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Editorial Reviews. Review. Karla Homolka is one of Canada's most despised Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Biographies & Memoirs. Read "Finding Karla How I Tracked Down an Elusive Serial Child Killer and Discovered a Mother of Three" by Paula Todd available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up. ebook, 40 pages To ask other readers questions about Finding Karla, please sign up. The other night, I downloaded Paula Todd's e-book: “Finding Karla”.

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Free Shipping on orders over $ Buy Finding Karla - eBook at Left: Cover of the ebook: 'Finding Karla: How I tracked down an Elusive Serial Killer and Discovered a Mother of Three' by Paula Todd. Independent journalist Paula Todd knew it was a gamble when she published Finding Karla: How I tracked Down a Serial Child Killer and.

It was administered to Karla on three different occasions in the few years before she was released from prison in The Hare Checklist was negative for psychopathy every time they checked. Karla was not even close to qualifying for that scary distinction. Not that anything hangs on it one way or the other. The great irony in this story is that all the facts are very easily acquired today, all a matter of public record. Has an arbitrator of national morality who understands our collective psyche finally found us?

In Chapter Three pg. Neither the Canadian public or Ms. Knock me down and call me Susan. Now she is invoking a fiction to rationalize a fiction. If there is such a thing as a collective mind, consciousness, or conscience, Ms.

During the conversation that she constructs with Karla in the last chapter on pg. The Homolkas are not Catholics. Baptism in the Catholic Church is a problem for non-Catholics. It never happens. The short e-book is rife with errors like this. The whole enchilda, if its convenient and we are perpetuately in a resigned state of mind? A New Kind of Monster.

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Homolka e-book a publishing breakthrough

Stephen Harris. Unanswered Cries. Thomas French. Steve Jackson. Her victims, however, are not free. Nor are the families who live without them but do have to live with the memories of what happened to them.

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With the astute nature of a legal mind combined with her journalism background, Paula dug and found her. Leanne Bordelais, or as we knew her: Not living in the lap of luxury but rather in a backwater apartment block in rural Guadeloupe.

So it was the Caribbean, after all. Just not the jazzy, flashy, pretty side that we all think of when we think of such a place. Flying to Guadeloupe on a whim, travelling the countryside chasing a few thin leads and then, by a total coincidence, walking into a small apartment and finding herself face to face with Karla Homolka. Riveting to read. At the end of the book, I was left of two minds. I would love for her to have to run for her life, scared and tortured.

A little of what her victims endured. On the other hand, I feel wretched for her three children. What a horrible thing they are going to find out one day.

And make no mistake: As I read the book, I wonder why she had them, knowing the life she was going to end up leading?

While free from actual jail, Karla Homolka will always live in a virtual prison, in fear of who might be watching her. And while that gives me some satisfaction, I am sure that one day her kids will become innocent casualties of her world. As Todd leaves in a taxi, after her encounter with Homolka, she notes: The music of a thousand night frogs envelops us.

Tammy, Leslie and Kristen are in my head. They are dead. Their families walk wounded. Their killer has moved on, from manslaughter to motherhood. View 2 comments. Feb 11, Sheryl rated it did not like it. Track the already hunted, convicted, freed?

There just wasn't enough content to warrant the build up, nor purpose really either. This wasn't a man hunt. Todd wasn't trying to hunt down an Elusive Serial killer. That is very misleading to anyone unfamiliar with the case. Karla had been convicted but took a deal for a 12 yr sentence, so as to turn on her husband. Regrettably, video tapes showing her as a participant in the most heinous behavior were discovered after the deal.

She wasn't manipula Track the already hunted, convicted, freed? She wasn't manipulated, she was as evil as her husband.

This information is nothing unveiled by Todd, it's a recap of what happened to innocent young girls, including her own sister. Tracking down a serial killer, who hasn't made a huge attempt at hiding, has used her boyfriend's last name, which is on their mailbox sounds like a case for Maxwell Smart. Why is she tracking down a freed serial killer? Not because of a manhunt, Canada's most Wanted Criminal at large, she claims she wants only to discuss "life after being incarcerated".

Other than one woman who was a black school teacher, there was no wild goose chase. No weapons, no threats, what she does find is an unexpected domestic scene.

Karla states that doesn't Mr a v she will not discuss the past. So that doesn't leave much room for anything further than, "do you think people hate you even though you served your 12 years. And while Todd admits this observation will not be met with "ah, ain't that special" when she puts it to text, she says that Karla appears to be a good mother to her THREE kids.

While there is a gate to a stairway to the 2nd floor flat, where Todd comes face to face with a serial killer through her kitchen window, the gate remains open for her departure. A taxi waits outside for her.

In return for this non planned, quasi interview with the kids pretty much in the bedroom with them, during which time Karla breast feeds the youngest three times, Todd says she'll tell Karla how it was so easy to track her down.

Oh, and the fact Karla's lawyer in Canada is the sister of the now boyfriend, did they not think using his last name, might have been the first name someone tracking down an Elusive Serial child killer might try? I just can't help but think, the endeavor to hide was that intent. After all, the killers had already been tracked down over 12 years ago.

You might conclude that Karla just wasn't that keen to live in her old neighborhood, or possibly, her birth country. The title is bogus,. The elusive serial killer, has served her sentence, so that changes the tracking down to a checking up on where she went next.

Maybe "Guess who I ran I into while vacationing in Guadeloupe? Who might even be married. It might explain the mailbox. Nov 23, Shawn Davis rated it liked it. Karla Homolka is a prisoner in her own home.

Unlike those she jumped in to torture and murder, she has a family. She has three beautiful children and a husband and has tried to remove herself from the eyes of the world that sees her as a monster who was barely slapped on the wrist for her horrible crimes. She left quietly and covered nearly all her tracks.

Except the one that led Paula Todd to her. The voyeur in me was fascinated with the descriptions of how Homolka now lives. But the meat of the s Karla Homolka is a prisoner in her own home. But the meat of the story - the whys and hows and how do you live with yourself now?

Homolka herself never answered them, although Todd certainly did try to encourage her to say something to that effect. As a single this worked very well. There simply wasn't enough for a full length book.

And there is no doubt that people have questions about Homolka. But anyone reading this book hoping to find some kind of justice will be disappointed. Homolka managed to escape real justice and live the life she denied others. She may never leave her home, but being self-imposed imprisonment on an island surrounded by family is far more than anything her victims including her own sister were allowed to have.

Aug 27, Leeanne Arial rated it did not like it. Todd gave no credit to the people who did the actual research of the majority of her book. She mostly relied on info from the website "Watching Karla Homolka" and merely had enough money to take a vacation and "find" Karla in it. She describes sitting outside her house, in the bushes when she could have just snapped a pic of Karla while she was in her house. Not much of an investigative journalist. Anyone looking for info on the case, or anything new and interesting; take a pass on this book.

Jun 24, Deb rated it it was amazing. Short story about the author successfully tracking down Canadien serial killer Karla Homolka. Amazing how she actually found her after Homolka disappeared when she was released from prison.Playing to Win. Error rating book. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! An error has occurred while trying to update your details. All in all, huge disappointment.

I do not think Karla is a danger to anyone.