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Topics ISLAMIC-BOOKS-LIBRARY, Ihya ul Uloom ud Deen, Imam Ghazali (r.a), Ihya, Ghazali. URDU TRANSLATION OF WORLD FAMOUS BOOK BY IMAM GHAZALI (R.A) The audio files of this great Urdu translation of Imam Ghazali's Ihya are available at the following links on the same site. 1 _IHYA-UL-ULOOM-UR-1 Ihya Uloom-ud-Din is the greatest book of Imam Ghazali, Published by Progressive Books, Lahore. اس کتاب میں آپ پڑھ سکیں گے: علم کابیان،عقائد کابیان،، طھارت کا بیان،نمازکا بیان اور بہت کچھ ۔ ۔ ۔.

Ihya Ul Uloom Book

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Uploaded by: LARITA - Buy Ahya ul Uloom (4 Vol.) book online at best prices in India on Read Ahya ul Uloom (4 Vol.) book reviews & author details and more . Do you advise us to read the book Ihya' 'Uloom al-Deen by Shaykh Abu Shaykh al-Islam [Ibn Taymiyah] was asked about this book, and he replied as follows. Ihya Ulum al-Din {إحياء علوم الدين} by Imam Ghazali. Written by Imam Read complete English translation of this book. Translator: Maolana.

Indeed, this is the work he wrote after coming out of his period of meditation and seclusion. Allah has granted success to Ahl al-Sunna in establishing the truth.

They have recognized the proper goal in establishing their method, and understood that direction is denied and disallowed for Allah because it pertains to bodies and complements them; while vision of Him is firmly established because it directly follows knowledge and attends it as its perfecting component.

Qawasim al-Batiniyya, another refutation.

Asrar al-Anwar al-Ilahiyya bi al-Ayat al-Matluwwa. Akhlaq al-Abrar wa al-Najat min al-Ashrar.

Talbis Iblis, a title later used by Ibn al-Jawzi against al-Ghazzali and others. Anyone that practices these two things is a Sufi. Whoever approves of the contravention of the Law or contravenes it can never be a Sufi, and if he claims he is, he is lying.

They have cleaned their hearts from other than Allah and they have made them as pathways for rivers to run, carrying the knowledge of Allah. Fatawa, in which he states the following responses: Q. What is the reply concerning someone who considers prayer as a means towards achieving true worship and knowledge of Allah so that, when he achieves the latter, he no longer feels the necessity of prayer although he continues to pray?

احیاء العلوم – جلد اول

Those obligations are the deliver-ance from peril, and they are also equal to the number of his bad traits.

And none knows the hosts of your Lord save Him? It shall be said to you on the Day of Resurrection:? What has brought you to this burning? They will answer: We were not of those who prayed? It is better and more correct for him to pray alone due to the hadith of the Prophet -- Allah bless and greet him "One performs prayer and it may be that not one tenth of it is recorded to his credit. Therefore, if the rate of his humility in congregational prayer is less than one-twenty-seventh of what it is in prayer alone, it is better for him to pray alone, but if it is more, then congregational prayer is better.

Abandoning humility for the sake of following the Sunna is in itself humility, and better than humility which results in the course of isolating oneself. Consider this, for it is a fine point. The gist of it is that the Sunna, even if it is lacking something — in this case, congregation without humility — is preferable to general abandonment of the Sunna for the sake of a particular Sunna which is humility.

I heard the Shaykh and Imam [Shaykh al-Islam Taqi al-Din al-Subki] say: "None knows the rank of a person in knowl-edge except he who is his peer and has known him per-sonally, and he only knows him to the extent of what he himself was granted to know.

Nor can anyone estimate the Prophet -- Allah bless and greet him -- as he deserves except Allah -- may He be exalted --, and each knows him -- Allah bless and greet him -- only to the extent of what he himself possesses.

Imam al-Ghazzali - Ihya'ul ulum al-din - volume 3

Then, one day, he went to visit one of the scholars of knowledge who was sitting somewhere alone. You are the one who says such-and-such about him?!

Since its eradication is excluded according to what we said, it follows that its origination in the first place was the apex of wisdom and completion, and the most perfect of all that can possibly be created, for, as concluded above, there is none other in existence. Among those who praised it: - Ibn al-Subki: "It ranks among the books which Muslims must look after and spread far and wide so that many people may be guided by reading them.

