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Best Fake Book Ever, The Copy - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Useful!. Fake Books - CD II. Master Index. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z · Tunes Every · Musician Should Know · (tunes) · More Tunes. The Art of Work: A Proven Path to DJANGO FAKEBOOK - Guitare Jazz Blues Rock etc.

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I was googling for free PDF fakebooks and came across this one; . Those fake books are still for sale while this site is giving them away. Jazz Fake Views. 3 years ago. Jazz The Story of Fake Books: Bootlegging Songs to Musicians (Studies in Jazz). Newnes PC Troubleshooting Pocket Book, 2nd Edition (Newnes PC Troubleshooting Pocket Book), 2nd Edition · Read more.

In this regard, they are often more like books of arrangements rather than just fakebooks. Chords-Only Fakebooks A chords-only fakebook for which I suggest the abbreviation cofakebook is just what it says: A book with just the chords, no melody. Quite obviously, such a book offers less guidance, than a regular fakebook. To play the melody, you are expected to know at least the sound of the melody from other sources, such as having heard it, and be able to construct it on the fly.

This is not as hard as it might seem at first. Being given the chord provides a strong hint for the possible melody notes. Playing using a cofakebook will thus improve your ear in ways that a regular fakebook cannot. Cofakebooks are generally more compact, because tunes don't take up as much real estate due to the absence of melody.

There are only a few of these, most notably Pocket Changes 2 volumes and Grigson's book. The formatting in this book would take some getting used to in order to read from it effectively. The Vanilla Book , from the late guitarist Ralph Patt, contains simplified changes for about jazz and standard tunes. While many people cite this book, and it does have an interesting cross index of chord progressions by tonal center, several of the progressions in the tunes are suspect, so it would be best used with caution.


Software There are software products that display leadsheets, and some of these come with their own cofakebooks, or allow you to download chords-only leadsheets from the web.

These include iReal b formerly iRealBook , which is a commercial app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and MacOS; Impro-Visor , which is a free open-source app having an associated chords-only fakebook called The Imaginary Book available free to user group members; and Band-in-a-Box , a commercial app for play-along, for which many free leadsheets can also be found.

All of these apps also play backing tracks based on the leadsheet. Impro-Visor and Band-in-a-Box can play and display melody as well.

SongTrelli s is another website offering chord changes to many tunes. Unfortunately, the playback sounds of many of those progressions seem to suffer from a lack of voice leading, as if all chords were played in root position, so it may be hard to get a good impression of the expected sound for a given tune from this site. It is best to start with the lower-numbered volumes, such as the Sixth Edition of implied volume 1 and the first New Real Book.

If you are a beginner at jazz, then consider starting with The Real Easy Book. Despite the title, it is not really dumbed down; the tunes are just a little simpler, at least for volume 1. Volume 2 introduces some tunes that are not so easy. Volume 3 includes a brief history of jazz threaded among the tunes.

The Real Easy series also includes performance information such as bass lines and chord voicings see below , which can be very helpful for the beginner. For performance, you should avoid books with page turns and bindings that don't lay flat. Having the tunes arranged alphabetically is important, or at least have a quickly usable index. Books with smaller note fonts are less preferred. An important aspect of learning to play jazz piano are the voicings.

If you simply play the chords in a fakebook in root position, it will not sound like jazz. Except for the Real Easy series, voicings are mostly not represented in fakebooks. They are a performer discretionary item. To learn about them, it is best to get help from a teacher, although there are many books that explain the technique, such as Phil DeGreg's Jazz Keyboard Harmony.

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Using only such a reference, however, the amount of material may appear more overwhelming than it really is. Even if you don't plan to perform on piano, knowing about voicings is very helpful for hearing the chord changes and understanding how the music works. If you are a horn player who has not yet learned to transpose from concert pitch, transposing for the purpose of playing tunes from a fakebook is a very good way to learn. However, some players prefer to use pre-transposed books, which are available for several of the more popular editions.

