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of the Sin-Eaters among their ranks (it's only natural), but wasn't too .. Werewolf the Forsaken, Mage the Awakening, Geist the Sin-Eaters, Book of Spirits and. Geist: The Sin-Eaters - It's a story that begins with death -- with your death. PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Standard) Geist has been fully re-edited to include the latest errata and then developed again to insure that. Geist the Sin-Eaters - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

Geist The Sin Eaters 1.1 Pdf

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A. Geist: the Sin-Eaters (WW): The revised edition – aka Ver. – is in use in the global chronicle. B. Book of the Dead (WW). 1. Geist: The Sin-eaters is property of White Wolf/CCP/Onyx Path Publishing. Initial Concept and that a “Geist “ PDF had to be released. Unfortunately it did. Geist: The Sin-Eaters Rulebook is the core rulebook for Geist: The so a "Geist " edition was released in PDF and print on April 30,

Death masks are a type of memento that naturally collects Plasm, and wearing one allows the sin-eater to access that plasm. Acting in resonance with one's threshold to the point of jeopardizing one's health or synergy can generate plasm. Finally, releasing a ghost from its anchors and helping it move on will completely refill a sin-eater's plasm bank. The amount of Plasm a sin-eater can hold and spend in a turn is determined by their Psyche rating. Synergy takes the place of morality for the sin-eater, and measures how well a sin-eater and geist work together.

The higher the synergy, the more united the two are in pursuing a goal.

This is not always a good thing, as geists don't usually care about right and wrong, so acting in accordance with their wishes may be harmful. In this way, a sin-eater could be a serial killer and still have high synergy. Synergy goes down when a sin-eater causes discord with their geist. Keys are what a sin-eater uses to "unlock" a manifestation. The type of key used determines how the manifestation works. Two sin-eaters using the same manifestation but different keys will have different results.

Each key has an associated skill for making activation rolls, though the skill may change depending on which manifestation is used. A sin-eater starts with two keys, one of which must be associated their threshold, and both of which must reflect their death or their geist in some way. More keys may be purchased later with experience points.

A sin-eater is able to access their geist's power through manifestations.

They are rated Each manifestation is associated with a specific attribute. The properties of the manifestation are determined by the key used. Unless otherwise stated, the manifestation lasts for a scene. Ceremonies are rituals to achieve specific effects.

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Purchase of this merit, however, is only important at character creation. The number of dots in this merit are equal to the total number of dots for ceremonies a starting character can have. For example, a starting character with 3 dots in the ceremony merit may have one 3-dot ceremony, three 1-dot ceremonies, or one 1-dot and one 2-dot ceremony.

After this, ceremonies may be purchased at 2 xp per dot. The number of dots in the ceremony merit does not indicate a cap on how high a level ceremony you may purchase, and the new ceremonies are not treated as an expansion of the merit.

A Haunt is a place with a strong connection to the Underworld. Sin-eaters may use such places to harvest plasm or to open an Avernian Gate.

Any place with strong death energy can become a haunt. Haunts have three factors, each of which is treated as a separate merit. Utility is the size, security, accessibility, and mundane usefulness. Fluidity represents how strong the connection to the Underworld is and how easily an Avernian Gate can be opened at the Haunt. Residue represents how well the Haunt collects plasm. Because of how well connected the haunt is to the Underworld , sleeping in a Haunt will not allow the sin-eater to regain spent Willpower or being well rested due to nightmares.

Mementos, also called memento mori , are items that contain a connection to death and act as a focal point of power.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters Rulebook

All sin-eaters have at least one memento, their keystone, which is given to them by their geist. The Keystone grants access to one threshold and two keys.

This memento is free at character creation, and is typically kept in the Twilight. All other mementos must be purchased as separate merits.

A memento cannot be improved—it is what it is. There are 5 other kinds of mementos:. Ghosts are what remains of a person who refused to move on after death because of some unfinished business. If they exist in the mortal realm, then they are found in the Twilight state unless manifesting. These ghosts have anchors which tie them to the mortal realm.

An anchor can be any person, place, or thing that held great significance to the ghost in life. A ghost can have many anchors or only one. When the last of these are gone, either from being destroyed or simply disappearing with time, and the ghost has not resolved their unfinished business, they are sent to the Underworld.

Sin-eaters can attempt to help a ghost move on, either from the Twilight or from the Underworld , by resolving whatever business the ghost has left. Most ghosts do not understand their own condition, many are far less than coherent, and some simply don't want to move on, so they often try to fight any sin-eaters that are trying to help them.

No one is quite certain where geists come from, or what makes a geist, though there are several theories. Many believe that they were ghosts who, having lost all of their anchors and found themselves in the Underworld , latched on to some archetype of death and created an anchor with it. Others believe that they traveled through the Underworld to the Avernian Gates that open into the Shadow, and devoured a spirit. Whatever they are, and wherever they come from, they are most certainly not human anymore.

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For mechanical purposes, they are treated as a ghost-spirit hybrid. It is important to note that the geist does not control the sin-eater. The geist may tempt, threaten and otherwise attempt to get the sin-eater to go along with its desires, but the choice is ultimately up to the sin-eater.

