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High school DxD v21 King— · Life.2 Team [DxD] Attacks!. 1. Thanks, Zxzxzx for having time to update file with the pdf and epub. Also I am aware you no longer translate Dxd and passed it to Leo but are you interested in . Download the Light Novel "High School DxD" by Ichiei Ishibumi in epub and pdf.

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i cant use any torrents so ill need a direct download link i tried the one on baka- tsuki but it says the files are missing or deleted im using a. High School DxD Volume 01 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. light novel. High School DxD Volume 05 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File High School DxD - DD Volume 5 - Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp.

The Head told Arthur if he can handle Alphecca Tyrant, he'll recognize their relationship, which causes both Arthur and Elaine to blush. The Head asked Le Fay if she's in love with Issei. Arthur thinks about the Welsh Dragon origin in myth and their connection with their family. Arthur then wonders if Le Fay will become a Devil, while their parents are still human, and because of their values are different than their father.

Arthur wonders how will the future will develop. Kimono Girl Everyone is looking at pictures of Rias' bridal training during Flower Arrangement and sees Yumi in those pictures. The girls believe Yumi in a kimono is a strong enemy. Dark History of the Hakuryuukou After Vali learned that Lavina has his old books, he constantly sent assassins to attack her.

It ended when Lavina froze Vali. Restaurant Issei and Rias have been eating at several restaurants.

High School DxD DX4

They arrive at another restaurant where they see Cao Cao, Vali, and year old Genbu. Just what kinds of things will you do to me in the bedroom!? Or rather. Angels and Fallen Angels. In that case. I was ignorant when it came to that field. Buchou really does spoil me!

As the Governor of the Fallen Angel organization that opposed the Devils. I heard they were some top officials among the Fallen Angels who visited as well. He would always send all those members back with the words. He had only taught us a little so far. They all seemed tremendously worried about Azazel-sensei being in this town. More importantly. He seriously finds it bothersome to do. As I thought.

I just came in normally. I think this Governor of an organization is so bad with that because this person receives a lot of support from his subordinates. More than just using power or leading. After that.

Since he has an abundance of knowledge on Sacred Gears. Once in a while. Sensei took out a notepad from his pocket and read out loud as he opened it. Buchou said that.

How will we go there? As expected. I remembered that it was a small elevator that could only hold five people at most. For the time being. Part 2 The day we set off.

It seems the fence between the two has disappeared with the establishment of peace. Buchou and Akeno-san entered it first. Shall we make the travel reservations for you?

I sent a mail to Matsuda and Motohama. The first place we headed to was—the nearest station. The Underworld is divided between the world of the Devils and the world of the Fallen Angels. Asia and Xenovia. This was the station where people usually took the train…Why were we going to the underworld from here? I was full of questions. I am going to hell—to the Underworld. And then. We kept descending for another minute. Areas for the exclusive-use of devils are hidden within the town in this way.

At last. It was some kind of huge cave! Buchou and Akeno-san saw the shocked state of Asia and I. Some kind of electronic sound…It had reacted to the card. I was seized by a sensation of going down! There was a bottom!? Xenovia just tilted her head as a small reaction. Since we had some big luggage with us. While those of us in the new devils group exchanged glances with each other. After the doors opened. There was what seemed to be a train in front of us! That difference provokes my male instincts!

Akeno-san came to my side—and suddenly grasped my hand! Does she intend to walk while holding hands? I was shocked. Though there were a few differences from the design and structure of those in the human world…Wait. The wall lamps that illuminated this place gave off a magic-like mysterious glow.

Could this be—. After we waited a little. There was no one else here besides us. The ceiling above was also distant. Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp Rather. I felt that this place was several times the size of the station we usually used.

High School DxD

After taking passages left and right. Is this okay!?

Even though she is usually very erotic. But what a vast space. So the Gremory family also owns trains… Not for Sale or Rent There were many devil-representing patterns carved into it at acute angles…Ah. Before I realized it. The train advanced down the dark tunnel.

Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp Bushu. I thought that there were surprisingly minor customizations. The train started running for several minutes. We had gone to sit down in the center of the train. Since it seems that this train passes through the dimensional barrier using official means before it eventually arrives at the Underworld. The departure whistle sounded.

And there was Azazel-sensei sitting at the end of the car. Buchou was in the first train car ahead of us.

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Gasper and Kiba took the seats next to us. With Buchou in the lead. While I was surprised. I had rubbed her breasts several times. At the school pool before summer vacation. Akeno-san gave a small smile despite my worries. I was being stimulated from remembering that sensation. While I was repeating that delusion. She was bringing her face close and was looking at me with an erotic gaze!

Akeno-san took my hand. And yet. Of course. I had survived up to now like this. A nosebleed spurted out! And then my hand was—led to under her skirt! Was she fine with that!? Was Akeno-san okay with me going all the way to her panties!? Not only was I unskilled.

Based on the conversation just now. Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp Ara? Koneko-chan would usually make a sharp retort at this timing. This voice is…When I turned my gaze. My middle finger made a watery sound. And then—.

She was completely ignoring us even though we were making so much noise! She was angry! And extremely pretty! Why was she here!? This is bad! Akeno-san was on my lap while having a lewd look on her face! My hand was on the verge of venturing inside her skirt! I tried to free my hand. He had the appearance of a train conductor. Gasper also seemed to have trouble speaking out.

For the little princess to be concerned with the topic of men and women. Was he the conductor? His white beard was dandy. It seemed like various things were being sucked up! When Akeno-san pulled my finger out from her mouth. Communication with your servants is fine. It was an elderly man.

It was warm and slippery. Taking off his hat again, he bowed his head to us. I am Reynaldo, the conductor of the Gremory private train. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

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Please treat me well! Her [Bishop]! Please treat me well from now on. Akeno-san had also returned to her seat before I was aware of it. She seemed a bit disappointed at having to part. Could my chastity be stolen before I know it!?

Though her occasional girlish behaviour was even more intense! With the greetings finished, the conductor—Reynaldo-san took out a unique machine for some reason, and captured us on what seemed to be a monitor. Buchou and Akeno-san seemed to know what it was. The fact that this train is formally entering the Underworld is important and therefore all modes of transport require inspection.

It would be a serious matter in the case that there is some fabrication. In the current time, it would be quite serious if someone occupied the train. So he was confirming whether we were the real thing with that machine.

Buchou told us while smiling. Since everyone here is who they say they are. Now you can all rest and relax until we arrive at the scheduled station. There are also beds to sleep in and places where you can have a meal, so please use them until we reach our destination.

Ooh, so our entry is finished with that! That machine really is convenient. Is Azazel next? The Governor of the Fallen Angels really is peaceful. Really, whether you call him courageous or just audacious, Azazel-sensei was a Fallen Angel Governor that got agitated by nothing. The check was finished while sensei kept sleeping, and the safe entry process of all club members was completed. Part 3 About forty minutes after our departure, we heard an announcement while we were killing time by playing cards.

We will momentarily be breaking through the dimensional wall. Originally, Buchou seemed to have had to sit in the front train car as a high-class devil, but she seemed to have been lonely by herself and had passed the time in our car instead.

By Baka Tsuki. A purple sky! And also—. And trees too!

Wind came in! I had also breathed in the air of the Underworld last time, but it was somehow different from that of the human world! Rather than a slimy kind of feeling, I felt something peculiar! However, the temperature outside was just right, I felt. Neither hot, nor cold.

When I took my face away from the window and looked back, it seemed that the train had come out of what appeared to be a black hole. The dimensional tunnel? At any rate, that seems to be a hole that connects to the human world. We came out from there. I could see the landscape of the Underworld from my seat. There were mountains and rivers as well. Trees also grew in abundance, and there were even forests. A town! There are houses too! They had a peculiar shape, but devils lived in them, right?

