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PDF Drive offered in: English. Faster previews. Ignited Minds. 74 Pages · · Motivational Quotes for Success: Great Quotes from Great Minds. To ask other readers questions about Ignited Minds, please sign up. Popular .. This is the book written by a person who has a knowledge of English that is it. Ignited Minds PDF Summary by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is an insightful and educational book that targets the Young Indian Population and helps.

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Author: Abdul A. P. J. Kalam Pages: Publication Date Release Date ISBN: Product Group:Book Download. /book-ignited-minds-author-a-p-j-abdul-kalam- file-hosting-extension-doc- ibooks-mediafire-quexCached29 Sep sharing pdf extension G3Q4Axm mac. Where can I download A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's Ignited Minds on ebook or PDF How can I download the A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's book in Tamil for a PDF file?.

There seems to be an attitude problem, as if we cannot shake ourselves out of a mindset of limited achievement. APJ Abdul Kalam is a book of hope and determination. Dr Kalam, the ex-president of India, has been one of the most distinguished Indian scientists. He held various positions in ISRO, DRDO and became the principal scientific advisor to the Government of India, after which he took voluntary retirement from his duties to achieve something greater for the country.

He has received honorary doctorates from thirty universities and is a recipient of the Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna.

His previous works include, an autobiography named Wings of Fire and Vision , a book which sets the vision for India to grow into a developed country till the year Despite all these honours and accolades, Dr.

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Kalam has been modest and humble personality, as is evident from his works and interactions. After being relieved from his duties with the government of India, he taught as a professor in Anna University for a while. He realised that the power of India lies in its youth and children and hence decided to meet children from schools in various parts of the nation and has a goal of meeting , students across the country.

The book Ignited Minds talks about his experience of meeting the numerous students from all over the country and how during the course of interaction with the people from the entire nation made him realise the potential of India to be a developed country.

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The title of the book is very powerful and entices one to dig the book. As one goes through the book, with each chapter he feels motivated to jump to another. The book starts with his dream where he meets the five greatest beings on earth and how their conversation inspired him to think big and spread the message to all.

Here he also emphasises the need to set up a goal for the nation and how this goal can help it become not only developed but also create a globalised platform for the entire world. He urges everyone to have a dream and emphasises on the power of dream to be the greatest on earth.

He describes how each one possess magnetic capabilities like that of earth and hence our reality becomes aligned to what we aspire to be.

His emphasis on the role of parents and teachers in nurturing the younger generation who are a nations true wealth is noteworthy. In the book, he also describes his stint with science and technology and the great visionaries and scientists of India who have a great hand in shaping technological growth.

By their examples, he underlines the need for having a vision and also structuring a path for the same. This fact not only is important for an individual but also for the nation. A nation loses the power to be strong despite its wealth if it lacks vision. He details out the various encounters he had with the saints and prophets around the country and how spirituality and science are interrelated. The awe which was created in him after meeting these great sages and how the mind and body interact to create a vital force has been delineated.

Getting inspired by their thoughts he stressed on the fact that there is a higher force within us that transcends the limitations of the physical world and hence we should aspire to realise it.

Reiterating the need of having a vision throughout his book, he says that India is a country which stands far below the potential that it has and hence we should exploit the strength, the energy of the youth and the creativity to achieve a higher goal coming out of narrow thinking and smaller affairs.

He urges every citizen of our country to enter into a mission mode and by integrating the vast knowledge and acquiring a happy balance to achieve the mission of turning the country into a developed nation soon. Throughout his book, Dr. Kalam has insisted on the power of imagination and the power of dream. He further emphasises this point by asking the youth to look for opportunities in challenges thrown at them and be responsible for their actions irrespective of the result.

The most inspiring lines from the book quoted as such are, When something is at stake, the human mind gets ignited. Ignite your minds and think big. The book is not only an inspiration to think big but is laden with the feeling of patriotism and urges one to consider nation and its vision to be bigger than an individual, to reach to the higher self within and to keep aspirations high because we are, what we think we are.

Ignited Minds PDF Summary

The book is summarised in the end with a wonderful discussion between two kids in a mothers womb named ego and spirit, which reiterates the fact that we should look beyond what our eyes can see. The book is capable of igniting a fire in the mind of anyone who reads and understands it. With presenting real life examples and his own experiences, Dr.

Kalam has shown us various facets of life and the country, which makes it more inspirational. He has already been a role model to many and this book truly makes one picture him as a true patriot and a man of wisdom.

Since he has been a part of different fields of work, he rightfully describes the need to integrate them for a greater national cause. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to have a peek into the great potential our country has, the diversity which makes it so rich, the great potential which is hidden in the various corners of the country and how the realisation of ones higher self within us and the faith in our dreams can take us to places.

With real life experiences described in a very simple language, Dr. Kalam has again done a wonderful job in creating ripples and disturbance in the minds of the youth which has been dormant for a while now.

We always see India through the eyes of media channels, newspapers and other such mediums. But there are very few people who give us the real image of what our India is.

I am talking about the people who have contributed to the nation. The person who has done something for the country is capable of speaking about the country. You and me, have done nothing but like commenting on each and every thing.

