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Forrest, Bella - [Shade of Vampire 2] - A Shade of KB. Bella, Forrest - [A Shade of Vampire 3] - A Castle of Sand ( 6. A Gift of Three (Books 42+). A Shade of Vampire Series - Bella Forrest MB. A Shade of Vampire Series - Bella Forrest MB. 2. Common KnowledgeSeriesA Shade of Vampire A Shade Of Vampire Boxed Set: Books 1 & 2 by Bella Forrest, A Castle of Sand by Bella Forrest, 3.

A Shade Of Vampire Series Epub

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Shade of Vampire series by Bella Forrest (ePUB) (AZW3). Also by Bella Forrest A SHADE OF VAMPIRE SERIES Series 1: Derek & Sofia's story A Shade of Vampire (Book 1) A Shade of Blood (Book 2) A Castle of Sand. Also by Bella Forrest THE GENDER GAME The Gender Game (Book 1) The Gender Secret (Book 2) The Gender Lie (Book 3) A SHADE OF VAMPIRE SERIES.

And then the tears fell-a drizzle at first, then a downpour. I did not want my parents to see me. I did not want them to ask me why I was so affected. The pain was still so fresh. I did not feel ready to talk about it. But I could not have expected my mother to stay out as I broke down. She knocked at the door before sliding it open and stepping inside.

The world that we lived in, where criminals disguised as protectors reigned supreme. Being doubted and blamed for those bastards' atrocities. And Bastien's life. What would become of him? What might have already become of him? My mother sat next to me on the carpet and clutched my hands, giving them a squeeze. Something about the expression in my mother's violet-blue eyes made me melt. Her deep concern. Her love. Suddenly I realized I did not want to hold everything back.

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I wanted to tell her the truth-partly in an attempt to make sense of my own thoughts and feelings, which were currently caught in a storm. I brushed against my eyes. I was praying that he would remember that my parents had stopped by his cousin's, and that he would suspect that Detrius was the culprit in all of this.

But I did not know how much Bastien really knew about hunter technology. He had been brought up in a world of swords, spears, bows and arrows. Would the idea of a tracker even enter his mind? The Blackhalls' lair still looked medieval. There were no external signs of the hunters' influence there yet. My mother kissed the back of my hand. If anybody has a chance of surviving, I'm sure it's him. Physically Bastien was strong and powerful. Brutally so.

But inside,,, he was soft. He was in a vulnerable place in his life. I had been a lifeline to him in the aftermath of his family's slaughter. And the thought of him believing that I could have betrayed him, played on his emotions at a time when he was most weak, cut me to the core. I had spent enough time around the Northstones to see that they were no family to him.

Now he would be all alone, assuming he was even still alive. Even if he had somehow managed to flee from the hunters, what would become of his life?

If he and the Northstones survived, would he eventually succumb to Brucella and marry his cousin, whom he did not love in the slightest? Would he just settle down into the path of least resistance? Would that spark, that fire I'd so admired in him, fizzle out? The thought was deeply upsetting. Almost as much as the thought of never seeing him again. I swallowed hard. When we went to check on the portal.

And I,,, I think I've fallen in love with him. I wondered what was really going through her head, though. I had known Bastien, what, less than a week? Perhaps she was thinking that this was just a whirlwind romance. That I'd gotten attached to him due to the traumatic situation I'd been in and the kindness he'd shown me. That I had fallen for him just because he had been there for me at a time when I'd had no one.

A Shade of Vampire Series

And the same was true for him. He had already admitted to me that I had helped him at the darkest time of his life. He had been going through his own trauma and to him, I had been that hand to hold, that shoulder to lean against, as he had been to me. Perhaps this really was nothing more than a whirlwind romance spurred on by trauma and isolation. Perhaps if we'd had a chance to spend more time together and get to know each other better, the feelings would've faded.

A Camp of Savages by Bella Forrest

We may have realized that we weren't meant for each other. But all these thoughts and hypotheses did little to quell the burning in my chest now. The longing to feel his arms around me. To taste his lips once again. To have even just a brief meeting, where I could tell him what had really happened.

Of course she would not want me going anywhere near that realm again as a human. Technically, I had no excuse to return because when the League traveled back-and they would most certainly go back-they would not bring any vehicle with them. My excuse for joining the League in the first place had been to assist Kyle in manning vehicles. But I could not be expected to need an excuse to see Bastien. It was something I just needed to do. If I did not get closure with him, I might live with regret for the rest of my life.

You're nineteen now. I'm not going to tell you what you can and cannot do, and neither will your father. Though I can tell you my preference for dealing with this, and what I'm sure your father's preference is.

One of our witches can transport him back. But honey, you returning to that realm isn't something he would want for you, if he truly loves you. He would want you to be safe. But I had not completely lost my mind. Of course it made no logical sense for me to go back there when I would only be a burden to the League and a constant worry to my parents.

I had worried them enough recently. And it wasn't like they would be able to find Bastien any faster or more efficiently with me present. If they managed to find him and he was alive, my main worry was whether he would even listen to them. Though I was sure that if he just heard the truth about what had happened with Detrius, it would all make sense to him. He would remember the earnestness in my eyes as I had pleaded my innocence before Ben had swept me away.

He just needed assistance in connecting the dots. I heaved a sigh. My mother leaned forward to brush her lips against my forehead before rising to her feet and pulling me up with her. She led me into the living room, where my father was visible on the phone through the window pacing up and down on the veranda.

