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Many Readers find themselves in a position where they cannot access the Apple Books or iBooks Store using their iOS devices. This problem. Having trouble with Books or iBooks on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple device? If so, we got you covered with our top tips and articles to fix it now. If you have an iPhone or iPad, there's no need to buy an e-reader. Apple offers the iBooks app that allows users to browse millions of books. You can purchase.

Ibooks Problem Ing Book

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iBooks are great way to read stuff, readers can enjoy pleasure of reading awesome books but many times you can face issues which either ruins your. Having a problem with Apple Books? Here's how to fix it. Get help downloading books, audiobooks, and more on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Learn more about Books with these resources.

Oh and the file itself is or should be sound, I was able to open it up in Foxit just fine. For some reason it's just white-page-ing on my Pad. Anyone have any experience with stuff like this? I'd really like to get it fixed if I can because the file that's not working is the core Rulebook for the 5th edition.

The primary component for a would-be gamer like myself.

Ibooks stuck ing on iphone

To memory I can't remember having owned a more bug-prone device. I still love it though It's an odd My first attempt was on iBooks. I still suspect it's something wrong with the iPad though and not just the file because Foxit encounters no problems when reading it.

I think I may have to try the Sony. David If you are using a Windows machine, you can use a program that will leave the stylesheet.

I found this works with a collection of ebooks converted to ePub by Calibre that I downloaded from the Baen free libary. This is a case where Kobo's software follows the ePub specification with unpleasant results.

Beats what I did with a couple of ebooks which involved using 7Zip to open the archive, extract stylesheet. Otherwise my main complaint is that the battery life isn't even close to advertised. I don't think it can get any simpler. I have found, however, that PDF documents are smaller in font, but I actually prefer them because it is more like the hard copy of the book, so I'm changing the pages so often. I love my ereader and am very happy I purchased it.

My only complaint is with the way you buy books on the kobo website…my credit card put a flag on my account because I was making so many purchases in a short period of time…wish Kobo would do a shopping cart icon rather than buying each book individually. The problem with epubs did not hit me as hard as for some others that I have been reading about. I have a few websites that I frequent for ebooks. My favorite one Fictionwise allows me to re-download books I have previously purchased in a different format.

Most of my favorites I did in epub format and have no problem with adjusting the font size.

The only problem I did have was with PDFs. I hope others are able to re-download some of the books to help them in reading without a problem with font sizes. I can't figure out how to move titles at all. DNSB The only way I've found to remove books from I'm Reading is to open the book, use the table of contents to go to the last section and then page to the end. Blechh,,, Especially when the book doesn't have a table of contents so you page through the whole book.

Double blechh… Removing books? If you are referring to the pre-loaded books, Calibre in it's later incarnations is able to remove them — well, actually, it modifies the database file to make them non-visible which keeps them from clogging up your library. If it's not a preloaded book, Calibre can still remove it which also deletes the file s from the Kobo freeing up some space, Or you can simply delete the file from the Kobo and it will clean the database up when disconnected from your computer.

If you're run into the font size issue, I've been using KoboBulkFixer which opens the ePub and deletes the font-size lines in the stylesheet. Better than deleting stylesheet. This is addressed in the latest firmware update I'm told but I can't test that until my daughter returns my Kobo — borrowed it to take some books with her on a trip to the USA and won't be back for a couple of more weeks.

Another issues I ran into was the apostrophe in a file name causing the Kobo to say the content was protected. This is supposed to have been fixed in the latest firmware as well but see the previous comment about my Kobo traveling without me. Wayne Burns This device is very disappointing. After the last update my reader will not update to my PC.

Now none of the devices PC. Today, I tried to read a book on my PC and apparently each chapter has only one page? I did report this and got one of those will get back to you replies moritz This is a disfunctional device with crap documentation.

Neither the store-based reader, nor adobe digital editions can access it from mac OS X version The supplier and kobo help are just giving me a run around. Without a shopping cart function I am less likely to buy all the books I want. Accidentally downloaded 3 different versions of Nicholas Nickleby. Just a text only version will do. Kobo said it could read graphic and manga novels but when I look in the Graphic Novels section all I find is some non-fiction text only book.

