goes on a mission to help both Christians and non-Christians alike find out what the Bible really contains, and what it doesn't.So will I continue reading the series? As humans, with our intellect, we as a race don't really have a predator these days.

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