You may find amusing the tendency of various fakebook vendors to use modest, understated, titles. If you want to learn about jazz chord substitutions, then the books by Frank Mantooth and Champ Champagne , both published by Hal Leornard as series of several volumes, are good choices.

As an alternative to investing in fakebooks, consider play-along packages, which consist of a set of leadsheets and an accompanying CD. With these, you get tracks with which you can practice, as well as the printed music, at a reasonable price. The widest selections of play-alongs are from Jamey Aebersold and Hal Leonard.

They tend to be organized by composer or genre. Fakebook Review I've compiled a spreadsheet listing over fakebooks with various key attributes, such as number of tunes, feature size, indices, and so forth.

You can use these to help make selections. For example, if you want a book readable from the stand, choose ones that have a staff size of 8 mm or more. Also, I advise you to choose a book that lays flat on the music rack either spiral, comb, or stitched lay-flat binding. Otherwise you will be constantly trying to flatten the pages or clamp them so the book doesn't close on its own. I have avoided reviewing, and don't recommend, books in which all tunes are "in C" not to be confused with C books, which means concert pitch.

Such books are unrealistic, in that many of the tunes will not be in the standard keys that other musicians use. Also, it shelters one from dealing the pleasures and realities of playing in different keys. Note that just because the key signature has no sharps or flats does not mean the tune won't transition to chords in different keys.

For example, "All the Things You Are", a well-known standard, goes through six distinct keys implicitly. So even if it were transposed to start in C, in would not stay there throughout. I have also not reviewed "EZ Play" fakebooks, or miniature versions of other fakebooks.

I have included URL's to links for many of these books.

I prefer Amazon links when available, because their user reviews will provide you with different independent opinions for each book, something that the publishers of the books generally do not do.

If you have suggestions for additions, or corrections, please email them to me. Audio base tempo would not be applied until song was reopened or Audio Edit window open prior to playback. The SongPicker displayed a dark grey background after rebuilding. Various minor typos in StylePicker and Titles database as reported. LD harmonica RealTracks will now work better over major chord progressions. SGU demos were not loading from StylePicker. Strings, Rhythm PopCountry Sw RockEven16 Drums sometimes played an ending bar in the middle of the song in the B section.

Various RealDrums transcriptions had issues with bars displaying incorrectly. RealDrums transcriptions Fixed: RealTracks Transcriptions Fixed: Bass, Electric, PeruFestejo68 Sw now plays m7b5 chords more accurately. Several acoustic strumming guitar audition demos. A few RealStyles e. One of our representatives will be happy to help you over the phone. Our hours of operation are from 6: We are closed Sunday. You can also send us your questions via email.

Hours of operation are from Please note: Tech Support is not available on weekends or Holidays. You can also send us your technical support questions via fax or email. Live Help. User List Who's Online. Expert Registered: I was googling for free PDF fakebooks and came across this one; https: Veteran Registered: Trygve, Thank you for the link. That's really kind of you.

Regards, Noel.

Journeyman Registered: Great find, thanks. It clears up some of the mystery behind the old 60s mumbled lyrics. Melbourne, Australia.

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Hong Kong. Sinbad, I grew up on TRex. I still love his nonsensical lyrics.

Oozing 70's sensuality and seems so harmless now. South Carolina. RB Build 3. Hamlin NY. Originally Posted By: Charlie Fogle. The older we get the less "life in prison" is a deterrent!

Jim Fogle. New Mexico. Just remember FB's have mistakes and sometimes there are much better chords, chord substitutions and extensions "color" than given in the FB.

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Hal Leonard. The Best Fake book Ever. Over 1000 songs

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One Finger Snap Herbie Hancock. Pastorius Miles Davis Mr. There are other indexes available on the web, and I have made my own limited 16, entries spreadsheet index. For example, if you want a book readable from the stand, choose ones that have a staff size of 8 mm or more.

Trygve, Thank you for the link. Waltz for Dave Chick Corea. It really produces a professional touch! Thanks for posting.