As he noticed us emerge from the bathroom, he spoke into the phone.

A Shade of Vampire 53 by Bella Forrest

We'll be with you. He frowned slightly, probably due to my red and blotchy face. He moved up to me and brushed away a few remaining tears that had been lingering beneath my eyelashes, before kissing my head. Then he turned to my mother and said in a low voice, "It's time.

He'd just called the League to the Great Dome. I had been in the middle of a shower, scrubbing away the unbelievable amount of grime that had gotten stuck in my hair and all sorts of other unexpected crevices over the course of our trip across The Woodlands. When my mother knocked on the door to inform me of the call and ask whether I wanted to come, I quickly hopped out, dried off and got dressed before joining my parents in the living room.

On the veranda Caleb and Rose were already waiting for us with my human cousins, twelve-year-old Benedict and fifteen-year-old Hazel.

They had their school backpacks slung over their shoulders. I guessed they had wanted to see us and their parents off on their way to school. What a strange concept it was, that life in The Shade continued so ordinarily. It truly felt like we lived in a parallel universe to the world around us. My parents and I joined them on the veranda after grabbing the backpacks we had prepared in advance. As we piled into the elevator, Benedict shuffled toward me and stood right in front of me, trapping me against the elevator's wall.

He lifted his head before slanting a sly glance at me. Why does he have to do this in front of my parents? Leave Grace alone. I felt mortified. Does he talk about me and Heath at, like, dinnertimes with his own parents? Who else has he been talking to? I already knew the answer to that: Not that it mattered, anyway. Still, I kept my eyes firmly trained on the ground, avoiding my parents' glances.

At this, I couldn't help but chuckle.

Benedict moved to shove her back before Caleb stepped between them, foiling their game of Who Can Have the Last Shove before it could commence. I let out a sigh. We had gone around in circles till dawn, mostly waiting for a word from Corrine that we could visit the hospital and ask the humans more questions. Without them it was all just guesswork-and we had very little conclusive evidence to go on.

Eventually the group disbanded, and Caleb had gone off to speak via phone to the human hospital officials, who were as clueless as we were about what happened at the camp.

I found my mom sitting on the porch, overlooking the tops of the trees, deep in thought. She took my hand, drawing me down to sit with her, and sighed.

Sherus showed up on Ben's doorstep a few hours ago, requesting he and Dad travel to the fae realm for a meeting soon. Sherus didn't say why he needed them; I'm not sure of the reason for his sudden appearance.

That ginger-haired fae who was responsible for giving my brother a living body. I felt quite stunned that he had visited after so long,,, and concerned.

What did he want? Or he does, and is keeping information from us. She had almost lost Ben because of Sherus and the stupid deal he'd made with the ghouls to keep feeding them a fresh supply of ghosts. My mom nodded. They'll leave tomorrow. I couldn't see any reason why Sherus would attempt to harm my father and brother. They take after you and Caleb-smart, resourceful and strong. We didn't talk about the kids again, or Ben and my father, but quietly sat in silence-both turning over possibilities and outcomes in our head, desperately searching for solutions and impatient to know more.

The next morning, Caleb and I were anxiously looking through local police reports in Scotland and the rest of the British Isles to see if there had been any news of events similar to what happened in Murkbeech.

Before we could find anything of interest, Corrine knocked on the kitchen window, beckoning us outside onto the veranda. Honestly, I've never heard anything quite like it," she added grimly. She vanished us to the hospital, where we met up with Mona and Shayla, who'd apparently fetched Claudia, Yuri, Ashley and Landis.

Corrine led us into one of the rooms; the boy Caleb and I had spoken to on the island-the blond, British boy-was sitting up in bed, looking around the room in dull surprise.

He focused on us as we entered, and once more his gaze zoomed in on mine. He furrowed his brow, as if he half recognized me, but couldn't quite place where he knew me from. My heartbeat quickened as I walked slowly toward his bed, careful not to startle him. I glanced at Corrine and she gave me an encouraging nod. The boy was silent for a moment, and then began to speak.

Then people started getting headaches. We thought it was the weather, and sleeping outdoors,,,but then it got even stranger, and I had a horrible dream. These huge men with dark eyes, dark hair,,,pale faces, really pale.

Pale faces? That usually indicated vamps.

Like I wanted to destroy things. Everyone was running wild, smashing stuff up - it was mayhem. But I don't remember Hazel being like,,,us.


I think she and her friends-she had a brother with her-they ran. I never saw her again. I hope she's okay,,," He trailed off. It was like they appeared out of thin air. If they hadn't come by boat, then maybe there was a portal nearby? The ground had been stampeded by the mindless humans; if there had been clues there, they were now destroyed. The boy had started to stare blankly at the wall again, and it looked like he was starting to revert to his mindless state.

It looks like their minds were drained almost entirely of energy. It weakened the frontal lobes and the connectivity between the left and right sides of the brain. In that weakened state, their minds were far more susceptible to 'pack mentality', which might be why they attacked us,,, I want to make a brief visit to The Sanctuary and tap into their larger pool of knowledge, see if anyone there has any ideas.

We divided up the search locations, and then Caleb and I started to make our way home from the hospital. When we reached our treehouse apartment, my mom was waiting on the balcony. I filled her in on the little information we had, and she nodded.Even the best of the bunch were so far gone they couldn't even tell us their own names. When we went to check on the portal.

I did not feel ready to talk about it. Gripping the edges of the sink, I breathed heavily. Don't have an account?