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Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd I have a full set of all The Berkeley Review MCAT books (same as the ones used in the $ View Test Prep - from BIO at Grinnell up the BR books from their website: Also. The AAMC provides many free or low-cost study materials. The AAMC's Sociology & Psychology text book resources(link is external) (pdf) Berkeley Review.

Berkeley Review Mcat Books Pdf

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the EK and Kaplan. It would be wonderful if I also get the Princeton Review. TBR = The Berkeley Review. KA = Khan (0 children). Bro take it easy you dont need 3 prep books, they all teach pretty much the same thing. PremedAdvising/permalink// 1. Molecular Biology, Cellular Respiration -- 2. If you want to go MCAT you got to go TBR. I had fallen for the hype of Examcrackers (EK)(I purchased the full set in tandem with these). Don't get me wrong EK.

The latter is excessively details oriented, while the questions are more general. The questions are still good practice, but expensive practice. Do the sections banks untimed, and take 2 hours per passage if you need. Watch Khan Academy on those topics.

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Then answer. Then look at the solution. Learn the concepts you got wrong.

Learn your amino acids and see if you're really fine. Again, review thoroughly. This is gold. The explanations are very detailed and the best out of any prep material, including AAMC.

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It is also very efficient : answers have keywords in bold, links you can click which pop-open other related key ideas, and a summary of what you should take away from the question. You can prepare for all sections with this.

NextStep practice tests. Use this to practice timing AND review material. Not helpful, not accurate. Great for adding facts to your repertoire, but not good for helping get you into medical school with a good MCAT score. The physical sciences section was way too conceptual. The real thing is fairly mathematical.

As someone who is comfortable with math, I didn't think it would be a problem but I was caught by surprise which was not pleasant and probably had a ripple effect throughout the test.

The verbal Just don't. TBR Verbal is useless. Not only are the passages bad, but they make you feel like you are awful. Do Examkrackers verbal and AAMC and you'll realize that it's not about deciphering some convoluted passage but rather understanding a moderately written passage.

I was tripping balls on TBR verbal. Totally unnecessary and hampered my learning of the material and style. They're so ridiculously hard that unless you're in the mood for a confidence-shattering destruction, don't bother. I truly feel like I was robbed. Bipasha has a positive experience with the books and maybe I will the second time around because the first time with the class wasn't helpful.

Don't make the same mistake I did and take the class. The books are okay minus verbal but don't waste your valuable time and money with TBR.

Score received mid July - 87th percentile , , , , I took one Berkeley review online exam and the Psych section was a complete joke. The other sections were good. I'm surprised by some of the mediocre reviews. I ordered their books and studied at home back in I already had a decent grasp on the material from undergrad - their materials gave me the comprehensive review I needed for the test. I looked at books from some other companies, and felt the competition oversimplified many science concepts.

I took the January-April prep course. Did TBR help? Could it be better? Instructors 4 stars : Dale, Todd, and Khoi were beyond 5-stars great for bio, o-chem, and physics. They really know the material, give you plenty of test-taking tips, and, most importantly, they know how to teach.

Office hours were plenty, and they answered all my questions via email quickly. The writing instructor Doug was fantastic but useless for me, if that makes any sense.

Then again, my writing is beyond horrible to begin with. Writing this review is taking 3x too long The newer instructors who nabbed a position for a semester or two for extra money were a toss up.

I completely disagreed with the verbal instructor's test strategies, which advocated too much underlining and finding the key words business. Use ExamKrackers for that part instead.

Books and other materials 3. The books I saw back in were full of typos and their errata sheet ran long. This time around, 4 years later, it was reasonably good. As other reviewers said, there's a LOT of material in there but I liked having too much vs. You can always pare down. Practice CBTs 4. The online CBTs were occasionally buggy but fine to navigate.

A little patience never hurt anyone, yes? They won't hold your hand, but they'll give you everything you need to score well and unfortunately more. It's up to you to come to class, do the homework every night, manage your time, and proactively ask for help. Supplement with ExamKrackers if you lose the big picture and if you need to look at pretty pictures in color. Hope you kill it.

Good luck! I took this back in near UC Irvine Looking back i don't think TBR was worth it. I echo some of the other comments made about the bio book being too detailed.

Same goes for o-chem, physics and g-chem. Verbal was def. I do recall going through a few decent passages in physics and gchem but honestly it's not worth the money for the entire course or even buying the books.

Todd is a nice guy and i have no idea if he's still teaching but think about it, would your rather learn stuff from a small time company like TBR or would you trust big corps like TPR or Kaplan.

Again, im sure there are ppl who swear by TBR but it just didn't do it for me. Part of me genuinely feels that the ppl who believe in TBR were either pretty smart to being with or had their feelings tainted by todd's friendly and nice demeanor.

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I'm half way through medschool and my recommendation would be to sign up for TPR don't bother with the class, those are just as useless but the books and the online resources they provide you with are pretty good. The princeton science workbook is pretty good and so is their verbal book BTW, i came across a science and verbal book from TPR dated from early s and the passages are exactly the same The online AAMC tests are by far the most useful resource, make sure to do all of them Princeton and Kaplan will provide you with those if u buy the course, i believe.

Again, i took this prep course a long time ago about 4 years from today and things may or may not have changed, my review is of what i experienced in fall of This place blows.

Sorry but I thought I would be direct. I used the home study series for the physical and biological science subjects. Overall, the structure and content of these books made studying for the MCAT easier.

I felt that these books presented content in better and more "MCAT-like" ways than did the other books I read. I can only think of one minor concept from the test that was not addressed in the BR books. The chapter review and exam passages are all top-notch.

Only advice is to plan ahead when ordering from BR. That being said, I used a money order from the USPS and received my books and tests very soon after ordering.I got a "Please list all the classes you want PDFs for in which you will miss.

I took this back in near UC Irvine The chapter review and exam passages are all top-notch. Prep Materials: -Books are too wordy and don't whittle down the information might as well use your old textbooks -Practice tests in class are very tricky and not given in a realistic setting no practice full-length exams until CBTs done at your own pace -CBTs are hard to navigate online and not realistic BS somewhat realistic but too wordy, VR not realistic at all, PS not bad but kind of detailed, Writing realistic Instruction: -Writing instructor was great.

It is my opinion on what a study schedule should resemble.

They need practice problems, especially problems that integrate biochemistry. Office hours were plenty, and they answered all my questions via email quickly. Instead of going over big concepts they stressed over minute things that would never be tested on a real MCAT.

The physical sciences section was way too conceptual.