Unfettered geists do not typically present a problem, and most sin-eaters will never deal with them. However, some who have been without a bargain for a long time may become desperate to gain one, and will go to drastic lengths to get one, often leaving a trail of deaths in their wake.

Take any two krewes groups of sin-eaters and you will usually find very different philosophies run each group. Usually krewes stay out of each other's way, except when there are disputes about territory, or when philosophical difference are so great that conflict cannot be avoided. For the most part, however, the krewes are content to ignore each other as long as they keep to their own sides. This is not the case for Sacrosanct. Sacrosanct krewes are fanatical believers, seeing their way as the only way, and viewing other krewes as dangerous cults that must be stopped.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters Rulebook

They will even hunt down and kill krewes with beliefs similar to their own, because they believe theirs is the true channel, and the other is being influenced by demons in disguise. Abmortals can be made from any number of means, most of which are unknown. An abmortal is a person who, either by accident or through some dark ritual, has become immortal and lost its humanity. Most sustain this status by killing others in their place. Some have even been known to make slaves out of the ghosts of their victims.

Each abmortal kills its victims in a different way, according to the ritual that grants it immortality. Most abmortals can be killed by interference with their ritual.

However, other times a quicker way to deal with the abmortal must be found to stop the deaths. Coming into the world as they do, most abmortals are ignorant of the supernatural world in general. The Wretched are sin-eaters who have reached synergy 0. This means that they can no longer work or communicate with their geist. This does not sever the original bargain, however.

Wretched end up suffering from a form of multiple personality disorder, as two souls are sharing one body. Eventually, the geist will completely overpower the human soul, gaining full and total control of the body. For obvious reasons, this is a fate to be avoided. Advocate[ edit ] Advocates are there to help spirits move on in life. The Virtuous do so to help a ghost to a better place while the Vicious do so to gain something out of it themselves.

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Bonepicker[ edit ] Bonepickers seek to make their mortal lives as comfortable as possible by amassing large amounts of wealth and resources. Virtuous Sin-Eaters do this so that they can help other people while the Vicious do so for selfish reasons.

Celebrant[ edit ] Celebrants are the mandatory "they're totally not there just for sex, guys" splat. They embrace life and all the fun stuff it offers, seeking thrills and desires so that they can make the most of their return from the grave. The Virtuous take a careful and moderate approach to their revels, while the Vicious are full-on Slaanesh tier. Gatekeeper[ edit ] Gatekeepers are the border watch between the worlds of the spirits and the living.

Virtuous ones take a gentle but stern approach to keep newcomers out and drive out those who are already here while the Vicious take the violent and easy approach. Mourner[ edit ] Mourners take care of spirits and their unsated passions.

The Virtuous help ghosts come to terms with their deaths while the Vicious sate these passions for themselves without caring for anyone else. Necromancer[ edit ] Necromancers revel in their powers and seek to learn more.

Virtuous ones do so to help the living and other ghosts while Vicious ones do so to get ahead of their rivals and takes knowledge from others rather than find it out themselves. Pilgrim[ edit ] Pilgrims guide ghosts through the land of the dead. A ghost must shed its emotions and its humanity before it can move on to its final reward. This can be done with both ghosts and people: by making them forget connections, severing bonds, or helping them move on a Pilgrim fulfills its purpose.

The Virtuous help people with the chaos and tragedy in life and guide them to move on while the Vicious tend to force them to do so against their will. Reaper[ edit ] Reapers are the required edgelord splat, the judges of the living and the dead.

They seek out those who sin and judge them, killing the unworthy and sending them to the Underworld. Virtuous Reapers do this out of compassion and love while the Vicious Reapers seek to gain from their killings, use people first or do so for the lulz.

Krewe Archetypes[ edit ] 2nd Edition is slated to add additional Krewe Archetypes, similar to how werewolf packs were expanded on in 2nd edition. Like the basic version, they help to define how the Krewe goes about its business of helping the dead find peace. Keys and Manifestations[ edit ] The powers of Geist.

What Manifestations do is determined by what Manifestation is used and what type of Key is used. The former come in seven types and determine the rough type of the effect, while the latter determines what its effect actually is. There are ten Keys and seven Manifestations, creating a total of seventy possible powers. Each of these Manifestations has five levels of power, represented by the traditional dots.

The more dots you have in a Manifestation the more it can do, though some Manifestations require the spending of additional Plasma to use it. Some Manifestations allow for the use of Anachrotech, pieces of technology that have fallen into disuse. They act as a kind of focus for the Manifestation, adding a dice modifier based on how old the object is.

If the object was made before there is no modifier involved. Cold Wind[ edit ] Control over air and wind; chill the room or create gale-force winds.The fire will be here, soon.

Note: This is only if the new damage is not negated in the same fashion.

Sin-eaters can attempt to help a ghost move on, either from the Twilight or from the Underworld , by resolving whatever business the ghost has left. It can also be gained by eating the corpus of a ghost, but few sin-eaters will ever resort to this. White Ethan Skemp Creative Director: Freder- Ingham. There used Factions to be missions to prune diseased societies. The youngest evidence of them is at least years old.

Merit: "Ceremonies"[ edit ] Ceremonies are rituals to achieve specific effects. And two silver skulls, one golden Saturnian sickle, three runes of Tyr.