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The Uplifting Primer is standard equipment for all soldiers within the Imperial Guard, Section 1: “This is an UPLIFTING Primer; make the service to the Guard . Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Only War - The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

Imperial Guard Uplifting Primer Pdf

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IMPERIAL INFANTRYMAN'S. UPLIFTING PRIMER. /Publis Custodes Imperialum/ DAMOCLES. GULF EDITION. This document must not fall into enemy. 6 days ago The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer is the standard book carried by ALL Imperial Guardsmen. The book, like the steel balls, is standard. Jun 12, The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer Warhammer 40k Rulebook The Imperial Infantrymans Uplifting Primer pdf Warhammer 40k.

Troopers are encouraged to read and memorise most of the Primer , though disgruntled troopers often refer to these books as "toilet-paper.

There exists many different versions of the Primer , depending on the region of the Imperium where it was printed. More advanced and detailed versions of the Primer exist for Guardsmen serving in "specialised" formations like an armoured regiment or a Drop Trooper regiment who need to know more than the basic duties required of infantrymen. However, all versions have the same core content in common that is described below.

This section contains all the rules a Guardsman must adhere to in all circumstances, along with an introduction to the purpose of training, and what to do when on guard duty.

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These rules are to be abided by at all times, and ignorance of them is not considered a valid excuse since every Guardsman is expected to have read the Primer and keep it on his or her person at all times. This long section contains a lengthy description of all the wargear issued to a Guardsman upon his induction into the Imperial Guard, along with detailed instructions for correct usage and maintenance.

The Primer includes many easy to understand pictures and schemas in order to illustrate a point; here, the correct usage of a Rebreather. There then follows a section describing the organisation of a standard Imperial Guard company, and the additional duties a Guardsman will be called upon to perform if he gets drafted into a Heavy Weapons Team, as well as a basic description of each Heavy Weapon used by the Guard. This chapter deals with armour, provides a side view of each of the most common vehicles used by the Imperial Guard, as well as a description of the most commonly encountered Ork and Eldar armoured vehicles.

It also includes a small paragraph about identifying the weak spots on such metal behemoths.

Keep shoulders level and straight. Confront your foe with the aspect of greatest resistance, sup- ported on your back foot.

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Use short steps within guard position. Remem- ber: if you fall, you will probably be defeated.

Watch your opponent intently. Target weak spots the eyes Adopt the correct combat stance are vulnerable targets for most life forms; locating them is sometimes the hard part.

Reach: Judge the reach of your oppo- nent. What distance is required for him to strike you?

If your reach is longer, keep him at a distance by rocking back, back-stepping or hold- ing out your fist. If your opponent is bigger than you, get in close.

Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer

Use your speed to rob him of his advantage. Guard: Protect your head with fore- arms and raised fists. Although, you could get lucky and find The Imperial Infantryman's Handbook for almost half that price at Barnes and Noble - it includes the Imperial Munitorum Manual as well as the Uplifting Primer in a single book.

It also has a nifty little section of pink pages in the back titled The Benedictions of the Emperor, Inspiration Source and Uplifting Creeds for all Infantryman. It also tells such helpful things like Eldar Shurikens being unable to penetrate Flak armor total lie and hilarious considering nearly just about any kind of weapon can penetrate flak armor, excepting stubber apparently, which at and below rifle caliber ping off like rain from all parts, so you can pretend you're a space marine , Orks being small and stupid bigger lie, at least at the small part and much to the Imperial Guard's dismay there are highly intelligent Orks too , the Tau are herbivorous animals that are scared by loud noises and possibly incapable of mathematics and science wait until the reader sees the sheer amount of loud dakka the Tau possess or most hilariously, Genestealers being slow, sluggish, and having blunt-tipped claws sic.

To which every Terminator marine in the galaxy either promptly laughed his ass off or suffered a rage aneurysm from the sheer stupidity of that statement.

For an experienced Guard veteran, the only comfort that the primer provides is in cleaning up after a visit to the restroom and MSTing when the Commissar isn't around. Seriously, it's canon according to the "15 Hours" novel.

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Although it could be argued that is the whole purpose of the primer. Freedom of print is relatively spotty in the God-Emperor's realm but all the stuff about how Xenos are puny and weak could be just to keep the inevitable civilian reader from crapping himself in fear.

If people believe soldiering is glorious they will be eager to join up but if most people knew the truth about the Imperium's enemies they'd never join. Few regiments of the IG are without a veteran cadre that would be quick to explain to the FNGs Frakking New Guys that Orks are actually quite clever and agile plus larger than humans, Eldar shurikens will reduce you to lunch meat regardless of your flak vest, genestealers will get all up in your grill and rip you apart before you can blink and that whilst theoretically a Lasgun can kill anything in the galaxy in one shot, it's better to be thorough and shoot it a few dozen more times with the rest of the squad joining in the fun.If your opponent is bigger than you, get in close.

There is even a page with a small white square on it, and if said square is in any way defiled or marked then the owner would be immediately and thoroughly executed.

Outlined here are some broad principles of unarmed combat. This book is possessed by all members of the Imperial Guard as part of their standard-issue equipment.

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That's some grade A cruelty right there. You are being watched! Protection Against Gas, Chemical and Bio-chemical Threats: This section describes the physical symptoms to look out for in the event of the use of chemical or biological weapons by the foe, and reminds the Guardsman to call out an alarm before putting on his Rebreather, and to never remove it if not cleared by a superior officer.