Avid reader I used to love my Kobo ereader, but I am now becoming very frustrated with it. All my problems started after the firmware update. They told me to uninstall the program and reinstall it. As an avid reader this is unacceptable and is really starting to piss me off. Guest I bought the device in April, worked okay through July when they have the firmware upgrade.

After the upgrade, the unit deleted all the books in the system and refused to sync. The phone tech support knows little more than I do. I can see it when connected to my computers, but just can use it.

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Such frastration! I have a nook but BN does not sell most of the bestsellers to Canada. I also have an iPad but the iBook library is also small comparatively speaking. Sjcoop63 I am unable to sync my Kobo to my Borders account. It will not sync up at all. Very disappointed. I really love my Kobo………Is there a solution for this problem? Crystal I am surprised at those comments because I had no problems downloading, and doing there and here. With font, you have to be careful when you hit the button as I found out that I hit wrong, and I learned my lesson.

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I can remove books that I read books thru Kobo desktop, and it s no problems for me. It is best one I ever have! It s only one issue that I had to put up with. I am really surprised that there are many people being fed up. There are many instructions which I believe most people did not bother to check or read before install, or before doing anything. I still think it is best one I ever have super disappointed This device has given me non-stop problems since the day I purchased it.

They also did not respond to any of my notes as to the obvious lack of respect for their customers. What a joke. I want to love this device, but I honestly can only say that it has aggravated me past the point where I would ever consider buying anything from them ever again. ML I bought my kobo in feb for the same reason why I shop at chapters….. I purchased my Kobo only 2 months before it died. I did get a auto-respond email stating that they would be in touch with me within 72 hours!!!

Lukeheatherington13 My kobo has been giving me absolutely no problems. The page turns are a little slow and the library was a little confusing at first but now that I have the hang of it I consider it to be an excellent device.

I always carry it in a case so maybe that helps, but it has been perfect since the day i purchased it. Very disappointed also. KOBO is not that product. It cannot be installed on my laptop and support does not seem to have the time to reply with a workable solution. My solution is to return this defective product and invest in a reader that works as promised.. Is that too much to expect no matter what the initial price might be? Holly I am having trouble downloading Adobe Digital Editions to my Literati…help please Caskanet Just bought a Kobo and having problems with it freezing all the time.

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I have to press the power button times to get it started. I can usually get in 3 or 4 selects before it freezes. Sometimes it will respond after a few minutes, other times not. Holly The system has a new update that needs to process. I bought it mainly for the library books and I find that adjusting the font size is very simple and no different than a purchased book.

I found the ones that Kobo sells is too expensive, so I use a pot holder and found that it a perfect size. Tckfkc I have had my kobo for a few weeks and I love it.. It was easy to download books and easy to navigate..

It was everything I was looking for.. Not sure why others are having problems!! Siobhanstar I am really trying to like my Kobo, however it has been causing problems on a daily basis.

The latest is that it repeats the text every three or so pages. It appears to only affected the preloaded books so far… Any suggestions as to how to fix? Kobo people suggested restoring factoy settings however still the text appears twice. If you are considering buying a Kobo — get the Sony or the Kindle.

Aylmerontario I purchased a new eReader for Christmas. I was disappointed that books are not pre-loaded on this device. I expected this to have the free books already installed. Plugged the unit into my Mac and the desktop icon appeared. Followed instructions and found that nothing worked as indicated. There is no application in my iMac that looks or says what should be found.

The window was blank on opening the desktop image. Reset the Kobo and it still would not work. Of course no help is available on the day the gift was opened. You think that they would have some staff working on Christmas day and in particular those who do not celebrate Christmas and yet take the time off just the same.

We do not get their religious holidays do we? Peed off by being misled and poor information and directions. Emeralds42 I am soooo very very disappointed with my Kobo!!