Seldom has someone looked into this book except he woke up on the spot thanks to it. May Allah grant us insight that shows us the way to truth, and protect us from what stands between us and the truth as a veil.

In addition to this he was a Maliki with a strong bias for his school, which he de-fended strenuously. I shall cite them for the sake of benefit For if he were not assuming it true, he would not say it.

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The matter was not as he thought, and that is all. To blame him for them is certainly nothing more than inane fanaticism.

It is an attack which no serious examiner can accept. His views influenced Ibn Taymiyya and others. The basis of their position was also that al-Ghazzali used too many weak or baseless hadiths. The Sultan in Maghreb issued a decree and religious fatwa to burn the book and warn people about it. He advocates for the Sufi statements of mortality and immortality, starving, monasticism, etc. I have revealed his shortcomings and errors in my book Talbis Iblis.

Also he said: Abu Hamid AlGhazali came and compiled a book according to the Sufi methodology, he filled in it Hadiths of which he knew not of its falsehood. He spoke about the mystical transcendence to the level of intuition; he came with something similar to the Badhiniya. Talbis Iblis page Page : In Ihya there are false Hadiths, there would be good in it, had he refrained from importing in it the literature, arts, and asceticism of the sage men, thinkers, philosophers and the deviant Sufis.

We ask Allah a beneficial knowledge; do you know what beneficial knowledge is? It is what has been revealed in the Quran and interpreted by the messenger peace and blessings be upon him.

He also said in the same book Vol 19 page , AlGhazali has written books in defaming the philosophers, in his book AlTahafut, he revealed their errors but then he agreed with them in some of their statements, thinking that it was right, because he did neither have knowledge of the narrations nor experience of the Sunnah. He was fond of paying reference to the Letters of AlSufa brothers which is a fatal disease, a killer poison, had Abu Hamid Al-Ghazaali not been one of the wise and sincere great Imams, he would have fallen forever, I warn you not to read these books, run away with your religion away from it, otherwise you will definitely fall into utter confusion and mayhem.

Page : Imam Ghazali has swallowed the philosophers, then he wanted to vomit them but he could not. Metaphorically, he beat them but then he himself got caught up in it as he plunged deep in the philosophy.

Page : Then they see to it alright, meaning some of the Malikis, the writings of a man Al Ghazali may Allah have mercy on him whose fatwa is based on unrealism, there is a lot of narrations on the prophet peace and blessings be upon him in which the truth has been mixed with falsehood, likewise what he reported on the Salafu Salih can not be confirmed, he included in it the mysticism of the Awliya but he amalgamated the harmful with the beneficial, it can not be wholly accepted at all.

Page : Some of those who delivered sermons and lectures fanatically preferred quotation of the book of Ihya over the jurisprudence! Do not they see the falsehood and abominable quotations in the book which he claimed to be the means to reach the level of intuition and the heavenly secret phases?. Ibn Kathir: Died H said in his book Al Bidaya Wal Nihaya Vol 12 page during this period he AlGhazali has written his book Ihya which is a wonderful book which deals with a lot of knowledge of the legislation embedded with mysticism and subtle acts of the hearts.

It is full of many strange, denied and fabricated Hadiths. Al Mazari and the Maghareb wanted to burn the Ihya. Ibn Sakra composed a whole book in which he collected the falsehood in the book Ihya.

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He filled in his book false Hadiths diluted with the schools of thought of the philosophers and letter of the Ikhwan Alsufa, the likeness of the one who wants to defend Islam with the schools of thought and ideologies of the philosophers is like the one who washes away water with urine. He indulged into the hidden secrets and meanings which is the acts of the Badhiniya. When Abu Turab reiterated, had you only seen Aba Yazid, so irritatingly, the disciple got spiritual transcendence and replied: What should I do with seeing Aba Yazid, while I have seen Allah whose vision made me dispense with seeing Aba Yazid.Translation of its Arabic Summary.

Al-Ghazali's works were heavily relied upon by Islamic mathematicians and astronomers such as At-Tusi. Ibn Kathir: Died H said in his book Al Bidaya Wal Nihaya Vol 12 page during this period he AlGhazali has written his book Ihya which is a wonderful book which deals with a lot of knowledge of the legislation embedded with mysticism and subtle acts of the hearts. Book IV: In he was appointed lecturer at the Nizamiyah in Baghdad, where he became a sceptic. For if he were not assuming it true, he would not say it.