This might be my first time coming in contact with a foreign culture and country. My life really is strange. What a shocking thing! Then, were the people living in that town the vassals of this fiefdom? I once more looked at Buchou with a look of respect and envy. My master was really rich! The scale was so different! Not for Sale or Rent. To be honest, I was very interested in how big it was.

About the size of the district of Tokyo? Kiba suddenly showed his face over my seat and answered my question. But, I soon understood. Both Buchou and Kiba nodded. And since there are no oceans, the land is also spacious. She really is that super-rich!? The scale is also amazing! As for Xenovia, she had stopped considering her surroundings and had started talking about the swords of the Underworld with Kiba. Buchou clapped her hands together as she remembered something. Ise, Asia, Xenovia.

Since part of my territory will be given to you all later, please tell me what places you want. Now then. Living in my territory as part of the Gremory group is permitted. Then…for some reason. I finished with just choosing it for now. We will soon be arriving at the Gremory main residence.

Buchou made a map appear in the air with magic and then expanded it and showed it to us. It was then that another announcement came out. Buchou spoke with a pleasant smile. Close the window. I saw that they were soldiers dressed in soldier clothing. I stuck my body out from the window and turned my gazed ahead of us. When I strained my eyes. When Buchou approached them. Looking carefully. A soldier who rode on top of a mysterious creature flew in the sky above.

Kiba and the others seemed to be accustomed to this. Since it faces the main residence of the Gremorys. Fireworks were set off. Xenovia just kept blinking her eyes! I was surprised! Soon after that—. Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp After it had quietly stopped. I have a meeting with Sirzechs and the others there. Xenovia and Grayfia-san boarded the first carriage in front of us. When I turned my eyes back to the train.

Looking at the scenery. You arrived early. And then a lady with a face I recognized appeared. The path stretched straight ahead…What. The other members who stayed back took the next carriage. Seeing that. Once we had boarded it. Was this an Underworld horse? Our baggage was still in the train. Above all. Since Ise and Asia seem anxious. The maids and butlers stood in line on both sides of us and made a path!

A red carpet stretched out towards the huge castle. Buchou introduced the boy once more. The second carriage had also arrived. The son of my brother—Sirzechs Lucifer-sama. In other words. Who is this child? A small silhouette broke out from the line of maids and ran towards Buchou. Buchou disembarked first. Welcome back! A butler-like man made a slight bow.

Looking outside. Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp With a pleasant smile on her face. The inner castle gates also opened one by one. Has the baggage been carried in already? I am Mirikyasu Gremory. Greet them. Nice to meet you. I was tense and about to blow a fuse with a child smaller than me! Buchou also spoke while giving an amused smile. Sirzechs-sama may have left the family. There should be no problem with using your room right now.

We then arrived at what seemed to be the entry hall. Since he has a child. We passed through the huge gate and went inside. The maids were all beautiful women!

Was this part of the service!? Asia and I just followed them. I have to go greet mother and father after coming home as well. This boy is a new member of my group. There were stairs which led to the second floor in front of us! There was a huge chandelier on the ceiling! This hall was huge! So huge that there was room to house an athletics meet! He said that he would meet together with you while dining with everyone together at supper.

I am Hyoudou Issei! I understand.

My mother always has the appearance of the same age as the current me. I felt like I was in love… As soon as she saw that person. I felt dizzy. Asia was also unsteady on her feet beside me.

Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp Ah. Her eyes were a bit narrower. Though my favorite woman is normally Buchou. Her breasts were huge! She was very similar to Buchou. I like onee-samas even more! My heart throbbed! I cried at this wonderful thing! Hurray for genetics! Buchou pinched my cheek. That beautiful young woman is? The color of her hair was flaxen. Buchou smiled. An amazingly beautiful young woman wearing a dress came down the stairs.

Apparently it was originally purple in this world. Was I going to be scolded!? Or punished!? I was terrified. The Fallen Angel region of this world also seems to be the same. So she was at that party. The sky was also dark. Dinner time—I suppose it could be called that. An extravagant meal so large that I could never eat it all was piled on top of expensive-looking plates. The flow of time here seemed to match the human world.