This was a Christmas present I was really looking forward to. I had it on for about 10 minutes as I wanted to use it as soon as I unwrapped it.

I then turned it off. Unless a miracle happens, this unit will be returned. Melcole We purchased a Kobo for our daughter for Christmas and she is having the same problem of the same text being repeated every three or four pages. The screen flashes from black to white when loading. I am quite disappointed so will be returning it as soon as we are home from Christmas vacation. CTL It does come pre-loaded with the books.

I had the same issue was you when I first tried to install the software — could not find the installation directory or the books. Turns out you just have to do a factory reset if you have this issue. Will try a reset and see if that helps any. Yaz I wondering if any one is having screen problems?

I have had the ereader for about two months it works fine, just bought a protective sleeve for it 2 days ago and now it does not work wondering if it has any thing to do with the magnet that keeps case close although this was purchased at a Border store for the Kobo. Anonymous Its unfortunate to see people having problems and I hope they are able to get solutions soon. The product is working smoothly for me.

Apparently you have to have a credit card to even download the 2 free gift books that come with it. Even with a gift card I can not buy books. I picked it up today. It said powered off and displayed the title of the book just like it is set to, but when I turned it on the screen went blank.

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I tried to charge it thinking maybe that was the problem. I plugged it into my computer and it charged for about an hour and stopped. The computer is not even recognizing it is there. Tazztunes yes Tazztunes I had no problems finding the free books. Tazztunes …and I do have a cover, but it does not have a magnet on it.

We did have to insert my credit card information to proceed but it was not charged and the cost of the book was deducted from the gift card. The online PIN for your gift card is located under the little magnetic strip on the back of your gift card.

As long as you have Adobe Digital Editions downloaded and on your pc the book will be directly downloaded to it and then it is just drag and drop to put it on your Kobo.

Very Easy. Goldntropics Well, Well Well…. Just brought my Kobo on Boxing day from Angus and Robertsons and I have just gone to read my book in bed and it will not work. Am so disappointed and can anyone recommend a better ereader? Goldntropics Hi Yaz, I too just brought a reading light for my Kobo and it was working perfectly today but just tried to use it in bed and the bloody thing has vertical and horizontal lines running through it and the screens will not come up.

Did you return yours or has it rectified itself?

Am so frustrated and I loved my Kobo up until today………….. Terri Samscad I think the Kobo is great and most of these complaints are from people who want an i-pad but have yet to admit that to themselves. Their are problems, but the overall reading experience is good. As for fonts and other issues, Calibre is the way to go. From my point of view, the less bells and whistles, the better. As soon as it becomes a computer, the reading experience is corrupted. Kudos for Kobo! Briana3 I had the same problem I have worked out that you cannot sync from the kobo account and the borders, for some reason it just wont do it!!

I reset my kobo under the advanced settings tab and then went back into borders and it syncs no problem now, hope this helps Thelostdragoon I just got the new Kobo 2, and immediately noticed there were horizontal grey lines that virtually obscured a line of the text.

They claim pixillation can only come from damage, so it must be my fault! So, think twice about gambling your money on this device… Sam Jackson Completely disagree.

I have a first-generation kobo, bought in August , mere months after it came on the market and before the new wireless edition was available. From a practical standpoint, I bought the device to subscribe to newspapers and magazines, a feature that was initially expected in May Kobo has yet to provide a reliable release date for this functionality.Elle I'm about to give up on my Kobo.

If you would kindly give us some updates via Email when you have the first round of fixes completed and we can let people know. This was a Christmas present I was really looking forward to. Those font sizes can sometimes be both very small and difficult to override. After second, press the power button again to reboot iPhone. Briana3 I had the same problem I have worked out that you cannot sync from the kobo account and the borders, for some reason it just wont do it!!

As soon as it becomes a computer, the reading experience is corrupted. Apple, however, doesn't make much revenue off Internet services and the various Stores it operates.

Normally we are allowed to print or share files in iBooks, but sometimes the email option become unavailable according to some users' complaints.