The questions that we ask to our current Prime Minister, never gets answered as our PM loves to keep his lips sealed rather than moving them for speaking something.

But, I am too pleased and happy that a person like APJ Abdul Kalam keeps on answering all those questions through his books which gets published time to time whenever the youth starts getting impatient about their concern for the nation.

I have read one such book that Abdul Kalam published in Ignited Minds. The book also has a tagline- unleashing the power within India. In this book, Kalam has kept on focusing on the bestial power that we have within India. He tells us how there are several people in our country itself who can bring a lot of change to the nation but theyll have to get ignited. Ignited for the benefit of the nation. Ignited for the improvement of not their own self, but for the whole group they are working with.

Ignited to prove the world that we are competitive. Ignited for working with the people who are ambitious like them. Ignited for working with the people from different field, because then a new creativity is launched which bring changes. Similarly, Abdul Kalam has told us how we can ignite our minds as its already ignited, we just need to start doing for the nation now rather than for ourselves.

Initially in the book, the way Abdul Kalam has started giving the speech on values and motivation generates interest of turning pages as fast as we can. Interaction with different students from different colleges, regions and religions is indeed a special part of the book as Kalam has mentioned some of the unique questions asked by them and also the answers that he gave.

The chapter on who our Role model should be can make our stupid youths realize that its not Salman Khan who need to be modeled but some great visionaries. Visionary Teachers and Scientists chapter gives a brief note of how some teachers of Kalam made him learn good morals and values that has helped him reach to where he is. And the works of scientists who were his colleagues is described wonderfully to make us understand how they strove for bringing some positive change in countrys situation.

The messages that Kalams teachers and scientists gave him can change the whole perspective of our own life. Those messages should be compacted as quotes and released separately, seriously.

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Kalam has made it sure that we also understand the power of meeting different people of different kind from different regions through traveling can make us realize how small we are, and how more do we need to moot ourselves up.

While giving a lecture, Kalam died at the age of He left a legacy of valuable insights for Indians to follow, and as a result, he was buried with full state honors.

In the Preface, the author addresses the young Indian population, and it urges them to ignite India with their creativeness. Without question, India, as a developing country, has unlimited potential in terms of resources, education, business, energy, you name it.

What needs to be revolutionized, added, removed, achieved? According to him, it is the attitude in Indians which hinders the prospect of prosperity. The book ruminates on a lot of topics but starts with the most important one — peace of mind. Without it, no country can soar to new heights, and as a result, stagnation will prevail.

The author recalls the thoughts swarming in its head after the helicopter crash. Miraculously, no one was injured, but they all started seeing the truth of this existence with different eyes.

The doctors prescribed a tranquilizer to calm him down so that he could rest. One particular thought filled him with dread and confusion — Why is the human race so prone to violence?

This dream engrossed him, made him aware of the reality. These personalities were the answer to this puzzle, all living in different times but exerting a great influence on the upcoming generations. It was perhaps the missing link to the fulfillment of its longings. Education in India became the battleground for this endeavor. It became crystal clear to him that by integrating spirituality with education, one can achieve full satisfaction.

Such strides will undoubtedly improve the wellbeing of a nation and add to world peace. Kalam wholeheartedly argues that there is nothing wrong with having a desire for material things.

Who are the role models for the Indian youth, who will act as a leader of the ignited minds? In this process, one absorbs the knowledge of different figures, skilled or excelling at different things.

When a child matures and strives to gain self-sufficiency — it patterns its life path after a role model. How many times have you been encouraged never to stop dreaming? As an illustration of this unquenchable thirst, the author puts Einstein in the limelight. He was so impressed by the compass and the movement of the needles, that he spent countless hours trying to understand why and who controlled their motion.

What was it made of, how can you stop it from spinning, etc.? These were few of the questions that propelled the young genius into exploring and looking at the depths of everything.

Indians embarked on this journey officially from It took them 90 years to achieve this, but it happened because the nation was united.

No one can deny the fact that India still struggles to maintain a stable economy, and a large portion of Indians live below the poverty line. India was able to withstand the storming hordes of colonialism and preserve its identity.

The invaders tried to break India from within and incite divisions, but they faced stiff resistance throughout their reign. In the process, India slumped to a lower position in the global arena, and it faces a brick wall when trying to rejuvenate its structure.

The new generation now must revamp the fragile architecture of India while drawing strength from its roots depicted through spirituality and ancient wisdom. Technology is not the spiritual adversary, but a guiding hand which can facilitate this transition. People with vision want to tackle the sociological impasse by scrutinizing the effects of inherent strengths.

Indeed, India that needs to be brought into line with the 21 st -century thought. Well, when you are invaded multiple times in the past years, you ought to learn how to defend yourself. Nehru spoke against the Nuclear Arms Race and pointed out that India should remain neutral in terms of developing nuclear capabilities.These personalities were the answer to this puzzle, all living in different times but exerting a great influence on the upcoming generations.

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Patrick French. He has received honorary doctorates from thirty universities and is a recipient of the Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna. We must change tracks.