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Complete Instructions and 24 Full Pages to Record: Sets and Reps Personal Records Times and Much More Designed to Last One Year BFS Log Book Quantity. Now you can get BFS's famous Set-Rep Log system for your computer, tablet, and phone. You can keep the simplicity of our Set-Rep Log books, but get the management functions and portability of a phone app. Just like our Set-Rep Log books, the program (overseen by the coaches) guides. Bigger Faster Stranger • Set-Rep Logbook . You wVl notice the rep records go to only 5 reps on the Power Clean and the Deadlift. Doing extra reps on these . BFS. 20 Yard I 40 Yard. Jump. 1 Long Jump. Reach. Dot Drill i. Speed. 1. Speed.

Bfs Set-rep Log Book

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THE BFS TOTAL IN-SEASON WORKOUT Set-Rep Logbook BEGINNING NOTE: The BFS Set-Rep System is designed for athletes who have met all of the . The BFS Set/Rep Logbook Goes High Tech. Technology has become an integral part of the high school educational system, such that many classes don't have. (for complete information{books, video, log books, equipment, etc.}: Call BFS @ 1 ). I. Overcoming Plateaus. The BFS Super Set-Rep Program.

The Beat the Computer program was a hit, freeing coaches from painstaking administrative work.

Record Charts

Then BFS decided to take the program to the next level with individual and team reports, so that coaches and athletes could compare an athlete not only to current team members but also to the all-time leaders on the team and to BFS national standards.

The first goal of this latest software was to produce individual progress reports on all the major exercises and field tests in the BFS program. The Ironman data shows the athlete's performance in the core lifts, while the Power Ranking compares the field tests.

The ranking, based on a score of 1 to 10, divides the results into a point value based on national standards, school grade level, and the ranking in the school. Finally, the report contains a computerized assessment area that provides recommendations based upon the athlete's results, such as paying more attention to diet or flexibility. The next goal of the program is to show athletes how they compare to current and past members in individual results.

Athletes can choose to print a report that takes any of the benchmarks from the individual reports pertaining to current team members and provides top 10 lists of all the major core lifts and field tests, or they can select a report that provides a historical perspective by producing top 10 lists of the best performances in those tests in the history of the school.

Just like our BFS Set - Rep Logbooks, coaches can use this to guide their athletes through the BFS program so they know exactly which lifts to do and how many sets and reps to perform.

However, unlike the BFS Beat the Computer program, the weight lifted for each set is determined by the individual athlete based on past performance, so that the athlete takes more responsibility for his or her own program. Here are several of the specific features of the app: Athletes can see predefined weekly schedules included with recommended lifts for all common sports.

Athletes can enter their lifting results on their phone or tablet and immediately see how many records they've broken and their trends.

Athletes can easily scroll back and see what they did for any lift any week in the past. Coaches can customize weekly schedules using any lift on any day and add any lifts.

Coaches can see all teams and athletes at a glance, including scores, records broken, and conditioning trends for any one athlete or any team. There is no restriction on the number of coaches who can supervise athletes. It blows every other system away. If you are working with advanced Division I athletes or elite athletes, your periodization system might work as well.

If you are working with pro-athletes, our BFS System should not be used unless you have some athletes who still need physical development. However, if your athletes are in high school, the BFS System is far and away superior. Frankly, the difference is staggering.

Some coaches may be skeptical. But what if I'm right? Put another group on any University or East European periodization program. Give it a fair shot and then compare. You can't lose but you can win big.

BFS Set-Rep Log Book

We make great gains in-season. We don't maintain like standard periodization. We allow for multi-sport athletes. Standard periodization does not. Standard periodization requires the athlete to establish and accurate max.

A computer will then take this max and create an 8, 12 or 16 week cycle which culminates, hopefully, in a brand new max at the end of the period. Some strength coach will even continually adjust the system as they observe their athletes. Standard periodization has various cycles and phases throughout the year which create a multitude of challenges with large groups of multi-sport athletes.

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Establishing an accurate max with experienced college athletes is somewhat difficult and virtually impossible with larger groups of high school athletes. If your max is not reliable, the effectiveness of your periodization program is reduced. We establish set and rep records knowing they are not accurate.

It doesn't matter. Therefore, we start right in with the program on the first day and never look back.

From then on, everyday we try to break as many records as we can.Suggested Aux. Put another group on any University or East European periodization program. Coaches can customize weekly schedules using any lift on any day and add any lifts. Great for shoulder strength, and upperbody explosiveness. Use the following as a guideline to warm-ups.


Still total your set workout. The first day's work-out, however, is tough.

When used properly, the system is a perfect way to produce highly motivated athletes who strive for personal bests every training session. Push your self to the point of failure on that last set!! You can expect to break 8 or more records per week, records per year.