I was too absorbed in rescuing Buchou. This boy is Hyoudou Issei. It seemed that the underworld had its own flow of time here. The reverse of that as well. Venerana Gremory. When I looked up at the sky. Hyoudou Issei-kun. It all seemed so incredibly delicious! We servant devils and our master Buchou took a seat at the table.

I turned my thoughts back to my seat at dinner. I was hungry. A huge oblong table. Buchou would completely lose face. A bath. I could ask all the butlers and maids that were constantly standing behind us. As expected of the [Queen] and [Knight]. Kiba and Akeno-san were eating gracefully. The canopy bed was also huge. I think there were also a bedroom. Since I had no confidence that I could use up all that room by myself. But if I ate crudely here. It was too big for just me to sleep in!

The insides of the rooms were many tatami-mats wide…Each of the rooms also seemed to have all the necessities needed to live in. Asia and Xenovia were also having a hard time. Because we were newcomers. An extravagant chandelier on the ceiling.

Even the chairs we sat on were covered in expensive-looking ornaments…Right now I just looked at the chandelier. These two had. Were there chandeliers on the ceilings of guest rooms that had been prepared for us as well? Asia can come too. Even though. Is it okay if I borrow the maid onee-sans for a night? I want ecchi service from the maids! Having just come to the Underworld. As someone from an ordinary household. Today may have been a tough day for the hikikomori. The two of them are fine!

When I casually turned my gaze to Gasper in front of me. She always showed little emotion on her face. A butler-like person then immediately approached.

A souvenir. Our eyes met. What will he ask? F-For them to say such a thing after their house was so wonderfully rebuilt. Shall it be Western-style?

Or Japanese-style? Is it normally to give a castle as a present!? Thank goodness. The castle was averted. Japan is small. Was he very interested in me? Because I possessed the power of the Sekiryuutei?

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Besides that. G-Going that far for a souvenir is a little too much! O-Our cultures and living levels are too different! Worrying about it that much will just trouble them. A castle as a souvenir!? What the heck is that!? Is this some kind of Underworld joke!? Thank you very much for your help! Was this the same thing? Buchou had stood up at her seat. It seems I just tend to be too hasty. I have to acquire gentlemanly behavior?

What do you mean by that? The sound of the table being hit! When I looked over. Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp What unexpected words. I had no particular problem with it. Of course! The person in question. It seemed that he was completely dominated by his wife.

High School DxD

Since I have to have you acquire gentlemanly behavior as well. While Buchou…Rias-sama is here. Is it fine if I can call you Issei-san?

You already canceled your engagement with Raiser. Getting back to the topic. There was none of the smiling face from when she had pleasantly greeted us before. Do not carry any spoiled thoughts. Right now. I have to learn what it means to be a noble? Then what about Kiba? And Gasper? Why only me? There will be no second instance of that kind of selfishness. Since you have to experience the upper society and nobility even if only a little.

Still looking unconvinced. After letting out a single breath. How much effort do you think your father and Sirzechs had to put in in order to take care of things with the other high-class devils?

You may be the younger sister of the Maou. The fact that we just permitted it should be thought of as special treatment. I pointed at myself and asked. Just what kind of situation was I in…? Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp …Whether it was because of my parents or not. As parents we bear the responsibility right until the end. He also gladly answered my questions. Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp Life 2: The gathering of the young devils! I wrote furiously with my pen in my notebook so as to not fall behind.

Since last night. How nice! They were sightseeing around the Gremory castles! I wanted to go too! He seemed quite intelligent. Mirikyasu-sama was also here in the seat next to me and was studying along with me. I had been forced to listen to things about high-class devils. Please prepare yourself. Did that mean that there were others? I give up.

Since this seemed to be something important. Despite being small. Since morning. This was just too strange.

To think that I of all people would be studying about the aristocratic world. They were all devils who had yet to debut in official Rating Games.

