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Results 1 - 50 of '57 ke hīro / Catalog Record Only On the sepoy rebellion of , with particular reference to the prominent Muslim personalities who. Tarikh e Hindustan is an authentic historical document which cover the complete and detail history of India in Urdu language. India is a very rich area of culture [. PDF | This is a social and political history of Urdu. reference to its functions as an identity-marker of the Muslims of north India and Pakistan.

History Of India In Urdu Pdf

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Karl Marx was a great admirer of India. He wrote a number of books (The British Rule in India, The First War of Independence, Notes on Indian History) and a. Medieval India: The Study of Civilization (Urdu) Langauge:Urdu. Edition:1st Edition. No of Pages Pages. Age Group:All. Dimensions"(L)(W)Cm. Mar Bharat Ka Aain, indian penal code in urdu, indian penal code urdu, Ki Kahanian By Hakeem Tariq Mahmood History Books, Pakistan, Pdf.

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Similar Items. The syntax grammar , morphology , and the core vocabulary are essentially identical.

Indian History Books

Thus linguists usually count them as one single language and contend that they are considered as two different languages for socio-political reasons. Despite this, Urdu was chosen as a token of unity and as a lingua franca so as not to give any native Pakistani language preference over the other.

Urdu is therefore spoken and understood by the vast majority in some form or another, including a majority of urban dwellers in such cities as Karachi , Lahore , Okara District , Sialkot , Rawalpindi , Islamabad , Multan , Faisalabad , Hyderabad , Peshawar , Quetta , Jhang , Sargodha and Skardu.

For this reason, it is also taught as a compulsory subject up to higher secondary school in both English and Urdu medium school systems.

This has produced millions of Urdu speakers from people whose native language is one of the other languages of Pakistan , who can read and write only Urdu. It is absorbing many words from the regional languages of Pakistan.

The regional languages are also being influenced by Urdu vocabulary. There are millions of Pakistanis whose native language is not Urdu, but because they have studied in Urdu medium schools, they can read and write Urdu along with their native language.

Most of the nearly five million Afghan refugees of different ethnic origins such as Pashtun , Tajik , Uzbek , Hazarvi , and Turkmen who stayed in Pakistan for over twenty-five years have also become fluent in Urdu.

With such a large number of people s speaking Urdu, the language has acquired a peculiar Pakistani flavour further distinguishing it from the Urdu spoken by native speakers and diversifying the language even further.

In India, Urdu is spoken in places where there are large Muslim minorities or cities that were bases for Muslim Empires in the past. Indian madrasahs also teach Arabic as well as Urdu. India has more than 3, Urdu publications, including daily Urdu newspapers. Outside South Asia , it is spoken by large numbers of migrant South Asian workers in the major urban centres of the Persian Gulf countries.

آپ کے خیال سے، ہندی اور اردو کے بیچ کیا کیا فرک ہے اور ان کے بیچ کیا کیا مشابھت ہے؟

So, in they gathered in Banaras and created a language called Hindi which is nothing more that Urdu written in Sanskrit script. On the other hand, Hindi, as was forced on Hindus as an alternative to foreign scripted Urdu started adding Sanskrit words. However in India the Hindi which is used in schools and news is not used in the normal communication, though they do call it Hindi instead of Urdu due to a bias. Do you know that Apabhramsha is an older version of Hindi?

And yes, Devanagari script came later on in 12th century or A. Devanagari script is now used to write in Hindi.

Urdu History of Pakistan and India

Devanagari script was derived from Brahmi script. Your email address will not be published. Facebook Twitter Google.

Syed Talat Hussain on February 5, at Thanks for the valuable information. Pervez Hasnain on September 11, at 2: Vinod Valasai on September 5, at Thanks for this valuable information.I would recommend Zabaan to anyone thinking of taking up the study of languages at both a beginner's, as well as at advanced levels.

Observing the students effectively pick up Hindi in a fast-paced manner highlighted the efficacy of the teaching methodology while enabling all of us trainees to think in a very structured way about the language we have been using since our childhoods.

Urdu History of Pakistan and India

It is distinct by its mixture of vocabulary from Marathi and Konkani , as well as some vocabulary from Arabic , Persian and Chagatai that are not found in the standard dialect of Urdu. I took three weeks of a four week elementary Hindi intensive, and was in a small group of three students.

They are truly grammartarians. It is absorbing many words from the regional languages of Pakistan.