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PDF | K Moni and others published Deadly Unna? | ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. The story and its themes. Deadly, Unna? is one year in the life of fourteen year- old Gary 'Blacky' Black. Like most boys his age, he plays football, worries about. 'Deadly, unna?' He was always saying that. All the Nungas did, but Dumby more than any of them. Dumby Red and Blacky don't have a lot in.

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NEW NOTE Characteristics of Genre: Realism. ○ uses everyday language. ○ features everyday characters in everyday situations. ○ uses excessive. Read the following extract from Deadly Unna?, a semi-autobiographical novel by Phillip Gwynne. Deadly unna? BOYS. We've made the grand final. ritten ris mourney deadly, unna? phillip gwynne - teachers™ notes written by kris mourney page 1 unna? pdf - download books - finderbooks - 'deadly, unna?.

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About turkey essay healthy eating about diet essay cow in nepal. Alone together essay guitar jazz conflicting perspective essay analytical. Blacky is also able to outsmart a lot of people in Deadly Unna by lying.

On page , Blacky tells Cathy that he will see her tomorrow at her barbeque but he knows hes not going. She believes him and as the text states on page , Cathy isnt happy. She believes that Blacky is coming but he doesnt turn up. He lies once again to Cathy on page to outsmart her.

Deadly, Unna?

He wants to hide the fact that he knows a black girl. He tells Cathy he doesnt know her when the truth is, he does know her. She believes him, so it proves that words are powerful because they can outsmart and impress people.

Words are also powerful as names can describe a character. The name Pickles Mickle really gives an insight of what the character is going to be like.

His name is powerful because we can tell a lot from it. Pickles Mickle sounds like a disgusting sort of kid.

Pickles are a disliked food so it sounds as if the character is a disliked person. Of course there are a few odd people who like pickles so Pickles Mickle has a few friends. On page 60 the text shows that Pickles is disgusting. It says His hair was a rats nest.

He never cleaned his teeth they always looked like hed just eaten a bowl of pond slime. His fingernails were filthy. He farted constantly and a Pickles fart would clear a room in five seconds flat. And his undies had more skid marks than the Grand Prix circuit. The name represents the character so its an important and powerful thing.

Words and labels can be powerful however Deadly Unna shows that words arent always powerful. Words can be said but not meant. On page 26, Blacky says Piss off hes not me mate, I hate his guts. But he doesnt spit this time because he doesnt mean it. He claims not to like Dumby but the fact is he does!

Also, people can say something to someone but the words arent powerful enough for them to obey or listen. On pages , Blacky wants to go to Dumbys funeral and his mum, Arks, Dazza and Pickles all disagree with him. They all have different reasons but come to the same conclusion dont go to the funeral. No matter how many people tell Blacky not to go, he still attends. In this case, words are not powerful because Blacky goes against what everyone else tells him to do.

Deadly Unna shows that words and labels can be powerful but they arent always.

Deadly unna essay introduction

Words and labels can lead to changes in perspectives, injustice and can persuade someones decision. Deadly Unna also proves that words dont always have an effect on people. By writing this book, Phillip Gwynne is trying to show that racism exists everywhere and it can affect people directly or indirectly. You have a choice to go along with the racism or go against it and Deadly Unna shows you should stand up and go against it.

In the Point and the Port words and labels can be so powerful that they can be deadly. The following essay was written by CW and was in response to the topic: Gary has changed significantly by the end of the novel. Do you agree?

He changes by becoming more aware of racism, becoming more courageous and he begins to tell the truth more often. By the end of the novel Gary becomes more aware of racism.

The football grand final is where racism becomes more apparent to him. At the start of the book Gary used to laugh and tell racist jokes but once he starts to know some Aborigines he stops laughing and telling these kind of jokes. We can see that he has become more aware of racism by the way he reacts when the Best On Ground Award B.

Gary is angry about Mark Robertson winning it because Dumby Red played a better game. Gary believes that Mark only won it because he is white and Dumby isnt.

Gary also shows he is more aware of racism when he is prepared to do something about the graffiti. He begins to feel guilty about the graffiti and takes it upon himself to get rid of it. This makes Gary even more determined to do something about the graffiti and racism. At the start of the book Gary doesnt really have all that much courage but it gradually builds up enough for him to take some of his fathers things without his permission.

Deadly Unna

Gary lacks courage when he comes up against the Thumper in the football grand final. He shows this by trying to side step the Thumper. A sign of Garys increasing courage is when he sneaks into his fathers room and takes his keys from the pocket of his fathers overalls.

Gary then goes into the garage which the kids arent allowed to enter without their father being in there and takes his fathers good paint brushes and paint. This takes a lot of courage because Garys father has just been drinking and he is also very short-tempered. Gary also shows courage when he goes to Dumbys funeral. This also takes courage as he was the about the only white person to attend the funeral and he doesnt know how the Aborigines will react to him being there.

No-one wants Gary to go especially his father who has already made plans with him but Gary believes it is the right thing to do even if no-one else does. These are just a few examples of the increasing courage Gary shows.Words are also powerful as names can describe a character. By the end of the following summer, however, he understands the importance of making a stand and is able to do so. Greg one of the kids is explaining a problem to Mike the dad and Mikes advice is to do what your heart tells you.

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This also takes courage as he was the about the only white person to attend the funeral and he doesnt know how the Aborigines will react to him being there.