Buchou and student council president Sona Sitri also had to go. How is your studying progressing? The door opened. We servants would be accompanying her as well.

Did Kiba and the others have to do this kind of studying too? You work hard at everything. Though no matter how I look at her. I tried not to show her my clumsy devil writing. So Buchou is a super-celebrity in the Underworld?

Princess Rias-samaaaaaaa! We arrived at the urban area! Both the station and the homes were modern! There were even vending machines here! The design was a little different from the world I lived in. It could be said that. Thinking about it. Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp Part 2 Immediately after Buchou and the others returned from their sightseeing tour of the Gremory castles.

I heard a high-pitched cheer. So this was the town where the old Lucifer-sama lived. Three hours of being jolted around in the train later. When I looked. I wonder if this is the way their race lives. After passing through several magic circles that appeared in mid-air for long-distance jumps. Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp From behind my back.

They seemed to be our bodyguards. The bodyguards accompanied us until we reached the elevator. Gasper reacted to the voices of the many devils and panicked. That was the tone of voice of someone who is prepared for battle and doesn't intend to lose to anyone! Me and Asia swallowed and calmed down our feelings. We boarded the elevator from the basement with Buchou in the lead. These people were said to be quite strong. When we arrived—it was at a platform in the basement of the biggest building within the city.

Buchou waved her hand at a group of men while giving a strained smile. After transferring from the subway. It was a spacious elevator. No matter what is said. No matter what happens. The tough day continued for the hikikomori. Please follow me. Has the private train been prepared? The meeting place for the gathering of young devils.

After we went down a certain passage. He was a rough yet good-looking guy with short black hair. His eyes were strangely purple.

Even the ignorant me knew that! That person also noticed Buchou and approached us. When we took a step outside. The Gremory family has both the Maou and the Great King! Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp After traveling up to the top floor pretty quickly. When we got out from the elevator. I missed you. Based on his appearance.

This person is Sairaorg. Please come this way. He looked like a pro-wrestler. It was a boy. In any case. The next head of the Bael family.

He had an energetic appearance. Have the other members also arrived then? Very scary! What a great quantity and quality of aura they have! It felt far greater than ours! Zephyrdol and Agares started arguing. What was it? We had no choice but to follow behind our master Buchou. All the devils were split into two camps who glared at each other at the center of the room! Weapons had been taken out. I felt like asking.

The building shook greatly and I heard a huge smashing sound! I heard it from somewhere nearby!? Worried by it.

Beyond the opened big door—was a banquet hall that was all smashed up! The tables. Sairaorg-san followed after Buchou along with the people who seemed to be his servants. Zephyrdol came last. Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp Ignoring the shocked me. Buchou resumed the conversation with the next head of the Bael family.

One side were made of evil-looking goblin-like devils. Buchou without hesitation went to the big door from which the noise had come from. The other side seemed to be made of relatively ordinary devils. Immediately after he arrived.

A female devil had said it coolly. Was she about the same age as me? She wore glasses—and her cold and sharp gaze was scary. No matter how you look at him. Do you want to die? Do you really want to die? Even if I kill you. In the center of these gentle-looking male devils…was a person drinking tea. That was slightly regrettable. The wave of magic power being emitted from her aura was incredibly chilling… She wore a blue robe and exposed very little skin.

To explain it better. Sairaorg-san stepped forward to the two teams who were glaring at each other.

He had a black magic-like tattoo on his face.We, the Sitri-group, will guard Onee-sama who will be participating in the audition. So, Gremory-sans parents have spoken to you, Hyoudou-kun, and have discussed this matter with you? A bath. This was the room that Michael-san personally instructed to be made; I really cant understand what Heaven is thinking!

From head to toe. Can I touch it a little? For Valerie and Tosca-san to get along with each other, that also makes me feel at ease. I can only ask you since you are my friend Im sure I can endure it if Im with you! So we have to make something like an annual plan which goes up to thousands of years!?